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What to Do If You Are Getting Bad HMO Reviews


It is a wise decision if you have already invested in placing your free property on rent. The benefit is that if your house is available for rent then multiple people can live there and you can get more business benefits from a single property as HMO then by giving it on rent to a single-family. However, in case the people living on rent are not happy with your overall service and, as a result, you may be getting bad reviews from subsequent clients. In such a case, the new client will definitely be skeptical of joining your property. Therefore, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that you get good design reviews. The good news is that by following certain practices you can always end up getting good reviews. Furthermore, all you need to do is follow the advice in the following passages. By following them you can develop a reputation as a person who provides excellent renting services. Well, let’s read about this key advice.


Be caring towards the people for living in your house on rent. Every now and then make sure to personally visit the house and check how everyone is doing. Talk to them and ask them if they need anything. In case they do, try to resolve the matter at your earliest. Furthermore, provide them with your contact details so that they can always contact you in times of emergency. Maybe they require a shed in the garage. Obviously, they need your permission to install it. Therefore, listen to them and understand all their problems. Try to resolve them so that when they leave your property, they leave with good memories for themselves and good reviews for you.


Be forgiving and do not be very strict with the people living in the house. At times, they may end up doing things that you do not like because they are human beings too and can make errors. However, if they violate the content of the agreement that they signed with you severely, then you may take action. Even then, if it is not too severe then be humble and kind. Normally, renters end up damaging the property due to their careless behavior. Their children, if young, may end up writing on the walls. This, obviously, would be a key concern for you if you want to get new renters. In such a case, fine them, but keep it to a minimum.

Rent Relaxation

We all know the world is going through a global crisis of the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, it is wise to realise that your renter may be going through a financial crunch as well. In such a case, provide them with relaxation and a discount on the monthly rent. Allowed them to submit the rent on the next month if they are unable to pay the rent during the ongoing month. Provide them relaxation in this regard and be helpful. Such a good deed will lighten up your life.  In this time of need and desperation, we all need each other to be kind and considerate and helpful. If we will help each other, then the same favors will return to us in some form one day or the other.


To avoid getting bad reviews from people who come to live in your house, it is very important that you use quality accessories in your house. Make sure to take care of the bathrooms in your house and provide them with good accessories such as the basin and shower equipment. Furthermore, make sure to use good light bulbs to light up the entire building properly. Moreover, make sure that the stairs in the house are safe for both the elderly and the young. If you provide such facilities then the people living in your house on rent will definitely give good reviews.

By doing all of the above, you can definitely avoid getting bad HMO reviews. As a result, you can not only get good reviews from existing clients but you can also get new renters based on these reviews. When the existing renters will leave, they will remember you for your services and wish you well. On the other hand, the new renters will know that they are entering a fine deal. In such a way, your business will definitely thrive.

Andrew Mcaffrey