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Step aside Netflix: Disney+ set to launch a cheaper ad-supported option


Throughout the pandemic, streaming services have been a lifeline for many people who have not been able to leave their homes. During this time, Netflix gained over 16 million new subscribers. However, now that the pandemic has calmed, other platforms, like Disney+, are trying to challenge Netflix’s position. From March, it’s been estimated that Netflix has lost the majority of new subscribers, meaning that other streaming platforms have had the chance to gain new viewers. So, how has Disney+ been trying to promote itself? Well, it’s now produced a cheaper ad-supported platform for users to enjoy.

What is the Disney+ ad-supported platform all about?

Basically, Disney+ is introducing an option for cheaper access to its streaming platform. Disney+ hosts a wide variety of movies and shows for the viewer to enjoy. However, many people believe that Disney+ is far too expensive to pay for at the same time as paying for other streaming services, like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

To become more accessible, Disney+ is offering a competitive plan that will allow people access to the platform at a cheaper rate. To do this, the platform will be supported through advertisements. Disney+ conducted research and found that they actually had more subscribers from AVOD (ad-supported-video-on-demand) rather than SVOD (subscription video-on-demand). Not only that, but it was revealed that 70% of Hulu’s subscribers were actually on cheaper plans that were ad-focused. That’s why Disney has decided to create its own AVOD platform to help its viewers have more access to the latest movies and television shows.

What does this mean for advertisers?

Whether you sort out all of your own advertisements, or you are looking to use AVOD services by Finecast, Disney has already set out a few guidelines to ensure that ads are compliant with their own regulations. Although there is not a lot of information yet, Disney+ have stated that they will not allow any advertisements that sell alcohol or are politically motivated. They will also not allow advertisements from entertainment studios or different streaming platforms.

Disney+ has also made it clear that they are not going to advertise to children. Instead, they are going to control their advertising so parents can decide what they are happy to have displayed as an advertisement on their screens. They have also stated that they are not going to collect data about this demographic of viewers.

How much will this new platform cost to access?

Right now, there has not been an indication about the price that’s been set for this subscription service. It costs about £7.99 to access the platform right now. So, it is likely that it is going to cost less than this.

Have you created your Disney+ advertisement?

With the news of the new, cheaper, ad-supported option, by advertising on Disney+, it’s very likely that you will be able to create more visibility for your brand. This will be due to having access to a wider audience. So, make sure to contact Disney+ if you are interested in creating an advertisement of around 15-30 seconds that can be displayed on their platform! It is completely worth it.

Claire James