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Sergey Tokarev notes success of Reface is various parts of world

Sergey Tokarev, an investor of RefaceAI, shared his views on the success of Reface, an app that allows its users to replace faces on GIF-images and videos, in various parts of the world. RefaceAI is an IT development company based in Ukraine. The original name of the Reface app was Doublicat. The company changed its name to make it easier for users to understand the purpose of the app.

Sergey Tokarev, an investor of RefaceAI, shared his views on the success of Reface, an app that allows its users to replace faces on GIF-images and videos, in various parts of the world. RefaceAI is an IT development company based in Ukraine. The original name of the Reface app was Doublicat. The company changed its name to make it easier for users to understand the purpose of the app.

0 Download – 20M Downloads, how did it happen?

The company released the face replacement app on January 13, 2020. It grabbed over 1 million downloads in the first three months of its release on App Store and Google Play. In July, the app surpassed 5 million downloads. The company officials said that the app had surpassed 20M downloads by the end of August, and the number is still increasing. The app has beaten many other popular apps on App Store and Google Play in various countries of the world.

In the beginning, the app grabbed the attention of Thailand residents. Within the six months of its release, the app reached the no. 1 position in Thailand on the charts. Similarly, the app became highly famous in the Philippines. Later on, the app topped the charts in the European market in early July. Now, the app has surpassed the most popular apps in the US market. It is the number 1 app in the entertainment category of AppStore in the United States.

What are the success factors behind Reface’s popularity?

Sergey Tokarev, a renowned It investor, noted that the uniqueness and excellent final results of the app made it successful. The RefaceAI developers worked hard for a long time to developed their own technology based on artificial intelligence. The competitors of Reface are still using computer-generated imagery (CGI) technology. However, CGI technology has many major flaws including limited user experiences and bad end results. “The result has exceeded all our expectations. It takes only a short time to process an image, and you get the final picture as realistic as possible,” expressed Sergey Tokarev about Reface. The users can replace faces on their own videos and GIFs along with a vast database provided by the developers. They can replace their or anyone else’s face with the face of a famous athlete, celebrity, politician, and others.

In 2019, the company attracted Elon Musk through Reflect, a face replacement app that works on photos. Musk decided to swap bodies with Dwayne Johnson by using the Reflect app and shared the results on his Twitter account. “These photos were published by thousands of media around the world, and the app instantly gained popularity among users,” noted RefaceAI investor. Reface is a larger prospect of the company as compared to Reflect. It allows its users to replace faces on videos and GIF-images. Many singers have used this technology to produce their music videos.

The development team takes the safety of users’ data as the most important priority. Sergey Tokarev, the investor of RefaceAI, said, “The app doesn’t store the photos of people. The app doesn’t need a photo to process an image.” GoogleCloud processes the image sent by Reface. The images automatically get deleted within 24 hours. The user’s phone is the only place where the final photos and videos are stores. The company has a main aim to target the gaming, advertisement, entertainment, and filmmaking industries to generate revenue. Investors are keen to achieve their goals in the near future.

Top surprising facts about the evolution of UK congestion, based on new study

Did you know that we drove most quickly on Christmas ’08 than any other day in 2008 and 2018 combined?

A recent report by ATS Euromaster gives the lowdown on our driving habits on UK roads, with these two years in focus.

We’ve pulled out some of the key findings from the article and highlighted a few bits and pieces that didn’t make the cut in the original story. Read on for the lowdown on congestion stats (including holidays, roads and times of day you’ll want to avoid) and whether we’re a nation of snails or high-octane speedsters.

Despite more cars on the road, congestion is easing

  • Between 2008 and 2018, there were five million more registered vehicles in circulation, but congestion marginally eased.
  • In 2020, traffic numbers had fallen even further, with weekend congestion down 78% (April 2018 vs April 2020). Of course, 2020 has been an unprecedented year for reasons we don’t need to explain, and in the months to come we should start to see traffic statistics go back to normal.

The M25, M1 and M60 are the busiest roads in the UK

The M25, M1 and M60 eclipse all other major motorways/A roads, with the M25 easily the busiest. Avoid 11 o’clock in the morning, when the M25 is under the most strain.

We’re rising earlier than ever to beat the Bank Holiday rush

Let’s turn our attention to UK Bank Holidays, which are seeing more and people rising at 5AM to beat the rush (2018 vs 2008). One reason for getting up before dawn? On a long drive, you don’t want to be on the road at midday when congestion is at its worst (a statistic that applies to both years under inspection). 

In fact, the number of cars on the M5 soars by 141% between 5AM and 11AM – the difference between enjoying an uninterrupted journey and sitting in bumper to bumper traffic.

