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The Impact of Climate Change on Winter Sports

What’s a ski slope without snow? That’s the question on the lips of many climate scientists who fear that the future of winter sports is hanging in the balance. As global temperatures continue to rise, are we putting future Winter Olympic games, championships, and recreational snowsport at risk?

In the UK, it is estimated that 6,340,000 people participate in skiing sports. That’s close to ten per cent of the population. But with popular domestic skiing locations such as Cairngorm Mountain and Nevis Range only offering seasonal skiing opportunities, many people look abroad to fulfil their snow obsessions.

However, can previously trusted snowy spots continue to provide for snowsport participants? And what can we do to ensure that the future of winter sports is safe for generations to come?

Olympic venues on a downhill slope

A study by the University of Waterloo in Canada has found that of the 21 sites that have previously held Winter Olympic Games, nine may be unreliable to host the games again by 2050.

One site includes Sochi in Russia, where the Winter Olympic Games were only held in 2014. Between 1981 and 2010, the site had a 100 per cent chance that the snow depth would be at least 30cm. However, estimates suggest that between 2041 and 2070, there is a less than five per cent chance of this happening. These figures include the potential contribution of artificial snowmaking.

Even with low emissions, it is expected that Sochi in Russia, Grenoble and Chamonix in France, and Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany will be unable to host future Winter Olympic Games.

Other locations at risk include:

  • Vancouver in Canada
  • Squaw Valley in the USA
  • Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Oslo in Norway
  • Innsbruck in Austria

No simple alternative

Most are aware of the innovation of artificial snow creation, and its use is common is common at the Olympics. In fact, artificial snow has been used since the 1980 games in Lake Placid. However, by 2018 artificial snow dominated the PyeongChang event. 98 per cent of the snow at these games was artificial.

So why can we not continue to do this? While artificial snow is useful in continuing the use of ski slopes and can be beneficial during out of season, it does carry a climate impact itself. Artificial snow uses large amounts of water and energy in its creation. Further to this, chemicals may need to be added to increase freezing temperatures or for the structure of the snow. Ultimately, artificial snow poses a larger environmental risk than it does to alleviate the effects of global warming.

There are newer snow-creating alternatives, such as vacuum freezing, which can be used in any air temperature and uses significantly less energy. This can be essential for tournaments and resorts that rely on perfect conditions for skiers, athletes, and other snowsport enthusiasts. However, the priority should always be protecting the environment to ensure that the longevity of snowsport complexes and resorts can continue to provide their services for generations to come.

Protecting the snow

Lowering or maintaining global temperatures is key to saving the snow at the world’s various snowsport facilities. This global problem requires a global response, and climate change must be tackled for the sake of many sectors aside from snowsports. Green energy, methane reduction, and sustainable lifestyles are required to reduce the rapid increase in temperatures.

Ski resorts and snowsport tournaments shouldn’t have to rely on alternatives to continue their work. Instead, the millions of people who take part in skiing and snowsports, whether professionally, studying on ski instructor courses, or enjoying a holiday retreat, should lead the fight against climate change. Otherwise, the future of winter sports may experience an avalanche of regret that we didn’t do something sooner.








Renowned Pembrokeshire solicitor Gemma Scourfield joins top family law firm Woolley & Co

Experienced Haverfordwest lawyer marks arrival at reputable modern practice by welcoming legislation changes that “put family first”.

One of Haverfordwest’s most reputable solicitors has joined family law firm Woolley & Co, Solicitors just as the domestic relations sector undergoes significant change.

Gemma Scourfield – who has practised in the area for 14 years – is now handling cases for the national law firm across her county of Pembrokeshire in south-west Wales and beyond.

Gemma joins Woolley & Co at a pertinent time – with divorce enquiries rising amid the pandemic and new legislation changing the way in which separations are handled.

According to Gemma, the modern approach of Woolley & Co is best suited to serve current demand in line with the upcoming ‘no-fault’ divorce laws – with the progressive firm specialising in remote working since its launch in 1996. A steep increase in divorce cases has further strained an already-stretched family court system, with cases from Wales now being processed elsewhere after the regional family law centre closed during lockdown. 

