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How to choose an outsourced marketing agency


We often hear horror stories of times when things went all the way down the proverbial hill, but what about the success stories where things went spectacularly right? When it comes to marketing, the difference often lies in the criteria used to select the most suitable agency to handle your business’ needs.

For most companies, choosing the right marketing agency represents one of the most challenging tasks they will be faced with. However, given that outsourcing is a cost-effective, reliable and flexible option, business owners often make the mistake of rushing into agreements they haven’t fully considered and find themselves settling for an agency that might not be completely suited to their specific requirements.

Before deciding on an agency to outsource your marketing activities to, conduct a needs analysis of your business, identify skills gaps and then keep the following pointers in mind to help you make the best decision going forward. 

Industry experience

Any agency that you are considering should have the relevant industry experience in order to carry out the job effectively. For starters, investigate the number of projects that they have worked on and the level of expertise that was required to complete these. A portfolio of previous work will also help guide you in figuring out if the agency you are considering would be a good fit. It is important that the agency you choose understands what you are trying to achieve and has the strategic capabilities to support this. 

Make sure that you are aware of their management team and who you will be in contact with when inquiring about your marketing activities. Conduct research into the agency to ensure that they have the correct skills to execute your business projects.


A great track record always produces happy clients. This is precisely why a background check of your prospective marketing agency is always a good idea. This will help you to understand the type of work they deliver and give you an idea of what you can expect from them in the future. 

Ask for testimonials from previous and existing clients to help you gauge the quality of service that they provide and how they are perceived in their industry. Also look at third-party sites such as Google and Facebook to see who is leaving company reviews and how the agency handles bad reviews.


When you outsource work to an agency, you share confidential information with them while entrusting them with the success of your business. You need a team that is responsive and that encourages the free flow of information to ensure that deadlines are met on time and that all projects are delivered upon according to your standards.

Results-driven strategies

Quality agencies are driven by KPIs and milestones. They care about metrics of success and are constantly striving to improve. As such, you should request examples from your prospective agency and request clear estimates of projected results to assess exactly how your budget will be spent. 

Remember – your prospective agency should be as invested in your business objectives as you are.

Specialist expertise

When companies look at hiring prospective marketing agencies, they are oftentimes looking for an extension of their team who will complement their service offering and enhance their existing expertise. This is why it is crucial to assess the technical competency of prospective agencies and to understand the processes that are employed to manage projects and track results. 

Your ideal agency should possess expertise that are closely aligned to those of your own business, in order to create a harmonious relationship between the two.


The success of your company relies on the team that you enlist to carry out your vision. You need to be confident that they not only have a good understanding of marketing but also have the dedication needed to deliver a good return on your investment. 

Always be mindful that the best agency is one aligns to your vision values and prioritises the success of your business above all else.

Whether you know your exact requirements or are looking to explore how an outsourced marketing agency can fit into your business, the right agency will work seamlessly with your company to provide solutions and enhance your business activities. 

By knowing what to look for, you can avoid wasting precious time and resources on frustrating output and poor results. Choose an experienced and dedicated team that is focused on achieving success and building long-standing relationships, while working with you to build and grow your business.

Andrew Mcaffrey