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Where Do the World’s Luckiest People Live?


Luck is a term that is used differently – some associate it with overnight fortune while others relate it to lifelong fortune. Well, some people can become lucky by winning a lottery, whereas others can simply be born lucky. If you are unsure of how this can be possible, we are here to explain it to you. In this article, we will share with you some of the countries where the luckiest people live. They are not only fortunate enough in terms of money, but also the quality of life, freedom, and other various aspects. So without waiting, let us get started.

#1: Switzerland

The people of Switzerland are privileged in terms of the following factors:

  • Finance: Considering factors like the total percentage of millionaires based on the adult population, the average adult wealth, and disposable income of households, Switzerland holds the perfect score of 100 out of 100 for finances.
  • Safety and Health: With regard to social benefits attained by households, air pollution, life expectancy, health status, road safety, and homicide, Switzerland’s overall score is 96.31 and thus, ranks in seventh place for health and safety among all the nations in this study.
  • Liberty and Life Satisfaction: Among the top five nations in this regard, the passport strength index, human rights index, life satisfaction, and gender equality in Switzerland are all good.
  • Career Opportunities: GDP per capita, social mobility, income inequality, population with tertiary education, long-term unemployment, youth unemployment, and work environment quality were all measured in this section. All of these scores have made Switzerland among the top five privileged nations when it comes to providing career opportunities to its people.

#2: Iceland

  • Finance: The overall score for finance is based on the nation’s wealth, the average income of adults, and the percentage of millionaires. Iceland scored 72.49 out of 100 putting it in third position for its finances.
  • Safety and Health: With a life expectancy of about 83 years, the people of Iceland experience high road safety, decreased health issues, and low homicides.
  • Liberty and Life Satisfaction: Factors like gender equality, human rights, and life satisfaction have demonstrated the people of Iceland are among the most privileged in the world. The country takes the 7th spot globally in this section.
  • Career Opportunities: Based on the opportunities provided to the people with regard to education, employment, income, and social benefits based on GDP, the nation has made its people among the luckiest ones for living in Iceland. It takes third place with 93.81 points.

#3: Norway

  • Finance: Ranked 12th among the strongest nations financially, the Norwegians are privileged with regard to finances. Not only is the average income of the adults high but also 4% of the adult population are millionaires.
  • Health and Safety: With 14.68% of the nation’s GDP being received by households as social benefits, Norway takes fifth place in this area. The country has low air pollution, and overall good health status of people, which further increases life expectancy.
  • Liberty and Life Satisfaction: The freedom to travel along with gender equality and human rights is so good in Norway that the country ranks in first place in liberty and life satisfaction, scoring 100 out of 100.
  • ●      Career Opportunities: With very low income inequality and just under 10% of youth unemployment, Norway tops this list as well for offering the best job opportunities to its people, with a maximum score of 100.
Andrew Mcaffrey