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Vladimir Cizelj and Vlatacom Encryption and Authentication Solutions for e-Government Security


The governments of today have additional requests concerning the services they provide to their citizens. As the world is increasingly digital, the citizens’ demands for efficient handling of their inquiries and applications are rising.

To be able to do so, governments implement advanced ICT systems. However, this process carries a burden on its own. Digital data and information have become the main target of criminal cyber activity, hence protecting them is a top priority.

In this context, Vladimir Cizelj and Vlatacom Institute emerge as leading technology partners for ICT government security. What is more, their encryption and authentication solutions represent critical elements of well-established cyber security infrastructures.

Governments and ICT security

Digitization has certainly brought about major advances in the way government agencies operate. As a result of optimizing processes using technology, governments can provide better service to their citizens.

As mentioned above, this also represents an additional strain with regard to protecting the safety of citizens and critical assets. Agencies handle highly sensitive data which can, if breached, unauthorizedly accessed, or misused, cause serious damage to national security. Cyber attacks and related attempts like cyber bots, phishing, ransomware, man-in-the-middle attacks are more and more sophisticated. Therefore, the need to be ahead of cyber attacks is a pressing matter.

Since the private sector has so far been the focal point of technological innovations, private enterprises and institutions have been recognized as invaluable partners. What is more, innovators like Vladimir Cizelj and his team of experts belong to this trusted group of technology providers. Together with governments, they design and integrate ICT systems that assist governments in safeguarding national safety.

Encryption and Authentication Solutions

Devices for encryption and authentication are integral elements of any ICT security system. The effective authentication of system users is paramount as is the encryption of sensitive information. For these purposes, Vlatacom has designed an array of solutions that fortify e-government security.

The first device that can be used by high-profile individuals is the Personal Crypto Platform for Voice Encryption. Also known as Vlatacom vPCP-V, this small device resembling a mobile phone encrypts voice and text communication in any VoiP, public, mobile, or landline communication system. As the majority of information and files are exchanged via the internet, the Institute designed the Vlatacom Personal Crypto Platform for File encryption and Cloud collaboration. This router-like device provides a secure file exchange via a public Internet connection for instance and also performs steganography operations for additional security.

Capacities of ICT infrastructure are constantly growing and that is why Vlatacom Reliable Communication Channel (vREBECCA) was designed. This encryption device secures all information exchange via high-capacity digital transport systems like fiber-optic networks.

For a high level of authentication process security, there is the Vlatacom Login & Access Device for biometric access control to logical resources. This device for the authentication of system users works based on a three-step authentication (smartcard+PIN+fingerprint).

The implementation of e-government security would not be possible without the existence of Vlatacom’s National Crypto Center, Vlatacom’s True Random Number Generator, and Vlatacom Key Distribution System. NCC is the foundation and core of all ICT security exchanges as it represents the center for cryptographic keys creation and distribution and authentication and general management of digital identities and devices. The vTRNG for cryptographic key generation, while vKDS serves as a tamper-proof terminal for distributing those keys to devices.

Vlatacom and Vladimir Cizelj

Vlatacom Institute is the first privately owned research and development center for ICT security solutions in Serbia. Its operations and innovation span for more than 24 years. As a matter of fact, it all started in 1997 when Vladimir Cizelj, PhD, founded Vlatacom as a private company.

Their initial work was related to representing Motorola and integrating their systems in Serbia. As a scientist and innovator with an entrepreneurial spirit, Vladimir Cizelj gathered a group of highly educated experts and started creating cutting-edge solutions.

This led to Vlatacom becoming certified as an R&D center in 2011, followed by becoming the first private R&D institute in the field of ICT security in Serbia in 2015.

The hands-on experience and innovativeness of Vladimir Cizelj and Vlatacom are what made them partners with governments across the world. Moreover, the recognition of their professional and scientific achievements has been confirmed through numerous national and international awards.


Governments are in dire need of implementing the best ICT security solutions that will enable them to protect critical assets. They recognize private sector technology vendors and system integrators as key partners in achieving that goal. Vladimir Cizelj, PhD, and Vlatacom Institute are one of those ICT security providers. Thanks to their expertise and encryption and authentication solutions, governments and their agencies get to strengthen their e-government security. With the optimized and secure digital processes, they are able to provide improved services to their citizens and promote national security.

Andrew Mcaffrey