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What is retirement planning and why it is important


A pension is a long-term savings scheme that people open to save money for their life after work. Retirement plans are specifically designed to grant an income thanks to which people can live in even when they stop working. By opening a pension, you (and in some cases your employers) will be regularly putting money on your account in order to ensure a more stable economic future. Nowadays, all UK residents have a wide choice regarding the kind of pension plan to open: whichever type of pension fund is chosen, the government will contribute to the holder’s future through tax relief. Also, every retirement scheme comes with tax and contribution benefits. That’s why retirement planning is so important: because it allows the account holder to carefully plan his savings in order to build a peaceful future for his life after work. Let’s have a look on how pensions work in the UK and why retirement planning is so important.

How to plan your pension income

All pension plans in the UK have been designed to provide an income to live on after your working years. When you deposit a part of your salary or your savings in a pension account, you’ll basically be investing them. This way, you’ll give your money the chance to grow. In the United Kingdom, the retirement age is currently set at 55 and if you own a pension fund you won’t be able to withdraw your money until then. Even though this rule might seem very strict, it has been specifically designed to guarantee you a substantial amount for your future and to eliminate the temptation to withdraw before the time. But how much do you need to retire at 55? Retirement planning has been invented to help you answer to this question.

 The importance of setting retirement goals

It is also essential to identify your economic and life goals in order to ensure the life you want to live. For instance, you may want to set your lifestyle goals for your retirement years: where do you want to live? What do you want to do when have more free time? Will your children need financial help from you? Investigating your life goals as well as economic is crucial to set up a smart plan which could grant you more stability and more serenity in the future. If you start planning your retirement very early, it is natural for your goals and ambition to change over time. That’s why retirement planning is a lifelong process that you will build piece by piece throughout your working years. At the end of the day, to plan your pension means to put enough capital aside for your retirement years, and however your ambitions may change, you just need to plan your choices wisely and you could be able to ensure a peaceful and fun future. In addition to identifying your life goals, it is also very important to take into account what your needs are and what they will be after your retirement age. While it is essential to always take into account your own ambitions and desires, it is also important to foresee what your and your family’s future needs may be.

Why it’s so important to plan your retirement

Nowadays, all UK residents can choose between three different types of pension fund: the available schemes are the state pension, the workplace pension (which can be defined contribution pension scheme or a defined benefit pension scheme), and the private pension. Your retirement income will depend on how much money you deposit on your fund every month, on the type of pension scheme you choose and on how your investments have performed throughout the years. Retirement planning is a process that can be started at any time of your life. Obviously, the sooner you start planning for your future, the easier it will be to set aside the amount of money you need to enjoy life when you stop working. If you want to start planning your retirement, you have to be ready to apply financial strategies of savings and investments. As previously mentioned, when you put money on a pension fund, you’ll essentially be investing it. A really important thing to keep in mind with every kind of investment, is that your money will have a chance to grow but they might also go down as well. That’s another reason why it’s so important to carefully plan your retirement.

Andrew Mcaffrey