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6 Bookkeeping Pains An Outsourced Bookkeeping Service Can Resolve

What is bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is the process of keeping track of a company’s financial transactions on a regular basis along with other functions like:-

  • Processing day-to-day paperwork
  • Producing and sending out invoices
  • Reconciling the bank accounts
  • Managing the payroll functions
  • Filing VAT returns

Immaculate bookkeeping can assist you in making critical business decisions by providing you with an accurate assessment of your company’s performance. It is simple to keep track of the books in the early phases of a business. However, when your company grows and expands, the intricacy of the work increases as well. It can be challenging to keep track of all your business spending while also preserving the accuracy of your accounts.

In that case, outsourcing your bookkeeping services can help to eliminate the following bookkeeping pains:-

  1. Lack of time

If you are in a time crunch or doing your own bookkeeping is inconvenient because it diverts your attention away from more important business activities, you should probably outsource it.

A reputable outsourced bookkeeping firm can handle the majority of your bookkeeping duties, allowing you to focus on your business. To hire a skilled bookkeeper, you can take the help of your network or search “bookkeeper near me”.

It’s better if you stay active in the bookkeeping process sufficiently to maintain control. You should also be involved in other essential duties such as financial reporting.

  • Anxiety and Stress

When you bring up bookkeeping and taxes with many business owners, they usually give you a frightened face. For a small business owner, bookkeeping can be a source of concern and worry, but it can also be a source of opportunity for outsourced bookkeeping experts. Creating a solid bookkeeping system and providing a set of books that give value to business owners will lessen their concern and stress about their finances.

The key is updating the books frequently and accurately.

Do not take on bookkeeping if it causes you to worry. Your business will suffer as a result of your stress. People are concerned about bookkeeping because they know they should be doing it but lack the time or skills to do so. Allow a professional to take care of your bookkeeping, so you don’t have to.

  • Lack of access to up to date information

A lack of access to up-to-date information is another issue that bookkeeping can cause. New clients frequently remark that the books are out of date and incorrect. Business owners say that their bookkeeper doesn’t send them reports frequently enough, and when they do, they aren’t accurate or useful.

To run a business, you’ll need up-to-date and accurate financial data to help you make informed decisions.

A competent bookkeeping system can and should provide a business owner with accurate, up-to-date financial data regularly. The accounting sector is currently seeing two significant trends: a shift to cloud-based solutions and a demand for more frequently updated data.

You should communicate with your bookkeeper about how often you want the books updated. Also, make sure you have access to your accounting system and financial records at all times and from any location.

  • Lack of availability of relevant information

You have no clue where your firm stands if you don’t have up-to-date information, and you certainly have no notion where you’re heading if you don’t have access to the appropriate data.

Outsourced bookkeeping services should not only give you a clear picture of where you are now as a company but also where you want to go. Financial reporting for small businesses should highlight not only potential concerns but also opportunities.

If a financial opportunity arises, you’ll want to be prepared to take advantage of it. On the other hand, if you notice prospective problems, you should endeavour to anticipate them.

  • Ability to Change

The failure to adjust to changing circumstances can be a significant source of frustration. You’re in the wrong place if you don’t know where you are or where you’re going. This position prevents you from making the necessary modifications to keep your company on track.

A solid bookkeeping system will keep you in complete control of your company’s finances. This will provide you with the flexibility and power you need to make quick modifications in your organisation to deal with market changes and seize opportunities as they arise.

It would be beneficial if you used your small business budget to compare budget vs actual results to identify both opportunities and difficulties to make the required modifications.

  • Taxes

Business owners should meet with their CPA at least twice a year to discuss their tax situation. If you’re constantly filing extensions or haven’t paid your taxes at all, you’re in a lot of trouble.

You should never have to worry about taxes if you use an outsourced bookkeeping service. A tax audit will accomplish two critical goals for your company. First, you’ll be aware of your possible tax liability, allowing you to make any tax-saving actions or purchases before the end of the year. And second, you’ll be focused on keeping your company on schedule to meet its objectives.

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Here’s how to wash your baby clothes

When washing your baby’s clothes, you are best off hand-washing them in cold water with mild detergent. It is a good idea to wash your baby’s clothes before you use them. Your newborn’s skin is incredibly delicate. Therefore their clothes need to be washed to remove residues and allergens.