Gemma said: “I think a lot of people re-evaluated what they want out of life, had more time to research the divorce process and found being confined to their homes with their spouses during lockdown simply gave them the impetus to do something about it. Life is too short to be in an unhappy situation. 

“I have certainly found that the number of enquiries on divorce have gone up significantly during the pandemic. Unfortunately, this coincided with a regional family law centre closing for Wales with all our cases now going to Bury St Edmunds for administration.

“A key role for me now more than ever is to manage expectations for those going through separation, not just in terms of a settlement but also in terms of the timescale.” 

Gemma, who is married with two children, said the introduction of no-fault divorce from next April will help many families navigate legal separation with less confrontation than the current system, which is advantageous for all involved.  

Modern working techniques – such as virtual meetings and electronic paperwork systems – have also been widely adopted during the difficulties of the pandemic, helping to speed up cases in the long-term. 

Gemma added: “We are seeing more family lawyers fitting services around clients rather than being tied to high street offices and courts have done away with paper bundles, embracing electronic solutions and online submissions which has been very slow coming to this sector. 

“This is a business model which Woolley & Co pioneered in the 1990s but has taken a long time to catch on, but things are now moving in the right direction.

“Putting the family, the children, first is the number one priority and it is good to see that family law practice is now firmly heading in the right direction.”

Contact Gemma online

More information about Woolley & Co is available on the firm’s website


A Dogs Life : How The UK Nation Pampers Their Pooches

It’s hard to say no to our pets’ demands when they look up at us with those adorable puppy eyes. Spoiling them with their favourite treats and chews is something all pet owners give in to, and our fawning means the pet market industry continues to thrive in the UK. Data shows that, on average, UK pet owners spend £1,150 a year on their pets, with 66 per cent of dog owners buying accessories for their canine companions.

Dogs are so much more than just household pets. They are a member of the family who, let’s face it, are treated more like a human rather than an animal. From doggy perfume to even champagne, the pet market is bursting with thousands of accessories we can pamper our furry friends with. Here, we take a look at what pet products the UK nation has taken an interest in between March 2020 and February 2021 and how an increasing number of us are choosing to pamper our pooches.

More than just a birthday biscuit

When it comes to celebrating our dogs’ birthday, giving them a birthday biscuit or two just won’t cut it anymore. In fact, search data suggests that the UK nation likes to make a full day out of it! The term ‘dog birthday party’ has experienced a 22 per cent increase within the data range mentioned, with the term growing the most in Scotland.

Data also shows the term ‘dog birthday cake’ has experienced an 83 per cent increase within the date range given, increasing from 12,100 searches to 22,200 searches.   

The finer things in life

We all like to treat ourselves to the finer things in life every now and then, and it appears our dogs enjoy the same. Data shows that the North West region of the UK has jumped on board the pooch trend the most with 6,680 pampered-pooch related searches, closely followed by the South East region with a total of 6,120 searches.

As for specific ways we humans are pampering our pooches, the term ‘dog pedicure’ has increased by 75 per cent in searches, and ‘dog spa day’ has experienced a 57 per cent increase.

A plain old bowl of water isn’t enough for our pets anymore either. Searches for ‘dog champagne’ have grown by 136 per cent, so now even your furry friend can join in with whatever it is you’re celebrating!

Designer dogs

Data also reveals that dog owners are going the extra mile when it comes to purchasing the essentials for their pets. Dressing up your dog in an adorable outfit for their daily walk is not a new trend, however, now the human fashion world and the canine one has collaborated to create designer dog accessories.

Searches for ‘designer dog bowl’ have experienced an increase of 129 per cent, allowing you to serve their raw dog food meal in style. As for the doggy clothing industry, the nation as a collective is investing more into their pooches’ style with the term ‘designer dog clothes’ increasing by 123 per cent. The term ‘designer dog harness’ grew by 122 per cent in searches, too.

Canine cameras

Being stuck at work all day knowing that your pooch is sitting waiting for you to return is something no pet owner likes to think about. If only there was a way that we could check in on them every now and then to see how their day is going. Well, now there is! Searches for ‘pet treat camera’ have experienced the biggest increase of 180 per cent. This clever invention allows for you to not only check in on your animal but interact with them too!

