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Dr. Israel Figa Talks About The Worst Pandemics That Have Ever Hit The World

Pandemics have been a part of the world’s history since the dawn of time. Over the past centuries, many different pandemics have taken over the world. Infectious diseases flourish with human civilization. This means that when we are talking about the next pandemic, we say “when it happens” not “if it happens”.

Dr. Israel Figa states that a pandemic is declared when an infectious disease spreads in different countries and leaves many people seriously ill. The contagious infections are spread through physical touch, close proximity, poor sanitation, etc. Since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic in mid-March, 2020, people have been curious about the previous pandemics that severely affected human civilization.  Let’s take a look at some of the world’s worst pandemics and how they were controlled.

List Of The World’s Worst Pandemics

Black Death

Black Deaths was one of the deadliest pandemics which spread to many parts of Europe, Africa, and Asia. The main transmitters of this disease were rats who carried infected fleas and got on ships with the merchants. Traveling with and exposing the disease to the ship staff as well as to the people at their next stop. The death toll of this pandemic is estimated to be somewhere in the range of 75 million to 200 million people worldwide.

This contagious disease gave birth to the idea of quarantines and required newly arrived sailors to practice isolation on their ships for at least 30 days.

The Great Plague of London

The great plague of London is reported to have spread soon after the Black Death and is also known as the bubonic plague. This plague alone killed almost 20% of London’s population. Mass graves had to be dug to keep up with the death rate. Cats and dogs were identified to be the carriers and transmitters of this disease and as a result, thousands were slaughtered.

Spanish Flu

This was an influenza pandemic that took over the world between 1918 and 1919. Within a span of one year, the Spanish Flue had infected about 500 million people worldwide. The number of deaths caused by this pandemic amounts up to 50 million. This disease was created from an H1N1 virus which is said to have originated from a bird. This pandemic targeted the lungs. It caused the affected people to have liquid-filled lungs, pneumonia, and inflammation in the lungs. Dr. Israel Figa explains that this disease is still present in some parts of the world. However, it can be treated with modern-day medicine.


Rather than a pandemic, Smallpox was declared as an epidemic in the 15th century. An epidemic is a disease that only affects people from certain areas. The real destruction of smallpox began when it reached different parts of the world thanks to European explorers in the 15th century. The disease was one of the first virus epidemics to be treated with a vaccine. The death rate of smallpox was so high that it reduced the 11 million pre-conquest population of Mexico to one million. It took over two centuries for the world to eradicate this deadly disease.


Cholera is a pandemic that is still active in third-world countries which lack proper water and sewage systems. The disease was quickly cut down in developed countries such as America which reported its last affected deaths in 1923. They were able to do so by isolating the infected people and providing clean water resources and sewage systems. However, third-world countries still have traces of this deadly disease.

Flu Pandemic of 1968

The flu pandemic of 1968 was discovered in China 1968. The pandemic was the third global pandemic flu of the 20th century. It had a high death rate of 1 million people worldwide. This flu is also known as the Hong Kong Flu and is considered to be another form of the Asian Flu pandemic of 1957. Both these infections are related to a few changes in the genes of the bacteria.

Swine Flu

The swine flu was another variation of H1N1 influenza. This disease was similar to that of the flu pandemic of 1968 and affected mostly children and young adults. A possible explanation for this is that elderly people may have developed immunity towards it due to exposure to similar viruses. The pandemic was reported to have ended in 2010 with a death toll of 575,400 people across the world. However, it still can be found in the form of seasonal flu that causes serious medical problems and even deaths every year.


HIV stands for Human immunodeficiency virus and AIDS for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome came to notice in the 1980s. The majority of the infected people by this disease belonged to the American gay communities. However, research shows that this infection actually originated from a chimpanzee infection during the 1920s. This disease is recognized as a pandemic because it has caused around 25 million deaths worldwide. Thanks to modern medicine, this virus is more treatable now than it was before.

The Bottom Line

As human civilization evolves, so do these infectious diseases. Dr. Israel Figa has provided a detailed description of the previous pandemics that altered the course of reality. People of all times regarded the current pandemic as the worst consequence of human civilization intermingling with nature. As mentioned earlier, when scientists talk about global pandemics they refer to it as “when” and not “if”. The world will never be free of pandemic waves; however, modern-day medicine and technology will allow faster development of vaccines to battle them

Pandemics always seemed to be a thing of the past because who would have thought that we would be living through one ourselves. Thanks to the era that we live in now, we have been able to develop vaccines after just one year where previously people had to wait 8-15 years for a vaccine to be developed. To get rid of the COVID-19 pandemic for good, everyone should make sure that they get vaccinated when the vaccine becomes available in their region. Becoming immune to the disease is the only way to defeat it.

