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What Is the Ahmed Dahab Trials & Tribulations Competition?


From a very young age, Ahmed Dahab demonstrated a strong head for business.

Born on the 13th January 1978 in Sudan, Mr Dahab moved with his family to Kuwait in 1983 when he was just a small child.

Mr Dahab’s father worked at the headquarters of an investment company. Ahmed Dahab was a highly committed A+ student. Although he obtained a major in science, he was not offered a university place, since Kuwaiti universities are not open to ‘foreigner’ students.

Deciding instead to put all of his efforts into business, Ahmed Dahab set up his first business aged just 19. By 2011, he had made his first million pounds.

In 2014, Ahmed Dahab expanded his business, purchasing land in Kusadasi, Turkey, where he developed 60 residential buildings. His efforts in the Turkish development industry were extremely fruitful, though not everyone shared Mr Dahab’s enthusiasm for the venture’s success.

In 2016, Mr Dahab’s organization was accused by the State Security Service of involvement in money laundering. The Trials and Tribulations of Ahmed Dahab follows Mr Dahab’s experiences at the hands of the Kuwaiti legal system, telling the tale of his wrongful imprisonment, how he was physically and mentally tortured by authorities, and how he was ultimately subjected to a gross miscarriage of justice.

The Trials and Tribulations of Ahmed Dahab competition is an opportunity for people who have read his story to help raise public awareness of this terrible injustice. Entrants can submit a picture of the Public Prosecutor, for which there is a 1st prize of £1,000; or simply add a comment on the story, for which the winning entrant will receive £250.

Submit your entries here: https://www.ahmeddahab.org/competition/

Claire James
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