This trend is borne out by other major motorways – including the M1, M4, M3, M42 and M40, across both years.

Summer months spur us to go faster

It’s a little-known fact that there’s been a 30% drop in casualties on UK roads (2018 vs 2008), with slower speeds on five of the six busiest motorways to boot. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re slowing to a crawl.

  • In fact, the fastest average driving speeds over an entire month all took place in 2018: June, followed by May and July of the same year. Summer clearly makes a difference, with sunny mornings and late evenings giving us the courage to go faster (we drove most quickly at 7AM in 2008 and 18:00 in 2018).
  • Across both years, the M63, A66(M) and A421 recorded the highest speeds. All three roads clocked an average velocity of 110/111 kph (or 68.3 mph).

We put our foot down on Christmas Day

People are in a hurry to get to their loved ones on Christmas Day (or perhaps escape them!). Christmas 2008 saw the fastest speeds of any 24-hour stretch across the two years in focus.

Want to learn more about UK traffic congestion? Check out the ATS Euromaster article in full, where there are great facts and even some lockdown findings to enjoy. Of particular note is the way COVID-19 has changed the way we travel. Spoiler alert: if you’re someone who has recently invested in a bicycle, you’re not alone.

Is It Possible Make Money By Trading with Penny Stocks?

Penny trading is a common phenomenon in the modern environment. Traders track down the market trends in the quest to make decisions on the types of shares to invest in. Individuals choose to trade penny stocks due to their ease of acquisition. Penny Stocks refer to common shares that cost less than £1 and $5 in UK and USA. They are highly speculative due to their low prices. Penny stocks are characterised by high volatility and riskiness. This raises the question on whether one can make money with penny stocks given their risky attributes.

Regardless of their risky and volatility attributes, these stocks can grow in both the short and long term basis. They are appealing given their low costs and traders prefer them. For instance, with £1,000, an individual can acquire several penny stocks in small companies as compared to the blue-chip ones. In case the company expands, the investors are bound to make money with these stocks.

The trends of the UK penny determine the willingness of the available investors to embrace them. In the case where the company in question has a rising trend, the investors flood in them. However, in situations where the trend declines, they avoid such companies. Where the investors have limited information about trends in stock markets, they face the risk of losing money and this calls for extra vigilance when dealing with these types of investments.

To make high profits, the investors should do a thorough background check on stocks that they are interested in. Eventually, they will make the most viable decisions by selecting trading stocks during the investment period. This article explores different aspects regarding penny stocks to act as guidelines for the traders when they invest in them.

Is It Hard to Sell Penny Stocks?

There are two major types of penny stocks which are penny stocks UK and US. If you are a beginner in the penny trading, there is a need to explore guidelines on how to invest in penny stocks for beginners. The guidelines outline elements to help in identifying stocks with a high risk of losing or gaining when in the market.

If your stocks are in the top 10 penny stocks in the market, you can easily sell them as the buyers will be available. These stocks are highly volatile making it crucial to keep track of their movement to ensure that you sell. If you are a newbie in the market, you should open a demo account to learn how to sell these stocks in the online platforms.

For beginners, after the learning process, it is crucial to start with the lowly priced stocks to be familiarised with the process. You can consider penny stocks under 10 cents and acquire them. You can then monitor them to view their changes in the market they operate in. These lowly priced stocks will equip you with insights on how to get started in penny stocks to realise reliable returns. 

Who Got Rich Off Penny Stocks?

Some people have financially benefited from these stocks and they fall under penny stock success stories. For instance, Tim Grittani invested $1,500 and multiplied it to $1 million through the penny shares. He utilised small entities and spent his time on the virtual platforms to realise his dreams. He embraces the aspect of timing in the purchase and sell of his shares to realise his profits.

He learnt about the issues that mattered in the stock market including genuine and scam information. He mastered the loopholes in the trading environment and took advantage of them to grow his shares. His determination grew to the extent that he traded daily and this increased his chances of expanding the initial investment. Apart from his research on these stocks, Grittani was inspired by Tim Sykes who was also successful in Penny stocks.

Tim Sykes is a millionaire trader who embraces entrepreneurship. He shares his trading journey in his social media platforms and blog. He acknowledges that most people have negative attitudes with regards to penny stocks due to the numerous propaganda and scams associated with them. Sykes states that penny stocks incorporate spread betting during pump and dump situations are common in penny trading. The traders should understand these situations to gain profits out of them.