Dedicated Server & Web Hosting Service by IKOULA

Before you sign up for a web host to launch your product or service in the online industry, there are a few things you can keep in mind. A successful web hosting service is particularly valuable because it guarantees full audience penetration with minimal downtime. You must have a roadmap on how you intend your website to evolve before finalizing the contract with your host.

The best way to provide a business website is to find a reputable web host that can have a server on which to construct one. Companies have a plethora of web hosting options, but they want to work with a company that can provide exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, and assurance that their security will be protected and downtime will be minimal.

For websites that attract a lot of traffic and conduct online financial transfers, dedicated hosting offers a slew of benefits. A dedicated physical server is assigned to a company under this agreement. The company controls the full set of resources allotted to it.

Why Dedicated Servers Are Best Alternative?

For websites that attract a lot of traffic and conduct online financial transfers, dedicated hosting offers a slew of benefits. A dedicated physical server is assigned to a company under this agreement. The company controls the full set of resources allotted to it. Since services are shared, using a dedicated hosting server for your company guarantees strong network uptime.

About Ikoula :-

Since February 1998, IKOULA has specialized in web hosting, dedicated servers, and cloud computing. We own two data centers in France (Reims and Eppes) as well as two business divisions in the Netherlands and Spain. Our “Cloud IKOULAONE” solution is deployed on three continents (Europe, Asia, and the USA). Our departments are multilingual and open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with your tasks.

Ikoula Introduces the Dedicated Servers: –

IKOULA has a diverse selection of dedicated servers that are split into many price points to satisfy a variety of needs. IKOULA dedicated servers are aimed at professionals who would have no trouble finding the best Dedicated Server for their programs.

Ikoula Hosting Plans Designed for Your Purposes: –

IKOULA is a dedicated server. Here’s a look at our dedicated server lineup, which includes a variety of configuration options.

Starter: –

To get started, you’ll need a dedicated server. If you need a backup, database, or measurement server, or even a server for personal use, this is the server for you.

  • Price Range: 4.99-19.99
  • Processor: @1.5 GHz-@2.8GHz
  • Ram: 4GB DDR4- 8GB DDR4

Agile: –

Polyvalent servers with a variety of features. These servers are ideal for evaluating AI or blockchain projects, as well as creating a cloud for gaming, storage, and email.

  • Price Range: 29.99-79.99
  • Processor: @3GHz-@3.8GHz
  • Ram: 8GB DDR4- 64DDR4

Power: –

Range of specialist servers that can house more vital resources and have the potential to meet more essential demands, with a solid framework. This set includes a RAID card as well as a KVM over IP.

  • Price Range: 74.99-299.99
  • Processor: @3.7GHz- @3.2GHz
  • Ram: 32GB DDR3/DDR4- 64GB DDR4

Xtreme: –

The bi-processors in this range have 2X more power, 2X more RAM, and 2X more storage. These machines are ideal for virtualization, emulation, and large-scale scientific and computational programs.

  • Price Range: 249.99-549.99
  • Processor: 2 CPU @2.1GHz- 2 CPU @3.2GHz
  • Ram: 128GB DDR4

Master: –

These high-performance servers have unique features that allow new types of dedicated server use. The RAID Master contains Flash storage and a Fusion IO card, while the GPU Master includes a versatile graphics card. 

  • Price Range: 89.99-1099.99
  • Processor: @3.4GHz- @2.10GHz
  • Ram: 16GB DDR4-64GB DDR4

Classic: –

Servers are older iterations of our product lines. This range features computers of high capacity at affordable prices.

  • Price Range: 8.99-89.99
  • Processor: @1.66GHz- 2 CPU @2.26GHz
  • Ram: 4GB DDR2-72GB DDR3

Ikoula Dedicated Server Provide a Variety of Services: –

A broad variety of options for customizing the servers are available.

