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Mattress Topper vs. New Mattress: Which is a Better Choice?


No longer satisfied with your mattress? If you sleep on a standard store-bought mattress, it’s far from uncommon to find it losing its lustre after five to 10 years of regular use, particularly if it’s a relatively affordable, low-end model.

One of the most widespread approaches to dealing with an ageing, uncomfortable mattress is to purchase a soft, supportive mattress topper. Usually made from memory foam, the right topper can add an extra level of comfort to your mattress, helping you enjoy better, deeper sleep.

In some cases, buying a mattress topper can be a great idea. However, in others, you might get better results by upgrading to a new mattress. Below, we’ve covered four situations in which you might find yourself considering these options, as well as the best choice for each one.

You want the five-star sleep experience at home

There’s nothing quite like spending the night in a five-star hotel, from the countless throw pillows to the ultra-comfortable mattress.

To replicate this experience at home on a budget, many people opt to buy a cheap mattress and cover it with a soft, supportive memory foam topper. The end results are usually mixed — while it can feel soft and comfortable, it’s rarely as good as the comfort level offered by a hotel bed.

There are also several long-term costs to this approach, namely the cost of replacing a low-end mattress after it wears out in five to 10 years of regular use. As a result, if you want to replicate the five-star hotel sleep experience at home, it’s best to invest in a new, high quality mattress.

Your existing mattress is too firm

If your mattress is new and still in good condition but just feels too firm to provide a good night’s sleep, adding a memory foam mattress topper can be a good option.

Since mattress toppers sit above your mattress, they can provide an extra level of comfort that isn’t available from an overly firm mattress. However, there’s still a chance you might feel your firm mattress underneath the topper, potentially affecting your comfort and sleep quality.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on how firm your mattress is and how this affect your sleep quality and comfort. If it’s only slightly too firm, a mattress topper can make a huge difference; if it’s uncomfortably firm, you might get better results by replacing it with a new mattress.

Your existing mattress is too soft

Mattress toppers can be made out of several different materials. While memory foam is an ideal option for adding softness and comfort to an overly firm mattress, materials like latex can prove useful if your mattress is too soft and unsupportive.

However, if your mattress is extremely soft and doesn’t provide anywhere near enough support for your body, even a firm latex topper might not be enough.

Just like the situation above, the best option here depends on the severity of the problems with your mattress. If you only need a little bit of extra firmness, a latex mattress topper could be an excellent idea; if you need a lot of extra firmness, you’ll get better results form a new mattress.

Your mattress is getting old, worn out and unsupportive

Over time, your mattress can become worn out and less supportive than it used to be. This is a particularly common problem in low-end, affordable mattresses, which often use cheaper foam and other materials to reduce manufacturing costs.

If your mattress is nearing the end of its functional life, a memory foam mattress topper can help to make it feel softer and more comfortable. However, it won’t do much to provide extra support and make up for the failing mattress.

The best option in this scenario? A new mattress is almost always the best choice, as there’s a good chance you’ll need to buy one shortly after adding the mattress topper anyway.

Claire James