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4 Advantages Of Buying A New Home Build


New home builds are rising in popularity. Sales for a new build home across the USA increased by 1.5% to an adjusted annual rate of 740K in August 2021. It followed an upward revision to 729K from the previous month.

Why are buyers interested in investing in a new home build? Part of the reason is buyers are treated to a blank slate to design their ideal space. The options available will vary from building construction materials to floor plan layouts. They can choose additional options such as energy-efficient HVAC systems and customized cabinetry and doors. All of which can be personalized to suit their taste and style.

If you are looking into purchasing a home in the upcoming months, here are some advantages of opting for a new home build.

Less Maintenance Work

New home builds will have less maintenance than older existing homes. There are no concerns over a leaking roof or air conditioning breaking when it is needed most. Homeowners moving into a new home can enjoy the benefits without a list of what needs repairing.

Home Builder Warranties

Builders are likely to offer warranties. You can buy a home warranty. However, it will only cover a small number of items. Homeowner’s insurance will cover significant events. A warranty from a builder will go further.

Most home builder warranties cover anything that happens to the home within two years of the date purchased. Contractors are usually working on other new homes in the area and can quickly assist.

Energy-Efficient Properties

New energy-efficient properties are being constructed regularly. They help to make everyday living more manageable. The efficiency benefit from new home builds allows for lower than average utility costs. It reduces the worries homeowners have about paying their electricity and gas bills each month.

Ideal Choice For Veterans Across USA

It is easier and less expensive to build a new home for wounded veterans. In particular when compared to renovating an old one.

Veterans can also use the VA loan program to purchase a new home build. To see how much they are entitled to, they can use the VA mortgage calculator. It will help to gauge an estimate of what they could receive.

Buying a home is one of the single biggest investments a person will make. It is essential to do it right. Purchasing a new home build provides the opportunity to shape your vision for your dream home. It will be the place you call home for the next 10-20 years of your life – perhaps longer.

Andrew Mcaffrey