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Keeping your office equipment safe

More often than not, office spaces are filled with an abundance of expensive and valuable equipment. When a business possesses a large amount of equipment that is not only expensive but contains confidential data, it is a huge responsibility.

If an office gets broken into and goods are stolen, this can be stressful and costly to rectify. That’s why ensuring your office is equipped with effective safety solutions is one of the best steps you can take to avoid any kind of theft. Below are some ways you can help keep your office equipment safe.

Garage rentals

If you know your office is going to be unattended for a period of time, then renting a lock-up garage will give you peace of mind. These office storage options are spacious for you to fit a large amount of equipment in and are incredibly secure. They are not only heavy-weight in design but are monitored by CCTV to keep intruders at bay.

Laptop locks

A laptop lock works in a similar way to a bike lock. One side of the metal cable attaches to your laptop or computer and the other side is designed to attach to a static object. It’s best to attach your laptop or PC to something that is bolted to the floor to ensure there’s no way that a thief can take it from the office.

Install access control systems

Having a contemporary access control system installed in your office building can be an effective measure to help keep your office equipment safe. These systems are often very difficult for the wrong person to get into and they can create reports that let you know who has entered and at what time they accessed the building.

Ensure office locks meet British Standards

With every lock on your office building, you want to make sure it meets British Standards. Installing locks that conform to this standard not only will maximize the security of your office equipment but demonstrate that you are serious about the safety of your office building and everyone and everything in it.

Other measures you can take to keep your office equipment safe

– Use alarm systems that send a notification to the police that an intruder has entered the building
– CCTV is a highly effective way to keep intruders away and can help identify them if any equipment does get stolen
– Make sure your office has adequate lighting so that it deters intruders and makes them easier to recognise on CCTV or if caught in the act


There are plenty of ways to help keep your office equipment safe and prevent theft of any valuable items. From office storage solutions and CCTV to monitored alarm systems, any office or building owner should be taking multiple steps to enable the safety of all office equipment.

6 Perks of Hiring Professional Painters and Decorators

Everyone wants to have a great outcome when it comes to painting and decorating their property. But getting there is not as simple as taking a brush and applying paint in your favourite colour on the walls. Knowledge, skills, experience, and technique count—a lot.

You would not want to apply several coats of paint on your walls until you’ve achieved your desired outcome. It would not just be a waste of time, money, and other resources; but also a stressful nightmare. That is why hiring professional painters and decorators in Dubai is a wise decision if you are up for a home makeover.

Still in doubt? Here are the six perks of getting expert help when undertaking a home painting and decorating project.

1. All surfaces are prepared properly.

The preparation work is key when applying paint to any surface. And yet, this is often overlooked by most property owners since it involves tasks that are tedious, boring, and slow without the required tools. These include cleaning, stripping, patching, water sealing, sanding, and the application of primer, cleaners, or any treatment depending on the type of surface.

Professional painters and decorators ensure that all surfaces are well prepared before the application of a single drop of paint. They possess the right knowledge and skill, giving assurance to a stunningly elegant finish that your property deserves.

2. Save money.

Contrary to what most people believe, getting professional help for a home painting and decorating job can actually help save money.

DIY jobs can lead to a waste of money if you purchase the wrong materials for the job, and worse, use them and realise later that you need to start over.

Professional painters know how to source the most suitable materials at the lowest price possible. They have established relationships with reputable paint manufacturers and suppliers who offer a wide range of paint solutions engineered for interior and exterior walls, floor designs, and ceilings.

They also know how much each material is required, meaning you won’t be dealing with resources you don’t need. Additionally, a lot of tools are necessary to finish the job well, which an expert painter and decorator would already have.

And since these professionals often purchase high-quality products in bulk, you can enjoy significant savings on all the necessary materials.

The money you save on buying all the necessary tools and materials can cover the labour costs you’ll be paying to the professional decorators. That is a crucial consideration, so that the end result has an elegant finish that you’ll be proud of and can last long.

