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Electric Van Rental for Business



Van rental is the rental of a commercial vehicle to a company or individual for an agreed amount. When you start a van rental business it means that you are stepping into a dynamic industry where your success depends on the number of cars you have and their use. Car rentals contribute to a highly profitable market. Therefore, choosing the right niche, caring for your van, and spending time marketing can help your business grow and grow

Electric Van

EV is an abbreviation for electric vehicle. An electric vehicle is a partially or completely electric vehicle. Electric vehicles are extremely environmentally friendly as they have fewer moving parts for maintenance, lower running costs, and use little or no fossil fuels.

 A typical van has a loading range of about 110 miles on a single charge. In the real world, this is often reduced by factors such as cold weather and air conditioner operation, which reduces battery efficiency. The running price of these vehicles are very low due to the much fewer moving slice. Popular vehicle are the Nissan env200 and the Renault Master Zero Emission, both of which have the same loading capacity as gasoline and diesel vans.

Most vehicle batteries typically last for five years with damage. A new set of batteries after this time should give the van a new life. Often, these vehicles have much larger loads due to the small number of moving parts.

There are three ways to charge an electric wheel.

  • Home charging 

Three prong sockets are used in home charging. If you put an expert out of the socket, it can work faster, but it should not amount more than a few hundred pounds.

  • Workplace charging 

It depends on your workforce and how much charging you need.

  • Out and about charging

Van Charger Classifications

  • Fast Charger 43KW 3×62 Amps
  • Wall Box 22KW 3×32 Amps
  • 7.4KW32 Amps
  • 3.7KW 16 Amps
  • Green Socket 3.2KW 14 Amps
  • Household Sockets 2.3KW 10 Amps

Electric Van finance lease

Why use it for whom? The Electric Van Finance Leasing is outcome that doesn’t really exist, but many have it. Deposits from one prepayment up to 50% of the automobile price will be deposited. The payment will then be made for up to 7 years, with or without a final payment. Advance are usually provided by banks, not car finance agencies. At the end of the loan period, the vehicle must be sold to a third party. VAT is paid monthly and refunded quarterly. It is one of the well kind of finance and is really suitable for almost all forms of business.

Underwriting Electric Van Leasing is very low interest rate and personal. This is certainly the driving force of the budget. Bank Finance Lease is very low cost compared to customary contract leasing companies. Once you have a finance lease van, you can buy other tax goods through the bank’s finance company. VAT is paid with a beginning deposit, management fee, monthly payment and final payment, if applicable. This product is generally not suitable for customers with a VAT flat-rate parts replacement PX. There is negative equity at the beginning of the contract, which later equals. Sell vans, pay balances and leave

Electric Van pre-registration

 If you really want to make the cheapest deal, some vehicles are pre-registered. If this is sufficient, a V5 copy is always available. Pre-registration often saves thousands of dollars, but we understand that some companies pay more and prefer to use V5 for parking


This business is ideal for anyone with a real interest in automobiles and driving experience

Andrew Mcaffrey