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Aalbun’s Competitor Monitoring tool gives companies an easy way to kill competitor patents


A Cambridge-based tech startup has launched a groundbreaking new tool that allows companies to track, monitor and take action against their competitors’ European patents.

Aalbun, recently named one of the top 12 legaltech startups in the UK, has launched the Competitor Monitoring tool, giving intellectual property and R&D teams a simple way to keep informed about the patents their competitors have filed and had granted in Europe.

The tool, the first of its kind in the market, lets users search their competitors’ patents and choose to either order an invalidity search or a full opposition of any patent that risks invalidating their own.

Christian Bunke, CEO and co-founder at Aalbun, said: “We have seen how granted European patents can block future growth or kill companies so we wanted to find a solution that was simple, cost-effective and helps to maintain the freedom to operate.“We are also hoping that the option of a fixed-price, fully digital offering will allow more SMEs to use the European Opposition proceedings as today it is mainly used by multinationals. In fact, the top 10 European patent opposers in 2020 were all large multinationals or subsidiaries of multinationals.”

The easy-to-use tool removes the need for companies to rely on a third party for a periodic patent report.Its invalidity search and oppositions services are also delivered at a fixed price, in contrast to the more traditional hourly billing model.

Founded in 2014 and incubated at ideaSpace at The University of Cambridge, Aalbun is led by co-founders Christian Bunke, Janne Aaltonen and Dr Timothy Norris.

It is recognised as a leading disruptive legal tech company with customers across the world and a team spread across the UK, USA, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Poland and India.The tool itself can be found here: https://monitor.aalbun.com/

For more information on the Competitor Monitoring tool, visit https://www.aalbun.com/competitor-monitoring-tool.

About AalbunAalbun is an innovation and intellectual property legaltech startup which was founded to disrupt the intellectual property space. Aalbun’s services and tools are powered by a secure, digital platform that acts as a single pane of glass to request and service all your innovation and intellectual property needs.

Combined with our fixed-pricing model, our mission is to democratise and simplify the process of innovation and enable innovators to change the world.Aalbun is trusted by one of the top five patent filers in the world and was named as one of the top 12 legaltech startups in the UK.

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