3. Save time.

Taking the DIY route may take you days or even weeks to finish, depending on the size of the job. But if you choose to invest in professional knowledge and skills, the pros can complete the job in a matter of hours or a few days.

Tasks like painting ceilings, plastering, tiling, and adding cornices demand expertise. Unless you have the proper skills, it can literally lead to even months of trial and error.

Professional painters and decorators are trained to give you a spectacular finish without the misery of wasted time and effort and a job gone wrong.

4. Reduce or eliminate the dangers associated with painting jobs.

Most people don’t know the risks and dangers associated with painting jobs. Yes, there are tools like ladders that professionals use to reach higher sections of your house, but apart from that, there are other hazards to consider. For instance, there are paints made of chemicals that are toxic and highly explosive.

But the biggest danger with this kind of home makeover job is not knowing the risks at all, as you attempt to DIY the task. So the best way to ensure safety, not just for your property but also for the entire household, is to enlist professional help.

Professional painters and decorators are trained to perform the job in the safest way possible. Best of all, they know how to deal with injuries or accidents should such things happen while doing their job.

5. Ensure a thorough clean-up process.

There are guidelines and laws to be followed in terms of paint disposal to help protect the environment. Professional painters and decorators are aware of such regulations. They also understand the importance of a proper clean-up process – from tidying up the workspace to cleaning paint-filled brushes, rollers, and paint trays.

Experienced painters and decorators will make sure that all leftover paint products are disposed of in an eco-friendly way and leave your place spotless and clean once they finish their job.

This means you won’t be handling any paint product anytime during the process. You just have to do some inspections once in a while to make sure that they are on track with their task. 

6. Get superb attention to detail.

The DIY painting and decorating route often lacks the attention to detail, which is an important hallmark of professional work. If your priority is to finish the job fast and yet you don’t have the proper tools and requisite skills, the finer details can get neglected.

From choosing the correct primers and paints to the proper way of applying these on different surfaces, professional painters and decorators know exactly how a painting job must be done. All details will be accounted for to leave you with a home that is painted and decorated skilfully, neatly, and with minimal to no mess.

Going DIY when it comes to painting and decorating your home or place of business may seem like an exciting and economical prospect, but the potential to make costly mistakes is quite high.

You can reap the rewards of working with professionals in the painting and decorating fields, so why not use their services to get superior results?

If your property needs a fresh lick of paint, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of professional painters and decorators who not only have the right knowledge and tools but also work hand-in-hand with reputable paint manufacturers in Dubai.

Sit back and let the pros do the job!

What Are The Key Benefits Of Forex Trading?

Forex stands for foreign exchange trading where traders buy and sell currency to make a profit. Forex trading is don’t all over the world and the largest Forex markets are situated in London, New York, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. If you want to invest, you can consider the Forex market because it has lots of benefits with some drawbacks. In the following article, we are going to talk about some key benefits of Forex trading so it can help you with your investment decision. 

Large and Global market

Forex market is the biggest trading market in the world where almost $4 trillion transactions are made each day. Traders all over the world buying and selling each currency over others and that is the reason for the huge volatility of the market. In any trading, market volatility is a must and because of that if you can grab a hold of this market you can earn more than you can imagine. 

Good for beginner 

There are lots of people who don’t have that much money to invest in trading. For those people, Forex trading is the best option because in the Forex market there is no specific limit for trading. Anyone can start trading with any amount of money and also can trade like a trader who has a bigger trading balance. This is possible because the Forex market offers leverage which is like a loan from the bank but you can repay it without any interest. 

The Forex market also offers you a demo trading account where new traders can practice trading without risking any money. Through a demo trading account, a trader can trade along with the real trading market but he will not earn or lose anything. This is what makes the Forex market so suitable for beginner traders. To start your trading career, view page of Saxo and know more about the trading conditions.

24×5 accessibility

As an international market,the market remain opens for 24 hours a day because of the time zone different all over the world. When one place market is about to close then another place in the world is just open their trading market and because of this, you can trade in the Forex market any time. This market is so vast that if you want to sell a currency there is someone in the world who will like to buy that currency at that price. 