  • Client Portal is a user interface. On a single interface, you can handle your portfolio, benefits, billing, and reporting, and results.
  • Technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days. Our support teams are available by e-mail and phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in Dutch, French, and English.
  • Server Monitoring: – Monitoring and analysis of the dedicated servers. The client platform provides MRTG, KPI, and graphics output information.
  • Wide range of OS: – A broad variety of OS is available, including Virtualization platforms based on Linux, BSD, or Windows Server, as well as Hyper-V, CoreOS, and VMware ESXi.
  • KVM over IP: – A KVM over IP standard is included in the KVM over IP Power set. And if you are offline, you have access to your server’s computer, keys, and mouse.
    • Ikoula is one of the best web host services around the world. They are also offering technical features of the dedicated servers such as software, interface, security, service levels, guarantees, and etc.

Factors to Consider when Using Laser Scanning Services

Lasers are a mainstream aspect of life. We find them useful in Sci-Fi movies and industrial activities. Although the technology was a bit slow in hitting the construction industry, laser scanning is becoming popular on most construction sites worldwide. Before we discuss the basics of the technology, we need to know its exact meaning.

What is Laser Scanning?

Laser scanning is a way of using lasers to map out a location with high precision. It is also called HDS (high-definition surveying). On construction sites, the technology helps to capture data that has a lot of details. It also provides accurate information on every corner of the site.

The captured details are called “point cloud”, which is a database that connects points using a three-dimensional coordinate system. Therefore, you will typically find the name of this technology as a 3D laser scanning.

We can spend a long time discussing point cloud extensively as well as how it benefits us. But the important point to note is that surveyors can get remarkably accurate digital information of a space or object pertaining to the project.

Things to Consider Before Using Laser Services

Before you start any construction project, it is good to know what is obtainable in the industry. The more you know, the fewer surprises you will encounter when the work starts. To ensure you get more benefits from using laser scanning services, keep the following points in mind:

1. The Quality of the Data After Capturing

When a map does not have quality data, it is as good as a beautiful picture. 3D laser technique is a high-precision process that can capture millions of points. Modern scanners can accurately scan within 4mm, which makes the maps they generate particularly useful for the purpose of planning.

2. The Availability of the Data

Depending on who is offering the scanning services, you can acquire data while on air or on land. When you scan in a helicopter or using drones, you can quickly complete the task. This is because drones can fly over four hundred acres each hour.

They travel fast compared to surveyors on foot. They can also fly over terrains that are rough and the data will not be affected. Therefore, the use of an ariel scan ensures you get the data quickly. Another benefit is that you do not have to go to the site since you can operate the drone remotely.

3. The Usefulness of the Data

Getting your data really quick is not what matters. What we want to know is if the data came in a format that you can use. Nowadays, topographic maps come as less complex PDF files.

They may not be very flexible, but they are better than collecting several gigabytes of files that were captured when mapping. You may want to visit this website to know more about topographic maps.

The point clouds that were captured need to be converted into different 3D models like digital elevations. The use of analytical software like GIS allows you to work using the numbers whereas virtual reality technologies allow you to literally walk through each mapped environment.

Furthermore, being able to access the scan result at any hour of the day, anywhere, and on different devices is extremely important. You or your workers may be in different locations and in need of the same data. However, cloud storage helps everyone to access the data at the same time.

If the scan is always available, you can use it at your own convenience. It can help you to adjust previous plans based on the current situation. That way, you won’t be locked into making early decisions that may result in expensive delays while sorting out an issue.

4. The Experience of the Surveyor

The boom in the oil sector led to an increase in surveyors. However, not all of them know how to do the job. You need an experienced surveyor because you will make important decisions based on the map output. Therefore, ensure that the company has a track record of success using current technology.

5. The Cost of Data Capturing

When making decisions on which service to choose, the cost is usually a major determinant. You want data but not in an outrageously expensive way. Generally, surveys done with drones are cheaper, safer, and faster than those done on foot.

Also, remember that flexible data has more value than rigid ones. So, a high up-front price may be cost-effective from a long-term perspective. You may want to check out https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/earth-and-planetary-sciences/laser-scanning to know more about laser scanning.


An accurate map ensures you make better, cost-effective arrangements for your construction project. It also documents the infrastructural legalities. So, before you start your project, ensure the laser scanning service you choose can deliver on the job using current techniques and equipment.

How to Eliminate Tobacco Smoke from our Home?

The world has developed a great awareness of the serious problem posed by tobacco. It is no longer only the strict anti-smoking legislation in public places that has spread to almost all countries, but the campaigns to spread info about the harmful effects of tobacco smoke on our health, therefore seeking the objective of quitting the harmful I habit of smoking.

