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How to meet great love?


To be able to have a happy family, you have to understand how Indianapolis singles become happy couples. It’s time to talk about the good already. What strengthens the couple, what can open a new breath in a couple, unite, make the relationship closer. Let’s dispel a couple of misconceptions and feed on the fruits of science.

In a biological sense, the stronger and more powerful the release of oxytocin, the greater the feeling of love. That is, if you look at your husband or wife, and the emotions are not the same, then oxytocin is no longer released in the same quantities as in the old days. Therefore, the period of falling in love is so pleasant. Everything in the beloved seems to be the best and most beautiful. I want to be around, I want to surprise, care and cajole in every possible way.

In couples, the fastest and most powerful release of oxytocin occurs during sexual intercourse, and this is why some couples practice reconciliation in bed. However, science has been able to figure out the algorithms of love as much as possible. And in this post I want to talk about a study that is widely known around the world.

American researcher and psychologist John Gottman, author of the bestselling books in the field of love and marriage, conducted a study of more than 700 couples, which involved observing a couple at different stages of marriage. For 16 years, he studied how couples interact, how they communicate, how they fight, how they reconcile, and deduced seven principles of emotional-intellectual marriage. Yes, yes, emotional intelligence is critical to successful and happy marriages.

As a result, he developed the ability to determine in 5 minutes whether the marriage will be strong, or his chances are small. His method determines the outcome up to 91%. 

Happy couples quarrel, get angry with each other and argue. It is absolutely wrong to think that there are no conflicts in happy marriages. But in the words of Gottman, in the dynamics of the couple’s relationship there is a “dominance of a positive attitude.” In other words, safety and friendliness. Everything that I write about without stopping almost everywhere and speak even more often.

I will give just a few habits of couples who have lived happily with each other for many years. It’s not even worth calling it habits, but rather a culture of relationships.

These couples love to spend time with each other, they are friends! They are very interested in being together, they always exchange news and keep in touch during the day, even if they are working.

There is a lot of tactile contact in such pairs. Physicality is the first key to oxytocin. Remember, the more there is, the stronger the feeling of love. And you can get it through touch, hugs, tenderness and kisses. Rejoice hug lovers and share your lovers with an article to prove that you are staring at the root! 

Small, seemingly insignificant care turns out to be insanely important. When happy spouses are far from each other, they keep in touch, correspond, call and worry when one of the partners has a turn to see a doctor. By the way, pregnant wives often complain that their husbands do not go to the doctor’s appointments, believing that the appointment is the reception. And this expression of concern and desire to share the emotions of a partner is insanely important in relationships, not only during pregnancy.

If you are still like Indianapolis single women we will give you important principles of a happy marriage. 

Significant other

“If I found a second one – someone like me, then I would definitely get him at home.” In a partner, we want to see our reflection, even if we are not aware of it. We find people with similar interests and worldviews. This means that if something does not suit you in a loved one, then it would be nice to pay attention to yourself. Change for the better, then there will be worthy people around you.

Let’s get what you want

“As it comes around, it will respond,” says popular wisdom. Everything is simple here: treat the person as you would like him to treat you. Believe me, you shouldn’t expect attention and care from your husband if you have been “nagging” him all evening before.

Any person wants to be loved, cared for, generous and gentle with him. The more you give, the more you get in return. By showing jealousy, reproaching, manipulating your partner, you will receive the same treatment.

Do not offend loved ones

It happens that in the heat of the moment you said a lot of unpleasant things to a person. You let off steam and forgot, but a wound remains in your partner’s soul. How long? It all depends on the specific case. Sometimes a word can and mortally offend.

Do not skimp on praise and compliments, support and approval. Tell your partner how you value and trust him. Never be afraid to say the three magic words: “I love you.”

Love is work

Relationships are never smooth and stable. Ideal love and a long, cloudless family life are found only in women’s novels. In fact, love is daily work on yourself, on your worldview. You will have to learn to make compromises and concessions, to remain silent when necessary, to forget about your ego.

Give a hug

A person needs tactile sensations from a very early age. In the arms of our mother, we feel protected from this world. Growing up, we also need protection, approval, reassurance – that is, the touch of loved ones.

Scientists have found that during a gentle touch, the amount of stress hormones in a person decreases, the nervous system relaxes, the state of the immune system improves, and emotions stabilize. Hug your loved one more often just like that, without a sexual motive, hold hands. Thus, you will become closer, and the relationship between you will be trusting and sincere.

Andrew Mcaffrey