Low transaction cost

As we told to start trading in the Forex market a trader doesn’t need to have a bigger amount and the transaction cost is also very low. The brokers which are used for Forex trading offer very low transaction fee. These brokers earn through spread which is defined by pips. Spread is the difference between ask and the bid price. This spread usually fluctuates because of the volatility of the market. But a different type of broker offers different types of spread so you must need to have a look at your broker’s spread rules before starting to trade. 


The best part of Forex trading is the leverage. Because it allows you to do a big amount of trade with just a little capital. This is because all the Forex broker gives loan according to your need and they take their loaned money back when you open a trade. There are no time limits or any interest in this loan as a result it is very helpful for the beginner trader who has just started or thought about starting to trade. 

Most volatile market

Forex market is the most volatile market in the world and you will never find this market in a standstill condition for a second. This is because in the Forex market the market movement depends on several factors like the economic condition of a country, global economy, natural disaster, political condition, etc. So all these things are never in a stable condition this is why this market moves so fast. In trading, if you want to earn then big movement is a must and this is why the Forex market is so popular among traders. 

10 Tips to Make 2021 the Healthiest Year of Your Life

2021 brought in many changes, but not all those changes need to be negative. Choose to take this time to re-evaluate your lifestyle and work hard to achieve the best version of yourself. We’ve compiled 10 tips guaranteed to make you feel like a new and improved person.

  1. Avoid stress. Stress can lead to many health issues, from bad sleep to chronic heart disease. If work is dragging you down, step back and take a break or immerse yourself in a calming atmosphere using tea or essential oils. Nutrivive offers pure CBD oil to reduce stress and anxiety.
  2. Eat healthier. Eating healthy doesn’t mean depriving yourself. It just means being more mindful of what and how much you consume. Cook your meals instead of getting takeaway so you know you’re getting a balanced diet. If time is an issue, you can sign up for healthy meal subscriptions.
  3. Exercise regularly. Exercising offers many benefits, like weight loss and mood regulation. If you haven’t exercised in a while, start with something easy like light jogging, then work your way up to more challenging workouts.
  4. Stay hydrated. Dehydration can lead to dry skin, dizziness, nausea, and heatstroke. Always ensure you drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.
  5. Improve your sleep quality. Insomnia, hypersomnia, and other sleep disorders can cause decreased performance at work and increased risk of depression and weight gain. Avoid looking at any devices before bed and maintain a strict bedtime. Specialized treatments like prescription medication and sleep therapy are also options for severe cases.
  6. Stick to a skincare routine. The skin is the body’s largest organ, so take care of it by adopting a skincare routine that works for you. Apply sunscreen daily to reduce the risk of skin cancer.
  7. Get tested. If you’re sexually active, get tested regularly to know your status and to receive the appropriate treatment if you’re discovered to be positive for any sexually transmitted infections.
  8. Avoid smoking. Smoking puts you at risk for various types of cancers and chronic illnesses. Find alternatives like lollipops or chewing gum.
  9. Consult with your doctor. There’s no one better to give you advice tailored to your needs than a medical professional. You may have a condition that means you can’t do strenuous exercise or need to avoid specific food. To avoid injury or aggravating any illnesses, ask your doctor for their approval first before jumping into a new diet or workout plan.
  10. Spend less time on social media. Studies have found that heavy social media use could lead to depression and anxiety. Don’t live your life through a screen. Instead of monitoring your friends through social media, reach out to them with a call and text and hang out in person.

Change requires active effort and discipline. It’s not easy, so don’t be upset at yourself for missing workouts or deviating from your diet. Taking breaks is also healthy. Celebrate your achievements so you continue to be motivated to live a healthier lifestyle.

Demand for British digital skills surges after Brexit

Now that the dust has settled, Brexit is a hard reality for many businesses across the UK. Although border controls, supply chain issues and tariffs have had a negative impact on many businesses it has also provided an opportunity for other firms, in particular, digital ones. Brexit has helped accelerate some UK companies to expand into new markets overseas.

