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How to boost your employability


Whether you’re in the midst of your search, preparing for a change, or just keeping your options open, here are some of the best things that you can do to boost your employability.

Widen your search

Want to enhance your career prospects? How open are you to relocating? Brexit is making it less seamless to work on the continent, but it is creating openings across the UK. If you’re finding that the opportunities are lacking in your current location, then consider expanding your sights to an area in greater need of your skillset.

Pick the right sector

Have you considered a change in career lately? Some positions and whole industries don’t have a particularly bright future, and getting out sooner rather than later may be your best bet. Study forecasts and see if there’s a match between your skills and interests and a growing industry. Even a slight tweak might be a smart move – traditional pubs are down, but bars are up at the moment, and airlines are weak, but travel tech is hot.

Pad out your resume

You want to make a competitive showing against other candidates, and there are a few things that employers look at. Job history, including titles, notable achievements and duration, is one. Education is another. If your educational credentials are lagging behind what other candidates can offer for the same position, or are quite out of date, then consider refreshing them. LSBF on Facebook showcases some of the most relevant qualifications, and part-time or online studies make it accessible to upgrade for midstream professionals.

Spread the word

If you want to enhance your career prospects, then get your network working for you. Talk to those around you about your aspirations. Ask if they know of opportunities, and get out and mingle to make new contacts. You can also use online networks to extend the search, but be cautious of posting anything that may unsettle current employers, and avoid linking your professional identity with any channel that might have less-than-professional content.

Document your wins

Start compiling data, records and proofs of your experience and notable achievements. You’ll use this in your job search to demonstrate the value you can bring to a new employer. Think in terms of data and stories. Data is great because you can point to measurable results and come across as effective instead of a braggart. Weave the data into a narrative about how you solved a problem for your employer, particularly a problem that you think your prospective employer might want you to solve for them. You may have improved output by 20% in your last job, or increased customer retention by an extra percentage point, etc.

You can enhance your career prospects and boost your employability by following these steps. Start by identifying your goals and considering a change in location, role or sector to see if you’re being limited by where you’re at. Bring your skills and education up to standard to be a more competitive and impressive applicant, get your network working for you, and be sure to have a series of meaningful achievements on hand to impress in your cover letters and interviews.

Claire James