Ideally the solution is to just quit smoking, however we’re aware that this is not an easy task at all, it is recommended for smokers to abandon that bad habit with alternatives that help minimize the problem, one of the most practical options is to use Nicopods to quit smoking inside the house. Nicopods are pouches of nicotine that usually calm the cravings of smokers, without the harmful effects that the smoke of a cigarette has.

In our homes, the responsibility falls directly on ourselves. And it is important to know and avoid the harmful effects of tobacco indoors, as well as how to eliminate its smoke from our house’s internal rooms. Indoors, it is essential to live without tobacco as much as possible. After all, today’s lifestyle leads us to spend more and more time indoors.

Negative effects of tobacco smoke in the home

It is not only the smoke that is breathed while a person smokes, but the one that remains “going around” suspended in the environment, which is known as second-hand smoke. Most people know that tobacco is very harmful and that it can cause various diseases in the respiratory system, but it goes further. According to statistical data, a cigarette can contain 4,000 chemical agents, including ammonium, butane, arsenic, lead, benzene or common products used in solvents.

Top Problems That Cause Cigarette Smoke Indoors

• The smoke that non-smokers breathe when having it at home is less than that of smokers, but they can inhale up to 30 pollutants each day.

• In babies, a contaminated home can cause asthma or chronic respiratory problems.

• A non-smoker can develop cancer just by living in a place contaminated by tobacco smoke.

• Toxic indoor air is as toxic as outdoor air or more. We have to control the levels of stale air, as well as what we breathe. A polluted environment at home without proper ventilation in the rooms can be very harmful.

Beyond the obvious problems of tobacco smoke for people’s health, our homes also suffer and comfort worsens. For example, furniture turns yellow, fabrics at home lose their texture and color, smells become very strong even after days without smoking, and the environment becomes rarefied. Therefore, not only the health of the inhabitants of the house are affected, it can also be for objects and surfaces in the home.

Undoubtedly, it’d be ideal to eliminate cigarette smoke in homes, the solution is to avoid smoking inside our houses, by now we should have an idea on how harmful it can be for the rest of the people who may inhabit the home, children and the elderly being especially affected. Currently we have different alternatives to at least minimize the damage that cigarette smoke can cause in interior areas of our home.

Zuneth Sattar: The Best UK Regions to Invest in Property in 2021

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and the fallout from Brexit, the UK property market remains buoyant, providing investors with a regular income and long-term growth. While other markets have experienced significant economic uncertainty in recent months, property remains one of the most popular forms of investment. Nevertheless, for first-time investors, the purchase process can be somewhat daunting.

Choosing an Investment Niche

When starting out, the novice property investor needs to decide their niche. How do they want to generate income? Are they seeking a straight-forward doer-upper to sell on quickly, or would they prefer a long-term investment option?

With the buy-to-let market continuing to flourish in the UK, many first-time property investors opt to buy residential property. Zuneth Sattar, Director of Xaviar Investments Limited, started his investment portfolio buying residential property, which continues to account for a significant proportion of his investments.

There are several different types of residential property to choose from, for example properties let to a single tenant or family versus houses of multiple occupation. The prospective landlord needs to think carefully about the demographic they want to target. For example, retirees and individuals on low incomes will have very different preferences, and budgets, to young professionals.

Commercial property is an increasingly popular option for investors. The term ‘commercial property’ is generally associated with warehouses, office buildings, and retail space, but in reality, the scope of commercial property is incredibly broad, encompassing a variety of business premises including hotels, short-term holiday lets, and care homes for the elderly.

Choosing the Right Location

When investing in property, one of the most important considerations is location. There are several key factors that regions offering high rental yields and price growth typically share in common.

University cities have long been a staple of UK property investment, benefiting from sustained demand for student accommodation. With a significant proportion of graduates remaining long after their course has finished, university cities typically benefit from an ever-increasing demand for housing.

A rising population bolsters economic growth, creating more jobs, and in turn attracting more people. Rather than buying in a city that is liable to become oversupplied with property, investors should invest in areas with positive population growth projections. The best areas for investment are under supplied, enabling investors to command high asking prices and premium rents.

A city that benefits from a thriving economy typically boasts excellent transport links, providing easy access to rail networks, road networks, and international airports, not only increasing the city’s attractiveness to the resident population, but promoting business and leisure tourism too.