Post Brexit business demand UK

The Economic impact of Brexit has made UK firms more cost effective. Statistics show that as a result of Brexit, in April 2021, nearly 60% of businesses in the UK have made changes to use more UK suppliers due to an end of the EU transition period.

This is relatively easy for digital-first businesses. We live in a world where technology plays an increasingly significant role in the economy and the day-to-day activities of society which is important for many businesses. Digital businesses are ideal for remote working which makes it easy to service clients across the globe.

The UK is a leading place for the development of digital skills, and the government has plans to boost the UKs digital economy and skills further. The government has implemented a number of strategies to increase the digitalisation of businesses across the country. For instance, the Google garage initiative has delivered training in 80 towns across the UK to over 250,000 businesses.

One company, Our Digital Team, a south Manchester based digital agency, has noticed a rise in demand for their digital services in the past year which they see which may be due to a variety of reasons. One of them being Britain’s exit from the EU.

‘‘The quality of digital work and calibre of talent in the UK market is unmatched, and with the development of virtual communication networks such as zoom and teams, connecting with people across the globe has never been easier. Despite the different time zones, working with Our Digital Team in England all the way from our Bras and Honey headquarters in the US has proved to be quite useful. The benefits of the disjointed time zones mean that by the time we get to our desks in the morning, work has been completed back in the UK whilst we were sleeping.’’  Nicola Crook | Bras and Honey

After Brexit the organisation began targeting brands from overseas. Now, Our Digital Team has clients across Europe and North America. This has been made possible by the development of effective digital communication methods such as zoom, which allows digital calls between clients and an active visible member of the team. Although the time zones are different, the disjointed working hours are an advantage. By the time the US clients get to their desks in the morning, work has been completed in the UK overnight. The firm was founded by experienced digital marketer Craig Johnson, someone with extensive experience working on projects for global brands.

Why is there a surge in demand for British Digital companies post Brexit?

The quality of work

The British pride themselves on their excellent quality service, which is one of the reasons prompting the surge in demand for British digital services. Significantly, since 8 out of 10 people say that customer service can influence their choice of brand, which demonstrates the importance of providing good quality work every time. 

The calibre of talent in the market

In a constantly evolving digital landscape, those who do not effectively engage in digital business risk being left behind. Digital marketing is responsible for improving sites visibility and search engine ranking result, as well as increasing traffic to a business’s website and ultimately maximising the growth of organisations return on investment (ROI).The level of ability of the digital experts in the UK’s digital industry is unrivalled, meaning that British digital marketers can obtain the best results.

COVID-19 has drastically altered digital business models

Many businesses have had to update and transform their business models to adapt to the changes put into action as a result of the pandemic induced lockdowns, such as the transition to remote working. A study demonstrated that more than half of businesses increased their digital investment since the Covid-19 lockdowns began in 2020. As businesses have started to develop their digital practises- the need for digital companies to aid in their transformation has increased.

As the impact of the coronavirus pandemic has coincided with Britain’s formal exit from the EU, the economic outlook appears bleak. However, despite the unpredictability of the current economic climate, British businesses are doing their best to fuel the UK economy and get it back on its feet.

Benefit to digital companies in UK:

The post Brexit surge in demand for British digital companies has been driven by organisations who see the benefit of giving something back to the economy, such as:

  • Boosting local communities by employing local talent
  • Adding to GPD
  • Inspiring innovation across the UK

The Evolution/Revolution of Entertainment Finance

The entertainment industry has undergone many changes over, if not tens, then hundreds of years. If initially, simple fun could easily delight a person, now to surprise the average consumer it is necessary to give all the best and use all the possibilities to attract attention and create a stable audience of users. In addition, the evolution of the entertainment industry is fueled by intense competition, where each company is struggling to win customers over to its side.

Accordingly, along with the evolution of the industry, the approaches to financing the entertainment business have gradually changed to obtain benefits. Investors are constantly looking for a business that is at its peak in order to make the most profitable investment. Despite all the risks taken into account, at the moment, investments in the entertainment business have a high percentage of profitability and, with the proper abilities and the coincidence of circumstances, the investor can turn mere trifles into wealth. Thus, an entertainment investment group focusing specifically on this sector can receive high annual dividends.