Depending on the type of pet camera you purchase, it allows you to see what they’re getting up to, talk to them with two-way audio, and even give them a treat without physically being there. These can be a great way to let your pets know you’re thinking about them and can help those who suffer separation anxiety cope better when their favourite owner isn’t around.

The pet industry continues to bring new and exciting products to the market that keep our pooches happy and healthy. So, the next time you go to purchase a new chew toy for your pup, think outside the box and see what other quirky products are on offer.

Break Up with Social Media on an Adventure Holiday

In recent time, spending more time online has become the norm. Being able to meet people and needing to work from home due to the pandemic is now more normal than ever. But this can cause problems when we really need to switch off, especially from social media. Social media can cause us additional stress and anxiety in our lives, so it is important to have time away from it. A great way to do this is with an adventure holiday.

In this article, we will show you some great ideas for adventure holidays you can go on and how a social media detox during this holiday will benefit you.


The snowy scenery would make the perfect environment for a holiday away from the world. Ski trainer holidays are becoming more popular, and they’re perfect for the thrill-seekers amongst us. After the monotony of the past year, it’s a great way to add some excitement back into your life.

Spending time skiing or snowboarding down the slopes can take your mind off the world. Ski sports can also have a great effect on your health with only an hour’s worth of activity burning up to 600 calories.

This would be a great trip for the whole family to turn their phones off and enjoy the snow. Reconnect with the family by hiring a chalet and sit and have family meals in front of a roaring fire.

Scuba diving

For those of us who are dreaming of the sun, scuba diving would be the perfect activity holiday for you. Scuba diving can bring you various mental and physical health benefits all while enjoying the beautiful flora and fauna of the deep blue sea. The water can be a great adventurous activity if you struggle with your joints too, as the water helps strengthen your muscles without the stress physical activity can sometimes cause on the joints.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is an exhilarating activity that is not for the faint-hearted. It can be done all over the world, so the destination is really up to you! Usually, the climbing will be done on either a mountainside or a natural rock-climbing location. Surprisingly, rock climbing can be a great way to relax your muscles. You might be tense at first, but after some practise you will realise that your muscles need to be relaxed in order to improve your technique. It is also a great way to concentrate the mind, as you have to be aware of what is around you and what your next move is – you don’t have time to stress out factors in the outside world.


If you want to have an adventurous holiday but also take in the sights and cultures of a region or country, a cycling holiday is a great way to do this. Whether you fancy yourself as the next Bradley Wiggins or you are just a weekend cycler, these holidays can be a great way to bond with friends and family as you explore a new area.

Cycling builds up your stamina and improves your heart health as it gets the blood pumping around the body. However, something you may have not known is that cycling has been shown to produce certain hormones in the brain which cause happiness and positive thoughts. It’s the perfect offline way to counter any online blues!

Taking a break from your phone

Putting your phone down, turning off your notifications and getting outside can be one of the best things you can do in this day and age. Not only does it help your mental health it, but it can allow you to take more notice of the world around you, whether this is making memories with the kids on one of these activity holidays mentioned or reconnecting with your partner.

Getting out of the cycle of constantly checking social media can break a vicious cycle of comparing yourself to everyone else online, which is silently damaging your mental health.

On average, a person spends more than two hours a day on social media. Imagine what else you could be doing in that time? More sporting activities, maybe?





Indoor Gardening: The Secrets Nobody Tells You About Houseplants

Fed by Instagram trends, millennials, and the recent lockdown, indoor gardening has been enjoying a major boost in popularity. Whilst we know how much character they can add to a room, many don’t realise that houseplants provide various other benefits, including a boost to our mental health.

Here are five great reasons why houseplants should be a permanent part of every home.

An improved mood

The colour green is thought to promote healing, so simply having more greenery around you to look at is a natural mood booster and sure to soothe an anxious mind. Plants including aloe vera and lavender are proven to reduce stress levels and help both your physical and mental well-being.

A study also found that people who spend time around nature for at least two hours a week have the highest levels of health and well-being. With the colder months slowly approaching, we’ll likely be spending more time in our homes.

Boost productivity levels

Research consistently finds that adding plants to the workplace increases productivity by up to 15%, as proven by a recent study. They’re a great addition to any office and help replenish focus.