When we think of prime property locations, the South East dominates. However, square footage in London can be prohibitively expensive, even for the seasoned investor. With a population of over 60,000, Manchester attracts huge amounts of interest from global buyers, with demand for residential properties vastly outstripping supply, particularly in the city centre.

Similarly, Birmingham and Cardiff present exciting investment opportunities, enabling investors to buy in areas that have experienced exponential growth without the exorbitant sale prices commanded in London. Located at the heart of the UK, Birmingham offers excellent transport links, as well as having undergone an impressive transformation over the past 20 years. With development of the UK’s High-Speed 2 rail line still underway, further growth is yet to come.

Cities benefiting from new infrastructure projects are likely to offer significant investment potential. Property investors should therefore seek out areas with a thriving economy. As we move through 2021, several regions of the UK present exciting investment opportunities, whether the investor is on the first rung of the property ladder, or seeks to add to an already burgeoning investment portfolio.

Vladimir Cizelj and Vlatacom Encryption and Authentication Solutions for e-Government Security

The governments of today have additional requests concerning the services they provide to their citizens. As the world is increasingly digital, the citizens’ demands for efficient handling of their inquiries and applications are rising.

To be able to do so, governments implement advanced ICT systems. However, this process carries a burden on its own. Digital data and information have become the main target of criminal cyber activity, hence protecting them is a top priority.

In this context, Vladimir Cizelj and Vlatacom Institute emerge as leading technology partners for ICT government security. What is more, their encryption and authentication solutions represent critical elements of well-established cyber security infrastructures.

Governments and ICT security

Digitization has certainly brought about major advances in the way government agencies operate. As a result of optimizing processes using technology, governments can provide better service to their citizens.

As mentioned above, this also represents an additional strain with regard to protecting the safety of citizens and critical assets. Agencies handle highly sensitive data which can, if breached, unauthorizedly accessed, or misused, cause serious damage to national security. Cyber attacks and related attempts like cyber bots, phishing, ransomware, man-in-the-middle attacks are more and more sophisticated. Therefore, the need to be ahead of cyber attacks is a pressing matter.

Since the private sector has so far been the focal point of technological innovations, private enterprises and institutions have been recognized as invaluable partners. What is more, innovators like Vladimir Cizelj and his team of experts belong to this trusted group of technology providers. Together with governments, they design and integrate ICT systems that assist governments in safeguarding national safety.

Encryption and Authentication Solutions

Devices for encryption and authentication are integral elements of any ICT security system. The effective authentication of system users is paramount as is the encryption of sensitive information. For these purposes, Vlatacom has designed an array of solutions that fortify e-government security.

The first device that can be used by high-profile individuals is the Personal Crypto Platform for Voice Encryption. Also known as Vlatacom vPCP-V, this small device resembling a mobile phone encrypts voice and text communication in any VoiP, public, mobile, or landline communication system. As the majority of information and files are exchanged via the internet, the Institute designed the Vlatacom Personal Crypto Platform for File encryption and Cloud collaboration. This router-like device provides a secure file exchange via a public Internet connection for instance and also performs steganography operations for additional security.

Capacities of ICT infrastructure are constantly growing and that is why Vlatacom Reliable Communication Channel (vREBECCA) was designed. This encryption device secures all information exchange via high-capacity digital transport systems like fiber-optic networks.

For a high level of authentication process security, there is the Vlatacom Login & Access Device for biometric access control to logical resources. This device for the authentication of system users works based on a three-step authentication (smartcard+PIN+fingerprint).

The implementation of e-government security would not be possible without the existence of Vlatacom’s National Crypto Center, Vlatacom’s True Random Number Generator, and Vlatacom Key Distribution System. NCC is the foundation and core of all ICT security exchanges as it represents the center for cryptographic keys creation and distribution and authentication and general management of digital identities and devices. The vTRNG for cryptographic key generation, while vKDS serves as a tamper-proof terminal for distributing those keys to devices.

Vlatacom and Vladimir Cizelj

Vlatacom Institute is the first privately owned research and development center for ICT security solutions in Serbia. Its operations and innovation span for more than 24 years. As a matter of fact, it all started in 1997 when Vladimir Cizelj, PhD, founded Vlatacom as a private company.

Their initial work was related to representing Motorola and integrating their systems in Serbia. As a scientist and innovator with an entrepreneurial spirit, Vladimir Cizelj gathered a group of highly educated experts and started creating cutting-edge solutions.

This led to Vlatacom becoming certified as an R&D center in 2011, followed by becoming the first private R&D institute in the field of ICT security in Serbia in 2015.

