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Want to Rank Higher in SERP? 3 Crucial Criteria for Your VPS


Seeking a higher position in SERP? International hosting service provider Time4VPS notes – start with a powerful VPS. Experienced hosts say that only by having a solid technical base can you climb up to the top. Get to know how virtual space resources and safety can affect your SEO and what perks you should look for in your hosting plan package.

Enterprise-Class Hardware

Have you ever seen a questionable quality page ranking in TOP positions? Most likely not, and there is a reason behind it. Pages that rank high are recognised as safe and assessable. And that’s on the solid technical base rather than smart SEO tricks. Whether you’re after Linux or Windows VPS hosting UK, keep in mind – the core is hardware.

Time4VPS claims that investing in top-of-the-line hardware resulted in 99,98% of the uptime. In their case, it’s HP ProLiant Gen10 servers powered by multi-core processors and a dedicated 4 Gbps network connection.

Resources On-Demand

What do scalable resources have to do with your rankings in SERP? Simply put, lack of it ends up in slow loading times and errors. Naturally, as the website grows, you’ll need more resources that are invaluable at allowing your website to respond rapidly. Therefore, you want to have a flexible virtual environment that could be upscaled at any time, with no downtime.

It might seem like an obvious one to mention but inform your hosts in advance if you expect your website to attract more traffic than usual. Yes, even when it’s for a short period. A flexible plan makes it easy not only to upscale but also downscale when needed.

Ultimate safety

Before committing to any provider, deepen into their servers’ security warranties. Virtual and physical. Ultimate security is a key to ensuring you won’t experience downtime because of random malware. By the way, if the latter compromises your customers’ data, your problems wouldn’t be limited to technical issues.

SERP praises trustworthy quality websites. So, both – the downtime and reputation crisis – will affect your SEO rankings after all. Therefore, opt for a provider who hosts your data on RAID enabled storage array. If one goes down, the others pick up.

It’s wise to look for hosts who own TIER III certified data center. Time4VPS says that certification obliges the company to keep up to the highest virtual and physical security standards.

In the current landscape, where competition is vast, investing in a high-quality VPS is an unquestionable step. That must be a part of any SEO strategy. Good news– today, you can craft a perfect virtual space for affordable pricing!

Andrew Mcaffrey