Invest in a snake plant or peace lily to create a working oasis. Just looking at nature can shift the brain into a different processing mode, making employees feel more relaxed and better able to concentrate.

Cleanse the air

During the day, whilst they are performing photosynthesis, good indoor plants reliably reduce VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and increase oxygen to carbon dioxide ratios. Although they aren’t fully proven to rid all contaminants around us, there are a range of potted plants that contribute to improving air quality.

A Barberton daisy or English ivywill cleanse the home of toxins found in a range of household materials, including paint and furniture. To fully take advantage of this, place the plant in a room with plenty of natural light and keep the soil moist and well-drained.

Interior must-have

For those looking for low-maintenance plants – such as tiny succulents and small trees – you can place these in any room for a pop of colour thanks to the influence of social media platforms Instagram and Pinterest.

There is a wide array of species that are perfectly suited for surviving indoors without direct sunlight and are easy to care for, such as a jade or a wax plant.

Alternatively, one of the fastest ways to instantly beautify your living space is by incorporating a set of artificial plants. Although they’ve had a shaky reputation in the past in terms of looking obviously fake, today’s faux plants are crafted with the express purpose of looking realistic. One particular trendy piece of greenery is pampas grass.

A better night’s sleep

Getting enough sleep has a number of benefits – for example, you’re more alert and focused during the day. You can deploy plants to help achieve this too! A bamboo palm or gardenia gives a warm and clean feel to your entire bedroom. These plants emit a fresh smell that reduces stress and induces sleep.

According to a study, interacting with plants before going to sleep can help improve sleep quality for people living in small, isolated environments such as a flat or apartment. Astronauts have also benefited from this whilst up in space.

So whether it’s watering a little desk plant, creating an outdoor garden of your own, or simply taking more walks through nature, you can benefit from the plants around you.

Don’t forget, after a year or two, plants may need repotting with compost to maintain healthy growth. A multipurpose compost, houseplant compost, or loam-based compost is suitable for most indoor plants so that you can continue to enjoy these great benefits for much longer.






Your Best Guide to the Real Effects and Advantages of Anti-Wrinkle Injection Treatments

Ageing is a natural process, and we all have to face it sooner or later. But whilst it’s good to gain more wisdom and experience as we get older, some of us may be reluctant to deal with the other results of ageing – namely, the formation of wrinkles and fine lines, especially on the face. Our face, after all, is the first thing people see, and it’s normal for us to want to look appealing and attractive. However, fine lines and wrinkles can be dealt with, and treatments like anti-wrinkle injections may be just what you need to look (and feel) better. But what can you expect with anti-wrinkle injections, and what are their benefits? Here’s your best guide to the actual effects and advantages of anti-wrinkle injection treatments.

  • They are preventative

You don’t have to have a lot of wrinkles or fine lines to know that you don’t like them. Whilst the primary purpose of anti-wrinkle injections is to temporarily do away with or improve the appearance of existing wrinkles and lines, you can also use them as a preventative treatment so you can soften the expression of your face. This is because as we get older, we are more likely to develop small lines on our face through our facial movements and the expressions we make, and with anti-wrinkle injections, you can ‘pause’ the development of such lines.

Some people have very expressive faces, and whilst this can enhance our charm, over time, it can also lead to the development of wrinkles even when you have a ‘resting’ face. So if you aren’t looking forward to dealing with lines and wrinkles as you get older, anti-wrinkle injections can be a valuable and effective preventative form of treatment.

  • You will look calmer and more youthful

As mentioned, anti-wrinkle injection treatment can soften your facial lines and make your face look more restful and peaceful. You will appear calmer because the lines that develop and show even when you are at rest can smoothen out. The repeated movement of the muscles can cause lines to settle, and it’s those static lines and wrinkles that can make you look fatigued and worn out. But when anti-wrinkle injections soften lines and wrinkles, your face will look fresher, more relaxed, and more youthful.

  • They aid in establishing symmetry and shape

There are other effects you can expect from anti-wrinkle injections that aren’t widely known – they can aid in establishing symmetry and shape. In addition, of course, they can decrease the appearance of wrinkles and lines, and we already know this. But anti-wrinkle injections can also serve to ‘lift’ some parts of your face as well as balance out any asymmetrical features.