The hands-on experience and innovativeness of Vladimir Cizelj and Vlatacom are what made them partners with governments across the world. Moreover, the recognition of their professional and scientific achievements has been confirmed through numerous national and international awards.


Governments are in dire need of implementing the best ICT security solutions that will enable them to protect critical assets. They recognize private sector technology vendors and system integrators as key partners in achieving that goal. Vladimir Cizelj, PhD, and Vlatacom Institute are one of those ICT security providers. Thanks to their expertise and encryption and authentication solutions, governments and their agencies get to strengthen their e-government security. With the optimized and secure digital processes, they are able to provide improved services to their citizens and promote national security.

The Importance of Virtual Data Rooms in Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions are processes that end up overwhelming both sellers and buyers. Manually handling mergers and acquisitions buries people in papers as they keep making revisions and edits. Thus, leading to unmanageable tasks and much room for error which could kill potential dealings.

Luckily, virtual data rooms can help with mergers and acquisitions. These data rooms help stakeholders to work efficiently, collaboratively, and effectively throughout the cycle of a viable business deal. Due to the simplified merger and acquisition process that comes with virtual data rooms, businesses seek data room providersto purchase virtual rooms and manage their deals.

Mergers and Acquisitions in a Virtual Data Room

During a merger and acquisition transaction, the business needs a safe and reliable space to store the information. Also, the transaction involves a lot of processes such as due diligence and involvement of investment banks and third parties.

A virtual data room is a secure online place where this sensitive information can be stored, monitored, and made available to each party. The room enables the collaboration of each part of the group and is well equipped with features that can help streamline the business’s workflow. Also, it helps speed up the tedious and lengthy due diligence process.

Why Virtual Data Rooms are Important in Mergers and Acquisitions

  1. Provide a safe space for secure storage of documents

Virtual data rooms enable the safe storage of your sensitive documents such as employee information and the business’s financial documents. For further safety, data rooms use a two-step authentication and verification process.

Documents stored in virtual data rooms are encrypted and controlled carefully by the organizer. For example, you can restrict some documents and you can openly share others with all team members. Thus, always settle for a data room providerswhose virtual data rooms are highly protected from third-party access.

  • Easy access to files

Virtual data rooms use artificial intelligence to handle mergers and acquisitions. Therefore, your team and other users are given access to the virtual data room can easily access the files they need for analyzing and organization.

The system improves the organization of the files and the accessibility of the information to a legitimately concerned party. Virtual data rooms further make it easy for the system to adapt any new information and make the necessary changes for due diligence purposes.  Therefore, your business can accumulate the necessary information which will benefit your company in the future.

  • Get a clear overview of the entire merger and acquisition process

There are some high-end virtual data rooms to handle mergers and acquisitions, giving a detailed overview of the process. The virtual data room assumes the role of project management. This information is useful particularly for you, as the owner of the business.

You will get to see what your team members are spending the most time on. Also, you get to analyze the engagement of the buyer. You will get a heads up on any potential problem, and you can identify and respond to it on time. Virtual data rooms are a great way to track the overall team progress on the M&A process.

  • Ease of  collaboration among stakeholders

Preparations of mergers and acquisitions will involve frequent communication from the parties. The facilitation of easy communication can be made possible through a virtual data room.

The data room uses a two-way communication flow between the concerned parties. Furthermore, there is a centralized hub where information requests can be accessed. Information on virtual data rooms can be in different formats. It could be in the form of Google Docs or Excel spreadsheets.

Also, virtual data rooms improve the visibility of communication between the major players of the deal. Thus, the acquirer can better plan for their integration in the initial stages of the deal. Remember, the most successful deals are those which start with integration planning even before the performance of due diligence.

  • Fewer distractions

If you have hired a team of experts to handle your business merger and acquisition process, you have an idea of how hectic the process can be. The workflow will be chaotic, and the organization may not be so flawless.

With a virtual data room, however, you will not only reduce the work, but you will also be dealing with hazardous distractions. Having a team to manually the mergers and acquisitions will leave them drained and overworked.

  • Does away with redundant work

Virtual data rooms that are designed to handle mergers and acquisitions have sophisticated features. The features allow users to do away with redundant work, which could be time-wasting and reduce efficiency.

Some features which help eliminate repetition include the automatic elimination of similar requests. The bulk drag and drop documents option is time savings, and so are the auto-indexing and full-text search features. Reports can be easily generated by clicking a button, making the mergers and acquisition process flow seamlessly.