Unlike Grittani, Sykes traded for four years to realise success. He managed to turn $12,415 to $1.65 million in investments. Not every trader will realise such immense profits in this type of trading. Continuous commitment and flexibility in penny trading can make one realise some revenue. On some occasions, you may end up losing your money but Tim Sykes asserts that it is part of learning and trading. 

How Do You Buy Penny Stocks?

If you are an online trader, you may have realised that CFDs are complex instruments to deal with. Changes in share prices are common in this area. Once you have decided to buy penny stocks, ensure that you deal with firms authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority to protect your investments. Such firms have a low likelihood to engage in scams like spreading propaganda to defraud unsuspecting investors. If you are in the UK, you can research the firms registered in England and Wales to trade with.

Also, when buying these stocks, you can get relevant information on different bulletin boards and weigh their validity. Buyers are subjected to scams which results in poor decisions on their purchases. Fast, uninformed, and nonviable decisions are the basis of losing money rapidly due to the ease of being misled by unscrupulous parties. Some of them come up with malicious reports that outline penny stocks to watch at a given period. They spread misleading information about the unprofitable shares which makes it crucial to conduct background research and investigation.

After a thorough investigation, you should come up with an exclusive penny stocks list to help in decision making. This will act as a guideline on the penny stocks to buy. The previous trends in the market help in forecasting the stock that trade in the current market. It is crucial to engage in analysis from reliable company sources and not relying on unsolicited advice and selfish stock marketers. Most of these pieces of advice have hidden agendas and they shouldn’t be blindly embraced.

Monitoring can be made easy by opening a brokerage service account. As you gain your experience you should target companies with the most successful penny stocks in history to reduce the risk of losing your investment. You should embrace tactics highlighted with regards to penny stocks for dummies. This will equip you with the skills to deal with and benefit from these stocks.

If you are stuck on the decision regarding the penny stocks to buy now, you should consider the bankrupt companies that are actively restructuring their operations. They have a higher potential of increasing their prices in future. You should take advantage of the situation and invest in them as they are bound to grow rapidly due to leverage. The companies’ ranking and reputation in the market will determine their success in the market. For instance, if these companies fall under the best penny stocks 2020 list, you can be assured of success in trading with them. Apart from commitment trading, these stocks require continuous learning and research.

The Best Way to Increase Online Sales Business

All businesses want to maximise sales – this is their main goal. One of the best ways to do so is by going online. This immediately gives you access to a huge market and it continues to grow year on year. You need to make sure that your company is at the forefront when searching for new customers and trying to maintain sales. You can use many strategies to drive your company forward and you will find some of the best right here in this article below. So, take the time to go through these tips – it could be worth your while.

Always Be Honest

It’s vitally important to be honest with your customers when providing copy or products. This is important to your company’s reputation. This shows that your business can be trusted and that you are a solid brand. So, any sales copy that you produce should be honest and easy to understand by future customers – don’t try to be something you’re not, just be upfront and honest.

Target with Facebook

As a business, you could target Lookalike Audiences on Facebook. This is just simply using data that you already have about your current customers and use it to find new ones – it helps you build a profile so you can attract new audiences. This is done by looking at the characteristics and behaviours on Facebook and matching them to your existing customers. It a quick way to find new customers.

Make Payments Simple

You should make all your payment methods as simple and secure as possible. It’s best to give your customers a number of choices such as ApplePay, Stripe, WePay, and other recognised brands. Sites like Magical Vegas offer these methods and a variety of slot games, live casino games, and many more. This not only reassures customers but gives them a choice while using your business.

Lose the Landing Pages

“Lose our landing pages…!” We hear you say… Yes, but this means boosting your online adverts and aligning them to match how customers view and shop on the web. You can do this using Facebook or AdWords. It makes your business easy to find and saves customers time while browsing – it means they go straight to your business.

Try A Free Giveaway

If you can give your customers something for free, then do it! It’s always nice to get something for free – customers appreciated it from any company. This will help customers look at your company in a different light, thus improving sales. Can include two-for-ones, buy one get one free, and memberships – it can be anything.

Optimizing Mobile for Sales

Mobile is the most popular way to search online – believe it or not, many businesses overlook this. It’s vital that your site has been optimized for mobile. It should be simple for a customer to choose a product or service and pay without any hassle. Your check out should be smooth and effortless. So, if you need to, adapt your checkout process.

New software helps businesses beat COVID-19 limitations

COVID-19 introduced the social distancing era, and with it the world was forced to shift from in-office working to remote working practices.

Despite the initial panic this has led to many benefits and innovations across the board. Employees now enjoy a better work-life balance, they experience increased freedom around their working hours and even improved all round wellbeing. Businesses talk of perks like higher productivity, better engagement, increased employee retention and even lower operating fees through virtual employability.