However, previously such popularity of investments in the entertainment business sector was not observed. Even though people have always needed entertainment, until more modern times, no one even thought that investing money in such an industry could make money. The formation of the institution of entertainment investment has been facilitated by many factors, both social and technological. And only thanks to the constant development of mankind, it became possible to make a profit from fun. And even now, when it already seems that everything has already been invented and created, this industry is taking new revolutionary steps.

History of investment in the entertainment industry

By analyzing the historical periods up to the present, it is possible to find the moment when entertainment began to attract investment. In ancient times, fun was a lot of children and adolescents, and most of the investment was in the food and land markets. In the Middle Ages, entertainment began to attract more attention among various segments of the population, but such events were most often supported by the nobility to gain authority and retain power, which is also a kind of investment since by holding on to the throne in this way, the monarch gained access to the treasury and kept the highest social status.

And it was at the end of the 19th century when technologies began to gradually rise, and the world population was not fighting for a piece of food, that cinema appeared, which provoked an incredible extravaganza among consumers and made it possible for the wealthy segments of the population to multiply their capital at times by investing in new technology. And since then, along with the development of technology, the number of investments in various industries of the entertainment industry has grown.

Revolutionary methods of the entertainment industry

At present when it may seem that nothing new can be invented, investors are making revolutionary moves in the entertainment business. So, investing with digital currencies can be called a breakthrough, which, despite the constant leaps, attracts more and more business, thanks to which entertainment sites built on the blockchain appear.

Also, social networks such as Instagram and TikTok have become a sudden discovery, which has turned from advertising platforms into full-fledged virtual entertainment complexes with millions of daily visits. Such a piece began to attract investments in various channels, due to which more and more money turnover falls on the Internet resources, and not only in the more traditional branches of the entertainment industry.

Effect of covid in the housing market – Buyer and tenants

The impact of Covid-19 has been tough upon landlords and tenants. Property buyers and landlords heavily rely on rental income as their primary source of income – due to the pandemic, some tenants are unable to pay their rents on time. Similarly, individuals staying on rent worry about job security, income stability and the need to make ends meet while paying their monthly rent!

Let’s not forget about real estate agents around the world, such as estate agents in Manchester whose livelihood has been affected too; and of course, individuals such as property evaluators, property managers, housing inspectors and lettings agents who have been affected by a coronavirus. The Covid-19 pandemic has taken its toll on the UK housing market as well as on property buyers and tenants, and here is how.

Impact on mortgage availability

Earlier, low deposit mortgages were very easy to find. Now, due to the uncertainty around the pandemic, most bankers and lenders have stopped offering low deposit mortgages. As a result, for property buyers, and especially first time buyers, the dream of owning a new property becomes a distant reality because they might not be able to put together the huge sum required as a downpayment- even individuals and professionals who are living on rent dream of buying their very own home. However, due to the drastic reduction in the availability of low deposit mortgages, potential buyers and renters will have to start saving for a down payment for months, if not years, before they can even think of looking at properties.

Impact on income stability

For many, Covid-19 brought a lot of job insecurity. Companies started shutting down, businesses started slacking off employees, and firms started working with lesser staff. For those living on rent, income stability is of paramount importance as they need to be able to pay their monthly rent while supporting their family. For those first time buyers and potential buyers looking to buy a property, the lack of income stability meant that they had to push their dreams of becoming homeowners until the uncertainty around Covid-19. And of course, without a stable source of income, it is merely impossible to get pre-approval for a mortgage or pay off an existing mortgage! As for property owners and landlords, they were worried about monthly rents as many renters were unable to pay their rent on time.