From the initial staging period, throughout the document collection to the end of the merger and acquisition process, virtual data rooms have a lot to offer. Besides ensuring everything is organized, timely and manageable, it encourages collaboration from the involved parties.

It ensures the files are safe and available for sharing by allowed members. For extra security on the files stored in the data room, some users can be restricted from accessing the files. Virtual data rooms also offer helpful data analytics, which is valuable throughout the M&A process.

We understand that every deal uniquely differs from other deals, and thus, there is no single remedy for all the deals. However, virtual data rooms can be the constant tool to help seal these deals by helping in mergers and acquisition processes. Data rooms make the process easy, efficient, error-free, and productive with minimal effort.

How you decide to use your virtual data room is what is going to make all the difference. While an old virtual data room cannot change your practice, a specifically designed VDR with a mergers and acquisition feature could be all your business needs.

What is Glasgow IT Support And How Can It Benefit Your Business?

As a business owner or budding entrepreneur, all you ever want is for your efforts to pay off and to come to fruition within a set time frame, whether in your mind or on paper. We would be right in saying that the last twelve months have been some that we have never seen before and which we would be all the more pleased to not see again in the future.  

However, with this in mind, we are confident that businesses reading this and beyond are searching for ways that they can build on this challenging period we have just endured. While some people may know exactly where they need to change and adapt in their business, there may be others who are a little more unsure about what best will benefit their business, and that is okay too. 

Whether you are a small business that is just setting out or are a more significant and established one, we are confident that you will find a valuable piece of information here. Read on for more.  

What is IT Support? 

If you are anything like us, your mind turns to the antics that we have seen depicted on our television screens, from the likes of Chris O’Dowd and Richard Ayoade in The IT Crowd! While this may very well give an idea as to the eccentric people who work within IT support and the level of friendliness the companies can expect from an IT support business, there is more to the occupation than simply suggesting turning it off and on again! 

On that note, let’s jump straight in, shall we? 

In a nutshell, IT support is the process of providing support and guidance to those experiencing any technical issues, both with computer systems and specific programmes themselves. Mainly in this technological world that we find ourselves in nowadays, having adequate IT support networks within your business is crucial; these people can ensure that your business can continue working as usual.  

Naturally, you should expect to find IT support companies up and down the country, providing IT support in Glasgow, Liverpool, London, and beyond. Businesses like these – including the likes of our own – offer IT support to companies both in their regional areas but can also provide the same services on a remote basis; you needn’t be in the same geographical location to receive IT support and guidance from professionals.  

Now that we have established what exactly IT support is in Glasgow and other areas, we can move onto the next section of this blog piece, establishing what exactly IT support can do and the ways that it can benefit your company when implemented into your business model. 

Whether you are a large corporation or a smaller, more intimate and family-owned business, we are confident that you will find a benefit here that relates to your unique situation.  

How Can IT Support Benefit Your Business? 

Much like outsourcing other aspects of your company, there are numerous benefits of using an IT support company within your business model and can benefit you in both the long- and short-term. Keep reading to find out a little more about what these benefits are and whether you would be able to adjust or change anything in your existing methods to accommodate for them.  

Some of the many ways that IT support in Glasgow can benefit your business include the following: 

  • Network Monitoring: Naturally, as a business owner in any industry, you want nothing more than to ensure the continued safety of not only the employees within your company but of the business itself. While there are some physical things that can be done to protect your business, this is not the only way that criminals could access your company and any sensitive information or data that you might be handling. IT support within your business model is an excellent way of protecting yourself from any potential hackers or organisations. Those who work within your IT support department will be able to safely and effectively organise and store any information that is relevant to your business while ensuring that those who are authorised to have access can still gain access to it. Not to mention, those who work in IT support can monitor your network on a day-to-day basis, noticing any changes as early as possible acting on them; this minimises the risk of anything worse happening in the future.  
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: It goes without saying, but some equipment that is associated with running a business can often be costly. While you could save costs in other areas of your business to fund others, this is not all that ideal when considering your business model in the long term. Not only would you need the equipment itself, but you would naturally need to pay someone to run and use said equipment. On the contrary, you would also need to consider any necessary training courses that would be required, where applicable and necessary, concerning the equipment. These costs could be all but eliminated when using the services of IT support in Glasgow. You would have someone who already possesses the knowledge and expertise associated with managing the IT of a company. Still, they would already have the equipment needed to effectively and successfully complete the job. Not bad, if you ask us!  
  • Strategic Management and Planning: As someone who might not be all that clued up on all things technology, it can appear somewhat challenging when trying to determine the future of your business and the technology it uses. How often would you need to upgrade your existing storage and operating systems? How can you continue to ensure the protection of your business and its information from unwanted guests? These questions and more are ones that are naturally posed when considering the future of your business and can be answered and managed by an IT support network within your company. As this aspect of your business would be managed by an expert in that field, you can rest assured that any necessary upgrades and updates are completed both with your permission but at times when they are most required. By implementing the services of an IT support network in your business, you can free up the time that you would previously have spent worrying about this type of thing and allow yourself to focus on other, more pressing elements of running your company. After all, as a business owner and budding entrepreneur, you most likely have what feels like a million and one things to do at a time!  