You should always read the care label on a garment before washing it for the first time. Avoid bleach on clothes as it may reduce the effectiveness of the chemicals and might ruin treated fabrics as well. 

How to Wash baby’s clothes

Wash your hands

You should sanitize and thoroughly wash your hands before you touch your baby’s clothes, as the human hand is a source of bacteria.

Temperature of water

Checking the water temperature is essential when washing baby clothes. Washing clothes in very hot water can cause rips and tears to your baby’s clothes, not to mention, you may also burn your skin.

Rinse thoroughly

As bacteria can build up on your baby’s clothes, you should soak them in hot water for 30 minutes before washing and then in warm water after washing. This eliminates bacteria and dirt.

Choose your detergent wisely

Keep in mind that your body is vastly different from your newborn’s. Therefore, you may want to use a detergent that is approved for use on baby outfits. Further, ensure that the detergent is toxin-free and eco-friendly.

Using regular detergents may damage your baby’s delicate skin, cause allergic reactions, and possibly even cause them to get cuts. 

Dry Completely

Make sure that your baby’s clothes are entirely arid out. Whenever possible, hang your  baby’s clothes in the sunlight, and never wear damp clothes on them as it may cause fungal infections.

How to disinfect your baby’s clothes?

It is imperative not only to wash your baby’s clothes but also to disinfect them. Here are a few tips on disinfecting your baby’s clothes.

  • Cleaning your baby’s clothes begins with identifying and removing any possible stains. Considering that most stains are protein-based, like meat or breast milk, and that protein attracts the most dangerous bacteria, this is of utmost importance. Ensure that this is done before soaking. Scrub the stains with disinfectants, which you may find in every pharmacy.
  • Scrub away any drool, snot, and other bodily fluids as they may contain bacteria and serve as a breeding ground. Scrub and rinse thoroughly with a baby-safe detergent that contains disinfectants. It is recommended to do this before you pre-soak your baby’s clothes.
  • You may want to pre-soak with white wine vinegar as it is a proven natural disinfectant. Simply add a cap or two of white wine vinegar in a bucket of water and then soak clothes for 30 minutes before washing them.

Precautions to take while washing baby’s clothes

  • When washing your baby’s clothes, do not use fabric softeners as they may irritate your baby’s skin and reduce flame resistance.
  • Avoid using chemicals on your clothes when drying them.
  • Use only toxin-free and eco-friendly detergents.
  • Ensure the diapers of your baby are washed separately from their clothes
  • Sunlight is a natural disinfectant, so hang your baby rugs outdoors every week or two.
  • For babies with skin allergies, you may want to consult your doctor about special requirements for washing their clothes.
  • Read the instructions carefully before washing clothes to preserve their material integrity.
  • Avoid using strong fragrances during the wash.

5 Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out from the Competition

The current world population is 7.6 billion. Businesses everywhere want to own a piece. As a business owner, you are always in battle with competitors, no matter your nationality or industry. In this battle, the winners are those who make it a point to differentiate and scale. Here are five helpful ways to build a unique business.

1. Put Customers First

Customers are vital to the success of every business. The way a company treats its customers is crucial in gaining its competitive advantage. To understand your customers is to create a compelling relationship that ultimately leads to customer loyalty.

This relationship is an effective way of prioritizing customer needs and living up to customer expectations all the time. What’s more, when companies put their customers first, they adopt best practices to understand their behaviors, tailor company offerings, and foster a better customer journey along the way.

Luckily for today’s companies, digital transformation has made it more convenient to manage multiple customer interactions all at once with resources like the omni channel contact center. These interactions provide companies with insights for improving services and products. They also help create a seamless experience for all customers.

2. Focus on Brand Awareness

The more a brand is seen by customers, the longer it continues to exist in their worlds. Visibility is the one reason why companies spend millions of dollars every year, churning one campaign after the other. Brand visibility over the years has shifted from newspaper ads to current social media platforms.

With each step of the way, companies follow their customers, subjecting brand visibility to all the changes in media consumption. Companies may travel the entire length of the buying journey integrating new and old methods to ensure no stone is left unturned.