For instance, you can make use of anti-wrinkle injections to lift heavy eyebrows that make eyes look smaller, and you can also use them to soften a pronounced or jutting jaw. It can also slim the face and correct a smile that looks gummy. If you have a thin mouth, anti-wrinkle injections can make your lips appear fuller, too.

  • The results are semi-permanent

One thing that makes cosmetic surgery such as facelifts sound too extreme is that the results are permanent. This makes anti-wrinkle injections less intimidating because even if you end up dissatisfied, you have to wait for the effects to wear out or go for a follow-up treatment to improve it.

How You Can Properly Determine if You Need an Accountant: Your Detailed Guide

You have to contend with a lot, even if you are self-employed. Not only do you have to handle your tax returns, but you also have to deal with profits and losses, invoicing, and more. It can be too much, especially as your opportunities get bigger and you have more to do. But fortunately, there is something you can do to help you with your finances, and this is to rely on an accountant. If you have just begun your business or have decided to become self-employed, an accountant may be just what you need to help you along. But do you really need one? Here’s how you can adequately determine if you need an accountant: your detailed guide.

What they are and what they do

First of all, it is good to find out exactly what they are – and, more importantly, what they do. Accountants are skilled and qualified professionals who have had ample training in bookkeeping and financial analysis. Their duties will involve preparing financial reports, settling and filing tax returns, and assisting with budgeting and planning for the future.

The amount of work and responsibilities your accountant will take charge of will depend on what you require. Some will only confer with their accountant when it’s time to do their taxes, whilst others want to engage as regularly as possible. But even if you consult with your accountant during tax time, they will still keep an eye on your financial books and records throughout the year.

How to determine if you need one

  • If you are not sure about how to do your taxes

Taxes are a challenge. As confirmed by the central London accountants at GSM & Co, you have to fill out lengthy and complex forms and may even have to face hefty penalties for late submissions and errors, as confirmed by the central London accountants at GSM & Co. In fact, many people don’t much know about the difference between an IR35 from an R40, not to mention other terms and codes. However, your accountant can handle it if you are unsure how to do your taxes (and how to do it right). They will not only make sure you can avoid fines – they can make sure you save money in regards to the right amount of taxes to settle.

  • If you don’t have enough time

A lot of us have enough difficulty trying to fit in 24 hours in a day – what more if you have to take care of your finances on top of that? If you are operating a full-time business, it will take up a big chunk of your time, and outside your usual hours of business, you may still have to do other tasks such as order stock, meet clients, or deal with your website. Additionally, you may also have to take care of your personal life, and establishing a proper work-life balance can be a definite impossibility. But if you have an accountant, you can save yourself time as they sort out your taxes and keep your books in order, amongst other essential duties.

  • If you need help with planning your finances

Your accountant can also help you plan your finances, as they understand your financial situation more than most. Budgeting and planning are crucial for any entrepreneur, and your accountant can assist you with the proper decisions to help your business’ growth.

Things to Do When You Feel Like You’re Getting Sick

There are times when you feel like you’re getting ill, and you begin to show symptoms. But, before things worsen, you must do something about it. These tips will help.

Take a rest

It doesn’t matter how busy you are. If your body says you should rest, you must do it. Sometimes, being tired causes these symptoms. But, with a good amount of rest, your body will recover. Besides, it’s better to take a day or two off than spend a week recovering from a severe illness.

Consult your doctor

As soon as you begin feeling the symptoms, you must meet with your physician. If you have to get tested, you must do it. Your doctor will also prescribe medicines to help you recover quickly. Who knows? You might have simple problems only like fungal nail infections that you may confuse with other medical issues. Taking fungal nail tablets is enough to help you recover. You can even buy the medicines online, and you will receive the order at your place.

Don’t panic

The first thing to do is see your doctor and get diagnosed. If you can’t do it yet, stay at home and rest. Don’t overthink the problem. Panicking doesn’t help. Apart from just having physical illnesses, you might also have mental health problems.

