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A Beginner’s Guide for New Enduro Fans


If you just started riding bikes, you need to know how to choose the right gear for this new adventure. Head and knee injuries are the most common forms of accidents associated with riding motorcycles. A study published by Dietmar Otte found that 45% of all impacts caused by bikes occurred in the head. The body is not designed to withstand the impact caused by motorcycle accidents, making it essential to wear protective gear. When you are buying motorcycle gear, it’s not just about how well it protects essential body parts but how suitably it fits. The text goes on to explain how to choose the right gear for your bike and critical aspects to consider:

Select the Ideal Gear for Your Discipline

Are you an endurance, motocross or supersport racer? Motorcycle sports involve a vast range of racing activities and each kind demands unique gear. A motocross racer, for example, needs lightweight, highly ventilated gear that can withstand long racing sessions. However, racers signing up for an enduro tour, which involves brushing the body against tree limbs, climbing hills and falling on rocks, should consider enduro-specific gear. Extreme enduro racing is quite tasking as racers are required to race on extremely rough terrain. Sometimes, it is challenging to find enduro-specific equipment as many manufacturers focus on the sale of regular motorcycle gear. Here is some essential gear you should have:

• Hand-guards: If you are buying open-type hand guards, be sure to get some clutch levers and spare brakes.

• Buy a good GPS steering bar case and practice how to use it during training

• Avoid non-breathable waterproof gear

• Carry plenty of gloves: both light and durable types.

• Buy soft steering grips

Choose a Dirt or Adventure Jacket

They are also known as ADV jackets and are available in two types- bring your-own-layers and an all-in-one jackets. All-in-one adventure jackets have a thermal liner and a waterproof layer hence, suitable for use during all kinds of seasons. The premise for this construction is that the user can adjust the jacket to fit the current season. The Leatt ADV jacket from 24mx, for example, has detachable sleeves and is designed for use during warm and cold weather. Bring-your-own layers jackets are made of a dirt armoured shell that is fitted with a waterproof layer. The waterproof protection has direct vents that come in handy during warm weather. Racers often invest in a separate base and mid-layers, and this depends on the weather.

Buy a Helmet that Fits Well 

The helmet should not be too loose or tight. A loose helmet leaves a gap that causes your head to move upon impact. Extremely tight helmets may lead to headaches, especially if worn during long racing sessions. For enduro-racing, you need to look for adventure-specific helmets. The helmets have a reinforced peak that reduces wind buffeting and have broader face shields for use with or without goggles. They also vent better than the regular street helmets. However, if looking for helmets that will tackle off-road racing, buy a dirt bike type.

John Richardson