Regardless of the channel or method employed for brand visibility, customer experience remains the focus. That means, beyond design and all the aesthetics, companies must try and create a lasting experience with each visibility idea deployed. In effect, there are several options to choose from, including advertising inflatables.

For instance, a brand like Nike may create custom inflatables during the grand opening of a new shop to give shoppers a seamless customer experience. Beyond the experience, the inflatables help Nike to execute its brand awareness objectives. These soft balloons are essential marketing tools that all brands can leverage.

3. Use Analytics

If your business wants to be unique and relevant, it’s essential not to rest on your laurels. Companies, unlike individuals, don’t rest after a hard day’s work. On reaching a particular height, customer preferences may also rise. Most often, the best way forward is to evaluate, identify growth areas and continue the entire journey up the ladder. However, this change process isn’t always easy.That incorporates promoting and publicizing encounters. Ensure the substance you offer is applicable to individuals you’re focusing on. Set aside the effort to do some online examination to find segment and social data about your clients and afterward give encounters that make a difference to them. Understanding your crowd is critical to conveying significant encounters and making a fruitful substance showcasing system.

As you gather more information, you can be more granular about who you need your advertisements to reach. And afterward when clients connect and draw in with you, make certain to urge them to select in to your immediate advertising endeavors. At long last, utilize this client rundown to make resemble the other the same crowds that will help you arrive at new clients.

At a certain level, changes in business needs may require a total overhaul of a company’s ‘modus operandi.’ A typical example is the impact of COVID-19. But with the help of analytics, business leaders can identify opportunities and chart a new direction to get back on track.

4. Be Consistent

Doing the same thing in multiple ways at different times is how companies become a favorite for customers. Take coca-cola, for instance. The company has delivered the same range of products with the same formula for several decades. Why are they stilled loved? Certainly, being a consistent brand helps customers remain loyal.

5. Be Socially Responsible

Companies who take actionable steps to stand by their customers in their battle with social issues expect nothing but higher levels of loyalty. Nowadays, brands like Nike love creating campaigns that reflect the struggle for racial justice, among other issues. By doing that, Nike doesn’t just become a favorite company but a friend whose relationship is worthy of keeping.

HWPL Brokers Peace Agreement, Ending 40-Year Religious Conflict in Philippines

On 24 January 2014, international NGO Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) arranged a peace agreement to end the 40-year conflict between Christian and Islamic groups in the Mindanao region of the Philippines. The agreement was signed by local political and religious leaders. The civilian group-led peace agreement is now being implemented and has created an atmosphere of peace between the government of the Philippines and the Moro people.

HWPL has held various events and activities in the Philippines since June 2013, including providing relief and support for low-socioeconomic households, hosting inter-religious dialogues aimed at fostering interfaith harmony, and establishing a youth network for peace.

In addition, HWPL hosted the first peace walk festival on 24 January 2014 in Mindanao, General Santos, Philippines. Over 1,000 people, including students from the Mindanao State University, members of the International Peace Youth Group, and believers from the two warring faith groups, participated.

On the same day, representatives of the two faith groups including Esmael G. Mangudadatu, Governor of Maguindanao and Catholic Archbishop, signed an agreement for the establishment of peace and the cessation of war. According to HWPL, the Mindanao peace agreement proposed a “civilian-centred awareness, improvement, and action-based” approach to peace.

In line with this approach, the organisation is cooperating with local groups to carry out peace initiatives centred around civil society, including education, religion, youth, and women, in order to eliminate sources of conflict and strengthen the core values for peaceful development.

Age 84 at the time, Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL recalls holding hands with the representatives from the two faith groups as the agreement was signed: “While the signing of the agreement for peace was shown to the participants, the moderator explained the peace agreement, which was photographed and videotaped. The crowd erupted in cheers and applause of joy and delight.”


Studying is not just about learning – what to do after classes?

A student does not live by his studies alone – this is a truth known all over the world. There is no shortage of opportunities for fun and growth in any major academic centre. So what can you do at university after classes? How to spend your free time?

Many high school graduates choose to continue their education at university, hoping to have memorable years. Although being a student means, on the one hand, a lot of responsibilities related to studies, exams, the need to take care of oneself and the responsibility for everyday life, on the other hand, many people have a lot of free time left after classes. It is therefore the ideal time to develop your passions, have new experiences and, of course, develop your social life in the large student community. 

