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Pavel Melnikov: doing high-tech business in the sanitary engineering market segment


The current trend in doing-business models is in paying particular attention to the stories of successful marketing in the field of software or technology. Indeed, many of them perfectly illustrate the success based on keen understanding of the market behavior patterns. But the story of Pavel Eduardovich Melnikov differs from these examples. He didn’t just successfully implement a startup, he turned his own small and belonging to another market niche company into a contemporary high-tech giant.

First steps in business

Still being a student, Pavel Melnikov became a dispatcher in a large house-building industrial complex located in Saint-Petersburg. Then the entrepreneurial vein opened up in him; being oriented on the sanitary industry from the very beginning, he started to import plumbing, water supply systems, and their components from Italy.

But, despite their high-level quality, soon it became clear that they are not quite suitable for the terms of use in Russia. Attempting to combine it with domestic operating requirements, Pavel Melnikov became an outstanding innovator having patented over 100 inventions. In time, they formed the basis for Valtec – a new brand in the Russian market. Later he also created Vesta Trading retail network – one of the largest players in the market of sanitary engineering.

The main secrets of entrepreneurial activity

In total, Pavel Melnikov’s business has been flourishing for over 20 years; and the main that this brilliant organizer and businessman must be asked is how he achieved these impressive heights. There are several foundations of such a prosperity.


Any product your company makes must be reliable since nobody would want to buy something substandard twice. High product reliability enhances the company’s reputation with no promo at all. To improve quality control, Melnikov created his own laboratory.

Client-focused strategy

Pavel Melnikov puts the buyers’ expectations at the forefront. Their satisfying is the key to a long-term relationship with the company; and one of the best ways to show them how important they are is to make a system of loyalty cards.

Right balance between price and quality

Correspondence of quality to price is crucial for the most of customers. Pavel Melnikov manages to keep it at an optimal level due to the most modern materials and technologies of production, and well-planned logistics. Plus, some of the company’s production facilities are located in China.

Wide product range

Generally, buyers like to make a choice; every business also must meet expectations of the most demanding visitors. Melnikov started with import of Italian radiators only. But today the Valtec brand represents over 1000 items distributed through a network of Vesta Trading shops.

Online availability

In sanitary engineering industry, many specifications, assembly and operating instructions and other documents are inevitable. And any businessman working there must be ready for the fact that it is uncomfortable for the visitor to read them right in store. That is the reason why Pavel Melnikov’s companies transferred a significant part of this process to the web. It also helps to maintain an industry leadership with no significant costs.

And the main asset – the staff

Pavel Melnikov highly appreciates those who communicate directly with the buyer on behalf of the company – its personnel. That’s why he makes regular investments in professional development and additional training of his employees.

Andrew Mcaffrey