Impact on house prices

When the pandemic first hit, we saw a fall in the demand and supply of real estate in the UK, which eventually led to a fall in prices. During the first lockdown, real estate activity was banned entirely. So, once the lockdown lifted, there was a sudden boost in the average price of property. As the second and third lockdown took place, real estate activities were allowed, which helped the market stabilise. In 2021, most experts predict that house prices will start to stall. While most experts feel that the average price of property will decrease slightly in the coming months, some feel that we might see a rise in housing prices. Again, the uncertainty of the pandemic brings about a decrease in buyer confidence which in turn affects the supply and demand of property. At the end of the day, potential buyers are unsure whether or not they should invest in the real estate market because they do not know what the future of the housing market holds!

Impact on buyer and renter priorities

The priorities of potential buyers and renters have certainly changed. As more and more people have started working from home, the demand for spacious properties and homes with outdoor spaces and home offices has certainly increased! As a result, there has been a drastic shift in priorities – rents and buyers are looking for bigger homes, properties with home offices, houses with gardens or outdoor spaces, and an overall upgrade in lifestyle. Many homeowners who are currently living in the city centre are looking at bigger properties in the outskirts and the boroughs. Due to this, let-to-let has become very common in recent months. Let-to-let is when a homeowner decides to rent a bigger and better place while putting their own home on rent. So, while some homeowners are buying bigger properties in the suburbs while giving their house out on rent or putting it up for sale in the market, others are shifting into spacious homes on rent while giving out their present home on rent.  

Simon Whalley Looks at Interesting Food Etiquette Traditions from Around the World

Etiquette refers to a customary code for polite behaviour in a particular setting or circumstance. The rules of etiquette may differ greatly depending on the culture and this is particularly true for customs regarding food.

Each society has developed various customs when it comes to eating, many of which have evolved or been passed down over centuries. What is polite in one culture could be viewed as the height of rudeness in another, so it pays to research table etiquette before eating a meal in another country or community, especially if dining in someone’s home.


In the UK, we typically think people who eat too loudly are not very polite. However, in Japan it is considered a mark of respect and enjoyment to slurp noodles as loudly as possible. Rather than become annoyed with a loud eater, people in Japan simply assume that the person is thoroughly enjoying their meal. It is also believed that slurping helps to improve the flavour of the dish, and by coating the noodles in a layer of saliva they cool down faster, meaning the meal can be eaten more quickly.


In France, many people would consider an offer to split the bill after a meal as highly unsophisticated and a little rude. The two polite courses of action are to offer to pay the bill for the entire table, or graciously accept when someone else offers to pay the entire bill.

It is also considered rude in France to start eating bread before the main meal has arrived at the table, even if the bread is already there. Bread is more of a utensil than a side dish, designed to allow diners to push the food onto their fork and soak up the juices of the dish. Diners should always tear off chunks of bread to eat rather than bite into the roll, and the bread should be placed on the tablecloth or a napkin rather than on the dinner plate.


In many communities in India, cutlery is virtually non-existent at the table. Meals are served for people to eat with their hands, using breads to scoop up dishes in sauce. However, diners should be aware that they should only ever use their right hand to pick up food, never the left, and they should avoid putting their fingers directly into their mouths.

In a friendly social setting in India, it is also considered impolite to thank someone for performing a task such as passing food or doing something to make a visitor feel more comfortable. These are gestures that are simply expected in a relaxed dinner setting and saying thank you implies a more formal relationship than a friendly one.


In China, a dinner host would be most offended if a guest were to finish everything on their plate. While in the West this would be a sign of having enjoyed the meal, to the Chinese it is a sign that they have not provided enough sustenance for their guests. Therefore, no matter how delicious the meal is, guests should be sure to leave a small morsel of food on their plate when they finish.

About Simon Whalley

Simon Whalley is a composer and music lecturer who has held directorial roles at both Eton College and Oxford University. He has also worked with the Church of Saint Mary the Virgin in New York as an organist and music director.

Company culture myths – Do outsourced workers harm company culture?

So, let’s start at the beginning – what is company culture (https://www.thebalancecareers.com/what-is-company-culture-2062000) ?

According to thebalancecareers.com this encompasses the shared values, attributes, and characteristics of the organization. This culture (https://www.shrm.org/resourcesandtools/tools-and-samples/toolkits/pages/understandinganddevelopingorganizationalculture.aspx) is also said to set the context for everything an enterprise does. Anyone who has worked in an organisation with a good company culture will recognise it almost immediately, and the same can be said for the inverse. An unhappy and demotivated workforce can easily be identified by those part of the company, and those outside. 