Active leisure after classes

Of course, university is a period that should be devoted primarily to the acquisition of knowledge and skills that will be useful later in our professional lives. Students spend most of this time in lectures, tutorials or practical classes, and in the afternoons studying for assignments and exams. However, it is well known that sitting over books for hours on end does not necessarily produce certain results. Everyone’s brain, like any other organ, also gets tired and needs a break from time to time.

When we get sleepy, have problems concentrating and absorbing new data, it is a sign that it is worth putting books aside for a while and going for fresh air. This will not only refresh your mind but oxygenate your entire body. What’s more, being outdoors has been proven to relax and reduce stress levels, which especially skyrocket during exams. For those who like physical exercise, an alternative to a simple walk can be running, cycling or exercising in open-air gyms, of which there are many in Polish cities. Although we may feel physically tired after a workout, the endorphins released by the body stimulate our body and provide us not only with a good mood, but also positive energy and motivation to learn.

Study groups, extra-curricular activities

Ambitious people who love a challenge and are eager to learn more can take advantage of a wide range of extra-curricular activities offered by virtually every university in their spare time. The various faculties have different types of study and discussion groups, allowing you to broaden your knowledge in accordance with your field of study. If, on the other hand, you would rather focus on your personal development or your passions, you can follow a language course after class (after all, it’s a compulsory skill these days, and the more languages you know, the better!) or start training to play your dream instrument.

Other extra-curricular activities that may be of interest to students include offers such as photography school, parachuting, horse riding lessons, cosmetology and make-up courses or programming classes. It is also worth taking an interest in training in self-presentation or self-confidence, especially as many of these additional skills acquired during the classes can give you additional qualifications and come in handy later when you start your professional career.

Relaxing at home/room – that’s a good idea too!

Everyone is different and likes to relax and spend their free time differently. However, one thing is certain – rest is an essential element for the proper functioning of each of us. When we get tired, our body subconsciously starts sending out different signals, letting us know that it needs rest and relaxation. If you’re not the life of the party and you find being around other people stressful or tiring, it’s a good idea to stay at home to relax. In our own four walls, with complete privacy, we can relax as we wish.

Despite appearances, passive rest does not have to mean only sleep. A great way to calm down and relax in the comfort of your own home is to spend an evening with a good book, be it a fiction novel or one about self-development, an interesting film or series, with a mug of your favourite drink, under a blanket on the sofa. A long bath with your favourite bubble bath, meditation or listening to your favourite calming music is also a good way to relax at home.

What to do after classes if you live in a dormitory?

One of the most interesting solutions when it comes to university accommodation are student dormitories. There you can best feel the “student spirit” and integrate with others. However, if you want the right standard and comfort, it is worth choosing private BaseCamp dormitories. This is an ever-growing network of student flats that can be found in Denmark, Germany and Poland in the major student centres. Perfectly located, they provide convenient access to most places in the city, making them an ideal base for exploring and discovering the new city.

BaseCamp dormitories not only provide extremely comfortable accommodation that meets the needs of students, but also provide opportunities for active participation in various events, parties and activities. Super fast Wi-Fi and designer yet practically furnished rooms with kitchenettes are a standard that every student will appreciate. Quiet study rooms, a gym, bike rental, parking for motorists, a restaurant and a grocery shop are just some of the amenities offered by the common space in BaseCamp dormitories, making them not just a place to come back to to relax after classes, but simply a place where you want to spend your free time actively. Thanks to such an interestingly developed common space, BaseCamp is also a great place to meet friends from the university, which often turn into friendships and acquaintances for life.

See more about BaseCamp Dortmund student flats.

How to give an instant facelift to your new office?

Whether you work from your home or go to an office, what keeps you motivated is not just the nature of your work but also your workspace. Working from within a gorgeous and inspiring space will keep you focused on working and boost your productivity.

 If you think your office needs a facelift, you are in luck, for here, you will find some fantastic tips and decor ideas to create a beautiful, comfortable space.

 Given below are some simple ideas that are sure to spruce up your new office.

  • Declutter and get organized.
    Start by getting rid of unnecessary things in your office and make a habit of cleaning the space regularly. Perhaps there is too much clutter around as you see things like books, files, and stationery that you really do not need. You can shift everything online to cloud storage and keep just a few of those personal items in your office.

