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How technology can help you to manage your health in 2019


Recent developments in technology have made it much easier for us to track our health and improve our wellbeing. Now, with a simple app, we can track our fitness and use this downloadable data to help make improvements where necessary. How else can technology help us to enrich the way we live and improve our health in 2019?

Online prescriptions save time

Heading into the pharmacy no longer needs to be that painstaking task that it always has been. Many pharmacies now offer online pharmacy services that enable patients and customers to sign up online, make appointments and order repeat prescriptions. Once the order is made, the order can either be picked up from the pharmacy or delivered to a destination of choice.

A similar function is available over phone lines, too, making it easier for people who aren’t that computer-savvy to get their medicine. This gives people who could be too sick to leave the house an opportunity for independence, as they can arrange their own prescription and have it delivered to them with this hassle-free service.

Meditation and fitness apps

Nowadays, it seems like every single one of us has access to a smartphone. While many of us use our phones to keep in contact with friends or check up on social media, our smartphones are a great place to use meditation and fitness apps.

As the increased awareness surrounding mental health firmly grips 2019, meditation apps grant access to a whole new demographic of user, allowing them access to this type of treatment.

Furthermore, there’s an essential range of fitness apps used by runners looking to monitor their heart rate and the number of steps they have run. This is great for people looking to perfectly map out their fitness journey and improve the way they live through lifestyle and fitness.

Calorie counting apps

Staying on the theme of smartphone apps, we’re moving swiftly onto that of the calorie-counting app. Apps of this type are perfect for people who might be on a diet and looking to monitor their intake and the types of foods they are eating.

It’s often the case that these apps show detailed information on the exact areas of consumption where the individual is lacking, maybe signalling them to eat more carbohydrates or cut down on their saturated fat. These easy-to-use apps are perfect educational tools that help people to improve their diet and health in a way that is effective and simple to understand.

More efficient gym equipment

In the last ten years or so, the number of people attending gyms really seems to have skyrocketed. Whether this is down to increased awareness surrounding the importance of health and fitness or the increased pressures to look and feel good is unknown; however, what is for certain is the quality of equipment on offer.

No longer are gyms filled with rusty free weights that can easily cause injury; equipment is targeted to certain muscles and designed to outline to the user the best methods of use and how to get the most out of the equipment. It’s this sort of in-depth technology and research into the human physique that has spurred many gymgoers to wholeheartedly improve their health. There are many significant methods that technology can use to improve our health, and who knows what technological changes will come our way in the coming decades and centuries? Maybe health scares will be a thing of the past?

Elliot Preece