Avoid reading health articles online

You might feel tempted to self-medicate because you want to get rid of your health issue. While you can find helpful information, you might also get misled. Instead of recovering quickly, you end up spending more time being sick. The problem is that it’s easy to write anonymously online. Many people can pretend to be medical experts when they’re not. You believe in ideas to help you recover, but they could only damage your health. Another reason to avoid trusting whatever you find online is you might misdiagnose yourself. You can check all the boxes that lead to an incorrect diagnosis. You might panic even more. Trust your doctor to help you.

Stay optimistic

You can’t feel down when you start to feel sick. It will affect your overall health. Think about recovering quickly and doing the things you love. Being sick might set you back for a while, but you will get through it soon.

Take first aid remedies

If you have symptoms that over-the-counter medicines can resolve, give them a shot. There’s nothing wrong with trying them out as long as you don’t go beyond your limits. Don’t expect immediate results too. First aid remedies are helpful until you can get an official diagnosis and appropriate prescriptions.

You can get sick for whatever reason. However, with the proper care, you will recover. Learn from what happened and avoid getting ill for the same reason in the future. If you have to go to the hospital for a few days to receive medical care, don’t hesitate to do it. You would rather entrust yourself to medical professionals than expect an immediate recovery at home. Your doctor will suggest hospitalization if need be.

How to Choose the best Loan Comparison Sites


A loan is a form of credit, usually a lump sum of money that’s borrowed and is supposed to be repaid over a certain period with interest. When you’re trying to keep your financial objectives in motion, getting an extra boost could make all the difference. A loan comes in handy when you want to attain a certain objective – it could be renovating your house, settling some existing debts, or purchasing a new vehicle.

However, a loan can be of importance if it is used in the right way. This means that you have to make sure that you are comfortable with the monthly instalments. To apply for small loans that are appropriate for you, use an effective loan comparison lainavertailu site and you will get the best loan deals. This article will discuss how you can choose the best loan comparison site and what you stand to save when you use one.

What Can You do With a Loan?

Loans can be used for a wide variety of purposes such as:

  • Home renovations. Are you intending to make some improvements to your existing house? Whether it is a new bathroom or a new kitchen, taking a home improvement loan could be handy in funding the costs of the home renovation project.
  • Spreading the cost of purchasing a car. Have you found your ideal car but your savings are not enough to purchase it outright? A loan can help you divide the cost of the vehicle into manageable instalments: thus, you will get to enjoy your new wheels!
  • Funding a wedding. To many, weddings are crucial and could be the best day of their lives. However, it can also be expensive. Taking a wedding loan can assist you in reducing your financial worries and manage the cost of your special day.
  • Consolidating the existing debts. You can choose to secure one loan that has a low rate of interest to sort all your debts. This can help you relax knowing that instead of dealing with various loans and cards, you will only deal with a single payment.

Types of Loan

There are three main types of loans – unsecured, secured, and guarantor loans.

  • Personal or unsecured loans. This type of loan means that you do not have to use anything as collateral in case your loan defaults. The lender will consider your financial history and assess the amount of loan that you’re qualified for. Having a great credit score will be of significance.
  • Homeowner or secured loans. With this type of loan, you will have to put up your asset as security. Usually, the asset is either a property that you own or one that you pay your mortgage on. This means that if you fail to keep with the instalments, the lender could seize that asset.
  • Guarantor loans. Guarantor loans are loans that you can be given if you have a limited or poor credit score. They operate as regular loans only that you need to indicate a guarantor at the time of application. This is usually a close person like a family member who promises to fulfil your repayments should you fail to.

How Much Will the Loan Cost?

Before deciding to take a loan, you must compare what the loan will cost you in terms of instalments. That is where loan comparison sites come in. Use a loan comparison site to see the best loan deals that are available to you. Loan comparison sites offer you a loan calculator to calculate the amount you can afford to borrow, the rate of interest, and the duration you can afford to pay that sum. Bear in mind that smaller loans tend to have greater rates of interest which can have an impact on your affordability of the loan.

How to meet great love?

To be able to have a happy family, you have to understand how Indianapolis singles become happy couples. It’s time to talk about the good already. What strengthens the couple, what can open a new breath in a couple, unite, make the relationship closer. Let’s dispel a couple of misconceptions and feed on the fruits of science.