  • Make it more organic.
    Let natural light in, and you can make some simple, practical changes such as working closer to the window in an optimal light. Incorporate greenery by adding some plants for an organic and peaceful feel.  Your office space will feel a lot more comfortable, clean, and ergonomic once you make those changes and add simple elements.

  • Change the flooring.
    There is no need to spend an astronomical sum of money on the floor as you can always look for a colourful area rug or a neutral grey carpet, based on the theme and ambiance of the office. The idea is to create visual interest and give an accent to the office space. Office flooring need not be dull and drab but should add to the ambiance and space.

  • Use your art and inspiration.
    Put your inspiration on display in your office, and what could be better than having a unique photo display rack with images that inspire you. It could be a creative artwork or a family photo that keeps you motivated.

  • Utilize the vertical space on the walls.
    It is a good idea to make good use of all that unused space on the wall. You could hang a memo board or an organizer on the wall to hold all those extra accessories. The idea is to not just make the office space look more attractive but also very practical. Make excellent use of vertical space and stay organized.

  • Add some colours.
    If you have some favourite colours or a theme of some sort that makes you happy, go ahead and use it in your office. It could be a quirky work of art or a chair that resembles that colour or wallpaper. You can even paint one wall of your office in that shade and transform the office instantly. Do not feel afraid to experiment and express yourself as a pop of colour gives an instant boost of creativity.

  • Blend the old and new.
    Don’t be afraid to mix vintage and modern styles to make the office space your very own. For example, you could pair a set of new chairs with a gorgeous antique table. Another idea is to place a 1920s typewriter on the vintage table. There are endless ideas on how you could mix the old with the new to create a unique space for your office.

  • Control the web of wires.
    The look of any office can easily get spoiled with the tangle of cords, cables, wires, and plugs. Every office needs those cords and cables, but it is not essential to make them visible and make your office look like a hurricane zone. So have a look at your working space or computer area, and if it is looking dusty and tangled, it is time to get organized. Wrap the clump of wires with Velcro strips and label each to control the web of wires.

Organization and optimization of your workspace hold the key. You can certainly get some idea from the above tips and tricks or use your own creativity to boost the décor of your office. At the end of the day, your aim should be to create an inspiring space that keeps you motivated and inspired to work.

3 Popular Online Slots in 2021

The worlds of new technologies and online games goes hand in hand, creating a market that evolves very fast. Year after year, online games become more and more accessible to players, who can now enjoy HD interactive content on the screen of their phone, something unthinkable till just a few years back. In the complex world of. Online gaming, such technologies are useful for all sorts of games, including online slots. These simple games are becoming more and more sophisticated, thanks to the use of complex imagery and animations, and more interactive features such as bonus rounds and reels modifiers.

The slots experts behind the site Colossal Slots are constantly reviewing new games that use such technologies for the entertainment of players. They argue the quality of gameplay has risen dramatically in the past few years, and that online slots are becoming more and more fun to play with, thanks to the high quality of imagery, animations and special functions. According to them, these are the three online slots that will be big hit this year.

  • xWays Hoarder xSplit: despite the complicated sound of its title, this slot has all it take to become one of the most interesting games of the year. Developed by Nolimit City, a cult provider which has a reputation for its high quality output, this game offers a very specific atmosphere. The narrative built around the game is all about hoarding survival items in a post-apocalyptic world. Toilet paper is among the most important things the antiheroes in the game think about, but we had a taste of it during long down, and we can easily understand the feeling. This innovative online game comes with two special reel modifiers, xWays and xSplit, which create a more interesting gaming experience and increase the win potential of the game.
  • Fruit Party 2: according to slots experts, 2021 will be a year of many re-issues. Long forgotten online slots that were popular in their time are now reworked to be attractive again. One of the most important makeovers is all about technology, as many games are released in a new version running on HTML5. This means they work well on phones and tablet,  ensuring a fantastic experience on small screens. This is not exactly. The case of Fruit Party 2, as the original game was released in 2020. This cluster pays slot has it all, and it is being reworked to be one a second success. Fruits, bright colours and a very high win potential create the grounds for one of the best releases of 2020. 
  • Invaders Megaways: one of the most popular special features for online slots in 2021 is Megaways™, a slot engine which has become a huge success lately. All slots fans know it by now, as the new engine creates the grounds for higher wins by going beyond the concept of payline. This new math model for online slots creates the grounds for up to 117.649 win ways, and it is usually paired with a highly volatile model. These characteristics result in fast action and highly risky gameplay. On top of offering all of that, Invaders Megaways™ also creates a very interesting background with alines, spaceships, lasers and intergalactic adventures.