Today globally recognized thought-leader and innovator iText adds to these achievements with the launch of its powerful pdfOCR software.

Remote workers can now safely and securely verify and sign paper documents.

“With COVID-19 urging companies to accelerate their digital transformation projects, organizations are forced to explore new ways of accessing and managing their data – existing and new” Yeonsu Kim, CEO at iText Group NV stated.

“Staying true to our open-source roots, we’ve decided to build iText pdfOCR upon the open-source Tesseract OCR Engine. With this, we wish to reconfirm our positioning as an open-source company – a value which is appreciated by our millions of users and clients.”

iText is a global leader in innovative PDF software. Its award-winning products are used by millions of users, both open source and commercial. The diverse customer base includes many of the Fortune 500 companies – ranging from technology, financial, travel to healthcare companies, as well as small companies and government agencies. Headquartered in Belgium, iText also has offices in Asia (Singapore and South-Korea) and in the USA (Boston).

Organizers of the Russian WWII-dedicated “Memory road” project invite residents of Europe to participate

The digital database of the Russian “Memory road” project, dedicated to the victory over fascism, contains more than 1 million photos of people who fought in the Second world war. Museums, Military-Patriotic organizations and residents of Europe, whose relatives in particular fought against Nazism in the Soviet army (the Normandy-Neman aviation regiment, units of emigrants from Spain, and others), and other countries of the anti-Hitler coalition are invited to participate in the project.

The collected images will be shown in the “Memory Road” gallery, which is to open on the territory of the “Patriot” military park in Moscow region. The length of the gallery will be 1418 meters which coincides with the number of days the Russian Great Patriotic war lasted for.

This historical project involves both residents of Russia and other countries – the Netherlands, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Estonia. And this is understandable – not only the USSR, but also the countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, and both Americas fought against Nazi Germany and its allies. To counter fascists, a coalition was consisting of the USSR, Great Britain, and the United States was created. The fighting took place all over the world, so the Russian project is ready to perpetuate the memory of all the fighters for a common future. Regardless of where they fought: in Europe, North Africa, or in the Pacific.

By the time hostilities in Japan ended, more than 50 States had already been at war with the countries of the Nazi bloc. Therefore, all countries of the anti-Hitler coalition, museums, historical and veteran organizations of Europe and the world can participate in the project “Memory road” in order to preserve the memory of their heroes. In 2020, the world will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the victory in World war II.

“Memory road” is an accessible digital database hosted on https://pamyat-naroda.ru/ portal, where anyone can upload a photo of a combatant (the photo must first be digitized). In addition to images, the site contains information about the family history, the feat of a war hero, and his or her letters. Sergey Shoigu, Russian Minister of defence, took part in this project by contributing information about his relatives who fought during WWII.

The “Memory road” project is apolitical. It is about people, soldiers, many of whom gave their lives for peace in their countries.

Such a social project is being implemented only in Russia – there is no any other media platform on which full-fledged data about all war combatants can be found.

At the same time, advancement in technology makes it possible to combine all European museums, historical and veteran organizations into a single database to create an international portal about heroes of the WWII.

What Is the Ahmed Dahab Trials & Tribulations Competition?

From a very young age, Ahmed Dahab demonstrated a strong head for business.

Born on the 13th January 1978 in Sudan, Mr Dahab moved with his family to Kuwait in 1983 when he was just a small child.

Mr Dahab’s father worked at the headquarters of an investment company. Ahmed Dahab was a highly committed A+ student. Although he obtained a major in science, he was not offered a university place, since Kuwaiti universities are not open to ‘foreigner’ students.

Deciding instead to put all of his efforts into business, Ahmed Dahab set up his first business aged just 19. By 2011, he had made his first million pounds.

In 2014, Ahmed Dahab expanded his business, purchasing land in Kusadasi, Turkey, where he developed 60 residential buildings. His efforts in the Turkish development industry were extremely fruitful, though not everyone shared Mr Dahab’s enthusiasm for the venture’s success.

In 2016, Mr Dahab’s organization was accused by the State Security Service of involvement in money laundering. The Trials and Tribulations of Ahmed Dahab follows Mr Dahab’s experiences at the hands of the Kuwaiti legal system, telling the tale of his wrongful imprisonment, how he was physically and mentally tortured by authorities, and how he was ultimately subjected to a gross miscarriage of justice.

The Trials and Tribulations of Ahmed Dahab competition is an opportunity for people who have read his story to help raise public awareness of this terrible injustice. Entrants can submit a picture of the Public Prosecutor, for which there is a 1st prize of £1,000; or simply add a comment on the story, for which the winning entrant will receive £250.