While these are but some of the ways that IT support can benefit your business both now and in the future, we hope that listing them here and running through them has given you a better idea of how they could help you. 

Naturally, the results and overall opinions would differ from each business to the next. Still, we are confident that there is a benefit listed here and beyond to help drive your company towards success. Following what has been a challenging year for those within the business world and beyond, we wish you nothing but the best moving forward!  

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How to choose an outsourced marketing agency

We often hear horror stories of times when things went all the way down the proverbial hill, but what about the success stories where things went spectacularly right? When it comes to marketing, the difference often lies in the criteria used to select the most suitable agency to handle your business’ needs.

For most companies, choosing the right marketing agency represents one of the most challenging tasks they will be faced with. However, given that outsourcing is a cost-effective, reliable and flexible option, business owners often make the mistake of rushing into agreements they haven’t fully considered and find themselves settling for an agency that might not be completely suited to their specific requirements.

Before deciding on an agency to outsource your marketing activities to, conduct a needs analysis of your business, identify skills gaps and then keep the following pointers in mind to help you make the best decision going forward. 

Industry experience

Any agency that you are considering should have the relevant industry experience in order to carry out the job effectively. For starters, investigate the number of projects that they have worked on and the level of expertise that was required to complete these. A portfolio of previous work will also help guide you in figuring out if the agency you are considering would be a good fit. It is important that the agency you choose understands what you are trying to achieve and has the strategic capabilities to support this. 

Make sure that you are aware of their management team and who you will be in contact with when inquiring about your marketing activities. Conduct research into the agency to ensure that they have the correct skills to execute your business projects.


A great track record always produces happy clients. This is precisely why a background check of your prospective marketing agency is always a good idea. This will help you to understand the type of work they deliver and give you an idea of what you can expect from them in the future. 

Ask for testimonials from previous and existing clients to help you gauge the quality of service that they provide and how they are perceived in their industry. Also look at third-party sites such as Google and Facebook to see who is leaving company reviews and how the agency handles bad reviews.


When you outsource work to an agency, you share confidential information with them while entrusting them with the success of your business. You need a team that is responsive and that encourages the free flow of information to ensure that deadlines are met on time and that all projects are delivered upon according to your standards.

Results-driven strategies

Quality agencies are driven by KPIs and milestones. They care about metrics of success and are constantly striving to improve. As such, you should request examples from your prospective agency and request clear estimates of projected results to assess exactly how your budget will be spent. 

Remember – your prospective agency should be as invested in your business objectives as you are.

Specialist expertise

When companies look at hiring prospective marketing agencies, they are oftentimes looking for an extension of their team who will complement their service offering and enhance their existing expertise. This is why it is crucial to assess the technical competency of prospective agencies and to understand the processes that are employed to manage projects and track results. 

Your ideal agency should possess expertise that are closely aligned to those of your own business, in order to create a harmonious relationship between the two.


The success of your company relies on the team that you enlist to carry out your vision. You need to be confident that they not only have a good understanding of marketing but also have the dedication needed to deliver a good return on your investment. 

Always be mindful that the best agency is one aligns to your vision values and prioritises the success of your business above all else.

Whether you know your exact requirements or are looking to explore how an outsourced marketing agency can fit into your business, the right agency will work seamlessly with your company to provide solutions and enhance your business activities. 

By knowing what to look for, you can avoid wasting precious time and resources on frustrating output and poor results. Choose an experienced and dedicated team that is focused on achieving success and building long-standing relationships, while working with you to build and grow your business.

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