Clean Planet Energy teams up with Andera Partners on construction of three new ecoPlants in France

In response to the climate crisis that’s currently gripping the earth, Clean Planet Energy (CPE) and Andera Partners have announced a collaborative project which will see the development of three new ecoPlants in France. These ecoPlants are capable of using cutting-edge technologies to turn non-recyclable waste plastics into ultra-clean fuels that can be used to power sustainable transport. As well as clean fuels, ecoPlants will be capable of producing green naphtha, which is essential to creating circular, recyclable plastics.

This is a big step not just for the European Union, but for France. PlasticEurope figures suggest that in 2018, the recycling rate for plastics in France was 24.2%, well below the European average of 32.5%. With the introduction of new laws which also mean that France is now aiming for a 100% circular economy for plastics by 2025, the nation has a long way to go in a short span of time. The hope is that CPE’s three new ecoPlants will help to get them there in a way that both promotes circular plastics while simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions.

Anderas Partners is an investment firm whose team manages over €2.8 billion in investments across France and overseas. This investment into Clean Planet Energy is the first time the firm has invested in clean fuel. Prune des Roches, a partner at Andera’s Smart Infra Fund, commented that “Supporting Clean Planet Energy’s deployment in France contributes to solving both mobility and plastic environmental issues.”

The CEO of Clean Planet Energy, Bertie Stephens, also commented on the announcement, saying “Our partnership with Andera Partners supports our vision for clean oceans and clean air. Collaborating with a like-minded group such as Andera Partners enables Clean Planet to enhance the delivery of our mission of removing over one million tonnes of non-recyclable plastic waste from our environment every year.”

These are not the first plants to be built by Clean Planet Energy, which are already constructing several ecoPlants in the UK. Work on France’s ecoPlants has already begun, and the company is aiming to open the first Clean Planet Energy ecoPlant in France in 2023.

Find out more about Clean Planet Energy and Andera Partners at http://CleanPlanet.eu and https://www.anderapartners.com/.

Renting a home now cheaper than buying one due to Covid

Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, renting a home might be cheaper than buying a new home. Sounds crazy, right? Well, thanks to the mini-boom in the housing market in the UK due to the pandemic, the average price of property has started to soar. In 2020, the Bank of England predicted that property prices would fall by a whopping 16 per cent as an after effect of the pandemic. However, as per the latest statistics from HM Land Registry, the average price of houses in the UK has increased by 10.2 per cent from March 2020 till March 2021.

Renting vs buying: The statistics

As of 2021, it is cheaper to rent a home as opposed to buying a home. Aneisha Beveridge, the Head of Research at Hamptons International, believes that the pandemic is responsible for completely reversing this trend for the last six years. In March 2020, a homeowner with a 10 per cent deposit would have been better off than a tenant because they would be saving £102 per month. However, in May 2021, a tenant would end up spending £71 lesser per month as opposed to a homeowner who is paying a 10 per cent deposit on their mortgage. For the first time since December 2014, renting has become cheaper than buying in the UK! As of 2021, an average tenant would spend £1,054 per month on rent, whereas the average homeowner would spend £1,125 per month on their mortgage. So, if you’ve been wondering whether you should buy a property in Cheltenham or look for a property to rent in Cheltenham, it is highly recommended that you stay on rent for the time being. Once the average price of property starts to fall, you should start thinking of buying a new home.

Why is renting cheaper than buying?

This brings us to the question at hand, why is renting cheaper than buying? For that, we need to look back to the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. As uncertainty around the pandemic rose, companies started shutting down, and people started losing their jobs, the overall economy started to suffer. Banks and lenders became very strict about their lending criteria, almost putting an end to the availability of low deposit mortgages. Lenders then decided to increase their mortgage rates and withdraw higher loan to mortgage values to safeguard their loans. Due to this, the cost of repaying the monthly mortgage ended up costing a whole lot more than the monthly rent, especially for first-time buyers as they had to pay very high rates of interest!