Now, the question that many people grapple with is whether company culture is affected when companies opt to outsource workers as opposed to hiring employees to work in- house.  If this culture is said to set the context for everything an organisation does, then it would be a very important question to ask. A few years ago the answer to this would’ve been a no brainer – but with the advancement in the technological tools we have at our disposal, the question requires a lot more thought.

Let’s find out.

Outsourcing workers has been an option for a while, with companies such as Avirtual (https://avirtual.co.uk/) being around as early as 2015.  However, the likelihood of making use of this option has become increasingly common as a result of the global Corona Virus pandemic that has forcefully made remote working a norm. The digital era has also pushed a lot of companies out of their comfort zones, but in turn, has facilitated a space to re-evaluate a lot of traditional work functions.

What are the benefits of outsourcing workers?

There are many benefits that come with outsourcing workers, but the ones that seem to be reoccurring are quite clear. You have access to a larger talent pool which allows you to find someone specialised in any part of the world. You are also essentially hiring help on a contractual basis, which saves your company a lot of money. And, as your business grows, outsourcing can be a way to promote innovation (https://www.thebalancesmb.com/top-outsourcing-advantages-2533765) and in turn reposition your company in the market.

Research shows that employees perform better (https://www.indeed.com/career-advice/career-development/why-organizational-culture-is-important) when their environment fosters a sense of belonging as that allows them to feel like they are a part of a unit, as opposed to operating in silos. At first glance at both options, it might seem obvious that one would provide workers more of a sense of unity. It is important to note however, that the unit doesn’t necessarily have to be working from the same space – they just need to have the same vision.

So, how do you achieve and maintain these company culture ideals irrespective of whether your staff is outsourced or in-house?

1. Effective Communication

While leadership generally sets the tone for company culture, it needs to be successfully communicated to the rest of the staff. Communication is very important in maintaining any relationship, but even more so when workers are not working from the same space. Many frustrations can arise when employees feel like their voices aren’t heard. Poor communication can also lead to poor deliverables because the ouput is mostly based on assumption. Healthy communication allows us to avoid effective management turning into micro-management. Open, honest, transparent and consistent communication will make team members feel valued. 

2. Make employees feel valued

What is common with bad company culture is communication only being prioritised when there is a problem, in turn completely neglecting praise and positive feedback as an essential component of your company culture. This should be avoided at all costs. Appreciation feels good in any environment and can still be achieved when workers are outsourced. Performance should be measured and celebrated in all roles and functions in your team.  Positive feedback is a valuable motivational strategy.

3. Manage expectations

Employees like to feel that their expertise are trusted, and that they are recognised as a valuable member of the team. Trust your team, but also communicate any issues you may have if you don’t. When trust and respect are maintained, it makes it easier to have an honest conversation on progress. 
Research (https://www.fastcompany.com/3061250/these-are-job-seekers-top-3-priorities-right-now-according-to-linkedin) shows that 66% of job seekers consider a company’s culture and values the most important factor when considering career opportunities. When your staff are happy and fulfilled, they will put in the necessary effort to achieve the necessary goals. While it might seem that it is easier to achieve this with a staff team that is only in-house, it is important to note that the digital era has made it possible for company culture to be maintained irrespective of where your employees are.

Dedicated Server & Web Hosting Service by IKOULA

Before you sign up for a web host to launch your product or service in the online industry, there are a few things you can keep in mind. A successful web hosting service is particularly valuable because it guarantees full audience penetration with minimal downtime. You must have a roadmap on how you intend your website to evolve before finalizing the contract with your host.

The best way to provide a business website is to find a reputable web host that can have a server on which to construct one. Companies have a plethora of web hosting options, but they want to work with a company that can provide exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, and assurance that their security will be protected and downtime will be minimal.