In a biological sense, the stronger and more powerful the release of oxytocin, the greater the feeling of love. That is, if you look at your husband or wife, and the emotions are not the same, then oxytocin is no longer released in the same quantities as in the old days. Therefore, the period of falling in love is so pleasant. Everything in the beloved seems to be the best and most beautiful. I want to be around, I want to surprise, care and cajole in every possible way.

In couples, the fastest and most powerful release of oxytocin occurs during sexual intercourse, and this is why some couples practice reconciliation in bed. However, science has been able to figure out the algorithms of love as much as possible. And in this post I want to talk about a study that is widely known around the world.

American researcher and psychologist John Gottman, author of the bestselling books in the field of love and marriage, conducted a study of more than 700 couples, which involved observing a couple at different stages of marriage. For 16 years, he studied how couples interact, how they communicate, how they fight, how they reconcile, and deduced seven principles of emotional-intellectual marriage. Yes, yes, emotional intelligence is critical to successful and happy marriages.

As a result, he developed the ability to determine in 5 minutes whether the marriage will be strong, or his chances are small. His method determines the outcome up to 91%. 

Happy couples quarrel, get angry with each other and argue. It is absolutely wrong to think that there are no conflicts in happy marriages. But in the words of Gottman, in the dynamics of the couple’s relationship there is a “dominance of a positive attitude.” In other words, safety and friendliness. Everything that I write about without stopping almost everywhere and speak even more often.

I will give just a few habits of couples who have lived happily with each other for many years. It’s not even worth calling it habits, but rather a culture of relationships.

These couples love to spend time with each other, they are friends! They are very interested in being together, they always exchange news and keep in touch during the day, even if they are working.

There is a lot of tactile contact in such pairs. Physicality is the first key to oxytocin. Remember, the more there is, the stronger the feeling of love. And you can get it through touch, hugs, tenderness and kisses. Rejoice hug lovers and share your lovers with an article to prove that you are staring at the root! 

Small, seemingly insignificant care turns out to be insanely important. When happy spouses are far from each other, they keep in touch, correspond, call and worry when one of the partners has a turn to see a doctor. By the way, pregnant wives often complain that their husbands do not go to the doctor’s appointments, believing that the appointment is the reception. And this expression of concern and desire to share the emotions of a partner is insanely important in relationships, not only during pregnancy.

If you are still like Indianapolis single women we will give you important principles of a happy marriage. 

Significant other

“If I found a second one – someone like me, then I would definitely get him at home.” In a partner, we want to see our reflection, even if we are not aware of it. We find people with similar interests and worldviews. This means that if something does not suit you in a loved one, then it would be nice to pay attention to yourself. Change for the better, then there will be worthy people around you.

Let’s get what you want

“As it comes around, it will respond,” says popular wisdom. Everything is simple here: treat the person as you would like him to treat you. Believe me, you shouldn’t expect attention and care from your husband if you have been “nagging” him all evening before.

Any person wants to be loved, cared for, generous and gentle with him. The more you give, the more you get in return. By showing jealousy, reproaching, manipulating your partner, you will receive the same treatment.

Do not offend loved ones

It happens that in the heat of the moment you said a lot of unpleasant things to a person. You let off steam and forgot, but a wound remains in your partner’s soul. How long? It all depends on the specific case. Sometimes a word can and mortally offend.

Do not skimp on praise and compliments, support and approval. Tell your partner how you value and trust him. Never be afraid to say the three magic words: “I love you.”

Love is work

Relationships are never smooth and stable. Ideal love and a long, cloudless family life are found only in women’s novels. In fact, love is daily work on yourself, on your worldview. You will have to learn to make compromises and concessions, to remain silent when necessary, to forget about your ego.

Give a hug

A person needs tactile sensations from a very early age. In the arms of our mother, we feel protected from this world. Growing up, we also need protection, approval, reassurance – that is, the touch of loved ones.

Scientists have found that during a gentle touch, the amount of stress hormones in a person decreases, the nervous system relaxes, the state of the immune system improves, and emotions stabilize. Hug your loved one more often just like that, without a sexual motive, hold hands. Thus, you will become closer, and the relationship between you will be trusting and sincere.

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