Also, renting has become cheaper than buying because of the steady rise in house prices last year! In London itself, the average price of a house rose by 3.7 per cent since last year. In South East England, the average price of property rose by 7.9 per cent whereas, in South West England, the price increased by a whopping 10.9 per cent. In North East England, the average price of property increased 13.7 per cent whereas, in North West England, the average price rose by 12.8 per cent. With that being said, there are currently only four areas in the UK where it is cheaper to buy a place than to rent one. These four areas are Scotland, North East England, North West England, Yorkshire and Humber. So, despite the tremendous growth in the average price of property in North East and North West England, it is cheaper to buy a house there than renting one!

Will buying become cheaper than renting?

Experts believe that buying will again become cheaper than renting in the near future. While no expert can predict with any certainty when this reversal will happen, some predict that the cost of buying will reduce by the end of 2022. One of the most important reasons that buying went up in the last year is the rising interest rates. While the interest rates have started falling in the last few months, they are still not as low as they were in the pre-Covid era. Secondly, the rise in the average price of property has occurred due to a mini-boom in the housing market in the UK. In the near future, experts predict that the growth rate will start slowing down. Also, the UK government has decided to launch the mortgage guarantee scheme, which will allow first-time buyers and seasoned investors to avail of low deposit mortgages, which will further reduce the cost of buying.

Can US Residents Bet on British Horse Races?

Americans love to bet on horse races like the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes, but what if they want to cast their net wider and look at placing some bets on the best British races?

This is something that can be done very easily, so let’s take a look at how to do this and what races you might like to wager on.

The Top British Horse Races

Few, if any, countries have as many top-quality races each year as the UK. One of the highlights of the British sporting calendar is the Cheltenham Festival that is held in March. Every day of this Festival has excellent events like the Queen Mother Champion Chase and the World Hurdle, but perhaps the most important of all is the Cheltenham Gold Cup.

This Grade 1 National Hunt event is one of the finest horse races on the planet, with 22 fences for the horses to jump.  While the prize money is dwarfed by international races like the Dubai World Cup and the Pegasus World Cup, there is no doubt that this remains one of the most prestigious races around, with some of the most famous horses in history winning it.

The Grand National is held at Aintree in April and is unique in that it is when many Brits who don’t normally take an interest in the sport decide to place bets. This race sees the horses charge around a tough track of over four miles with 30 fences to complete, which means that there is plenty of excitement as the runners regularly fall or unseat their jockeys.

The Ascot Gold Cup is another great race, and this is the highlight of the Royal Ascot meeting where members of the Royal Family are often seen in the crowds. It is a flat race that is considered to be a premium event for horses that are classed as “stayers”, as it is run over two miles and four furlongs. It was first run in 1807 and is joined in Royal Ascot by races like the Royal Hunt Cup and the Queen’s Vase.

At the end of April or beginning of May, the 1,000 Guineas Stakes and 2,000 Guineas Stakes at Newmarket are the first classics of the UK’s flat racing season. The second of these events is also the first part of the Triple Crown, which is completed by the Epsom Derby in June and St Leger Stakes in September.  

How to Bet on These Races

British punters have a long tradition of placing their bets at local bookmaker’s shops, which were made legal in the 1960s. There were once 13,000 of these shops across the country, but in recent years the UK had shifted towards online betting, with many new and established bookmakers moving their operations online.

Many Americans can now place bets in the same way, as different states in the US have now begun to introduce legislation that allows people to bet on the internet. If you live in a state where online sports betting is legal, you can look to see which sites are authorized to operate here.

Once you enter a regulated betting site for your state, it is then a question of opening an account before looking to see which races to bet on. As you would expect, all of the big American races from racetracks like Pimlico, Del Mar, and Santa Anita Park are covered.

However, if you scroll down the list you will see races from the UK, as well as from other countries like Australia, Hong Kong and so on. You can simply choose the race you are interested in and then place you wager in the usual way.

Don’t forget the time difference when getting ready to follow the action and whether it is legal to do online sports betting in your state. For example, if you live in Indiana you would be happy to know they recently legalized horse racing betting online. You can inform yourself better here: https://www.twinspires.com/states/indiana

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