For websites that attract a lot of traffic and conduct online financial transfers, dedicated hosting offers a slew of benefits. A dedicated physical server is assigned to a company under this agreement. The company controls the full set of resources allotted to it.

Why Dedicated Servers Are Best Alternative?

For websites that attract a lot of traffic and conduct online financial transfers, dedicated hosting offers a slew of benefits. A dedicated physical server is assigned to a company under this agreement. The company controls the full set of resources allotted to it. Since services are shared, using a dedicated hosting server for your company guarantees strong network uptime.

About Ikoula :-

Since February 1998, IKOULA has specialized in web hosting, dedicated servers, and cloud computing. We own two data centers in France (Reims and Eppes) as well as two business divisions in the Netherlands and Spain. Our “Cloud IKOULAONE” solution is deployed on three continents (Europe, Asia, and the USA). Our departments are multilingual and open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with your tasks.

Ikoula Introduces the Dedicated Servers: –

IKOULA has a diverse selection of dedicated servers that are split into many price points to satisfy a variety of needs. IKOULA dedicated servers are aimed at professionals who would have no trouble finding the best Dedicated Server for their programs.

Ikoula Hosting Plans Designed for Your Purposes: –

IKOULA is a dedicated server. Here’s a look at our dedicated server lineup, which includes a variety of configuration options.

Starter: –

To get started, you’ll need a dedicated server. If you need a backup, database, or measurement server, or even a server for personal use, this is the server for you.

  • Price Range: 4.99-19.99
  • Processor: @1.5 GHz-@2.8GHz
  • Ram: 4GB DDR4- 8GB DDR4

Agile: –

Polyvalent servers with a variety of features. These servers are ideal for evaluating AI or blockchain projects, as well as creating a cloud for gaming, storage, and email.

  • Price Range: 29.99-79.99
  • Processor: @3GHz-@3.8GHz
  • Ram: 8GB DDR4- 64DDR4

Power: –

Range of specialist servers that can house more vital resources and have the potential to meet more essential demands, with a solid framework. This set includes a RAID card as well as a KVM over IP.

  • Price Range: 74.99-299.99
  • Processor: @3.7GHz- @3.2GHz
  • Ram: 32GB DDR3/DDR4- 64GB DDR4

Xtreme: –

The bi-processors in this range have 2X more power, 2X more RAM, and 2X more storage. These machines are ideal for virtualization, emulation, and large-scale scientific and computational programs.

  • Price Range: 249.99-549.99
  • Processor: 2 CPU @2.1GHz- 2 CPU @3.2GHz
  • Ram: 128GB DDR4

Master: –

These high-performance servers have unique features that allow new types of dedicated server use. The RAID Master contains Flash storage and a Fusion IO card, while the GPU Master includes a versatile graphics card. 

  • Price Range: 89.99-1099.99
  • Processor: @3.4GHz- @2.10GHz
  • Ram: 16GB DDR4-64GB DDR4

Classic: –

Servers are older iterations of our product lines. This range features computers of high capacity at affordable prices.

  • Price Range: 8.99-89.99
  • Processor: @1.66GHz- 2 CPU @2.26GHz
  • Ram: 4GB DDR2-72GB DDR3

Ikoula Dedicated Server Provide a Variety of Services: –

A broad variety of options for customizing the servers are available.

  • Client Portal is a user interface. On a single interface, you can handle your portfolio, benefits, billing, and reporting, and results.
  • Technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days. Our support teams are available by e-mail and phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in Dutch, French, and English.
  • Server Monitoring: – Monitoring and analysis of the dedicated servers. The client platform provides MRTG, KPI, and graphics output information.
  • Wide range of OS: – A broad variety of OS is available, including Virtualization platforms based on Linux, BSD, or Windows Server, as well as Hyper-V, CoreOS, and VMware ESXi.
  • KVM over IP: – A KVM over IP standard is included in the KVM over IP Power set. And if you are offline, you have access to your server’s computer, keys, and mouse.
    • Ikoula is one of the best web host services around the world. They are also offering technical features of the dedicated servers such as software, interface, security, service levels, guarantees, and etc.

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