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A Review of 3 Essential Business Tools


In the past year, making our working life easier has become more important than ever. This has meant automating a lot of different processes and leaning more heavily on technology.

There are some business tools that have become essential to how we run our companies. If you are new to running a business, or just adapting to more automated processes, it can be difficult to know which are right for you.

Here, we are looking at the top three essential business tools that your company needs.

Task management tools

For both big and small tasks, project management tools are incredibly helpful. They can work to provide a pipeline for individual workers, or as a task board for groups who share workflow.

This means that workers can get a great overview of what they need to do and help them to prioritise tasks. Meanwhile, if you have a team working on a single project, it can keep them on target and communicate effectively about their workflow.

Tools such as Trello and Salesforce can help with this, and can also allow managers to get a good idea of the amount of work that staff are doing in a single day. Not only that, but if you have to do work across multiple teams, you can track each part of a process.

Accounting tools

Getting your accounts in order is of vital importance, whether you are a small or larger enterprise. From running payroll to invoicing customers and tracking your expenditures, the right kind of software can help you to manage the accounting elements of your business, even if you have a smaller accounts team – or you are doing it yourself.

Doing your tax return might be one of the more challenging parts of your year but with the corporation tax return from BTCSoftware, it can be that much easier to manage. After all, you have more important things to think about when running a business!

Connecting tools

In 2021, connecting with your colleagues is more important than ever. Whether you need to converse on a project or even just to speak on a personal level, it is vital to have the appropriate tools in place for this.

In the past year, you have probably used Zoom a whole lot more than ever before, but text-based chats are equally useful. Slack is a great way for teams to communicate about projects, and it is fantastic because you can reflect back on conversations. While it is less formal than an email trail, it allows quick communication and updates on projects.

At any size, running a business is not without its challenges, especially in the current climate. With these tools, your business can run more smoothly and effectively than ever before.

Claire James