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Making a Case for Tidying Up Your Rooms


Imagine coming into your bedroom, which resembles a scenario after a nuclear explosion or that a burglary has taken place. There are clothes strewn everywhere; the covers are dishevelled, the furnishings upturned and broken, cabinet doors ajar. Would you have a good night’s sleep? Would you even be comfortable? Or would you need to tidy it up to get some semblance of order?

Yes, we know that tidying up can be challenging at times. Especially when you’re always on the run and there’s a lot on your plate. However, there are benefits to keeping your rooms clean and organised. It’ll only take a little while to do it, and the benefits generally outweigh the time you spend doing it. These are among the reasons why you need to have a fitted bedroom done, too. Let’s explore them in this article. We know you’ll see the light after reading through.

A tidy room saves you time

That’s one of the primary reasons you need to keep your room and, for that matter, your workspace as tidy as possible. You’ll know where everything is; you wouldn’t have to search high and low and take a long time doing it. You wouldn’t have to look for your socks or other accessories frantically. You’ll know which drawer you’ll have to pull or which compartment you’ll have to open.

You’ll know what you have 

Have you ever bought something from the store, and when you came home, you realised that you got the same thing and you’re not using it? You may laugh at it, but it does mean you’ve wasted your money on something you already have. If you have a tidy and organised storage space, you’ll know what things you have. You don’t need to place them in individualised compartments, but at the very least, you’ll know where they are located. You wouldn’t have to spend your money on something that you already have.

A tidy room makes you feel happy 

Less clutter, less mess, makes you feel a lot better. Psychologists state that how your personal space looks is a reflection of your mindset. The messier it is, the more your mind will feel strained, and the converse is also true – the cleaner it is, the happier you feel. You wouldn’t have to feel frustrated every time you enter your room. Instead, you’ll feel relaxed and ready to rest.

A tidy space is a healthy space

One thing’s for sure, a tidy space has fewer germs, and it just invites positivity. If your rooms are clean, you wouldn’t have to worry about catching a virus in your home. You’ll have one less thing to worry about because you have your space cleaned up. You just have to dust and wipe a few spots regularly, and you know it’s a safe haven.

A tidy space invites confidence

With a tidy space, you wouldn’t have to worry about inviting someone over. You know you’ve got a presentable home, and you wouldn’t need to worry about the mess.


A tidy room is a good space. You don’t have to be overly organised to have a clean area. All you have to do is make sure everything’s in its proper order, and you’ll enjoy the space even more.

Andrew Mcaffrey