Submit your entries here: https://www.ahmeddahab.org/competition/

Kevin Neal Explores Different Ways to Raise Capital

Capital raising refers to a process undertaken by businesses to secure the funding required to start, operate or grow that business. No matter what stage a company is at, raising capital is a necessary requirement.

There are two main types of capital raising: debt capital, such as taking out a loan or credit card, and equity capital, which involves selling shares in the company in exchange for finance.

Kevin Neal has been involved in raising funding and capital throughout his career, drawing on his experience as a former independent financial adviser.

Within both debt and equity financing, there are various methods and sources a business can use to secure the capital they require.

Debt Financing

Debt financing involves the business borrowing a sum of money under contract to repay that money, usually plus interest, within a certain period of time. The two most commonly used types of debt financing are loans and bonds.

With a loan, the company borrows a sum from a lender such as a bank and commits to making repayments until that sum plus an agreed rate of interest has been fully repaid.

Corporate bonds are another option; these are sold to investors to raise immediate capital, with the company then paying the investor interest payments until the bonds reach a pre-agreed date of maturity. These types of bonds pay a relatively high yield to investors, as they come with a higher level of risk than other similar investments such as government bonds.

Equity Financing

Equity financing raises money for the company that does not have to be repaid, as the investor is given shares in the company in exchange for their capital. There are two main types of shares that can be issued.

Common shares provide the shareholder with the right to vote at board meetings but come with few other perks. Holders of common shares are the last to be repaid if the company liquidates.

Preferred shares do not confer voting rights on the shareholders, but they do guarantee payment of a specified dividend before any common share payments are made.

Realistic Capital Raising Goals

No matter which capital raising route a company chooses to go down, it will have a better chance of success if the owners or management are realistic about the amount of capital that will be required from the offset.

Entrepreneurs are often optimistic which, although a positive quality, can result in forecasts and predictions which do not come to light. Being realistic about the required amount of capital – while accounting for a variety of possible scenarios rather than just the best case – helps ensure enough capital can be secured to see things through.

Know Your Investors

A large part of successfully securing the capital a business requires comes from knowing which investors to approach, as well as ensuring that all the relevant information and documentation is in place before approaching them.

Some projects will benefit from appealing to investors with local knowledge, for example, while others will be more attractive to investors with an international scope.

Approaching the right investors armed with an in-depth business plan and well thought out projections can make the difference between securing the capital and going home empty-handed.

An Overview Of Amaiz.com And Its Features

What Is Amaiz?

Amaiz is a popular electronic money institute that has been built under the United Kingdom’s regulations related to electronic money in the year 2011. Amaiz is regulated by the financial control authority and is registered by a popular electronic money institute called the PrePay Technologies Ltd. The popular E-money Institute PrePay is authorized to issue electronic money and other money paying instruments.


The best thing about Amaiz is that it can be fully trusted. The level of security they provide is unmatchable and helps you feel safe and secure about making online electronic payments comfortably. It is easy to forget your password and sometimes passwords are not enough to get you the security you desire that is why Amaiz provides you a security system that helps to make sure your card, app, account, and other personal information is kept safe. This is done by tools such as biometric identification, card control and identification by the video.

Another amazing advantage of having a current account at Amaiz is that it is available all the time and saves you from the unnecessary fuss of managing your account. It helps to keep your spending separate from your business expenditure and covers up all your basic expenses. Whenever the money enters or leaves your account you get notified so everything is simple and straightforward with Amaiz. The good news is that it is very easy and quick to set up your current account at Amaiz you just need your passport, your residence permit, your cell phone and your time.

Amaiz also provides you with the expert service that helps you in answering your queries and solving your problems related to accounts, invoicing, and bookkeeping. Their expert team is fully trained and experienced to help you out in anything and everything. The invoicing by Amaiz is easy and straightforward. You can easily and simply bill your customers once the sale is done from the invoicing app. The process of invoicing is simplified by having portions on the app that deals with important information such as adding the client’s name, the due date, adding the taxes, costs, and listing the items. The total amount would be calculated automatically for the customer and would be shared through the messenger or Amaiz app.

The pricing is simple, easy and low. The advanced plan that they offer is amazing and they help you get started for free. Later on, you can choose to pay monthly through PAYG once things start getting better for you. You can choose any monthly plan of payment that suits you. The three plans that you can choose from are Amaiz starter pack, Coconut start, and starling. Each plan is low priced with a low monthly fee, bank transfers, International transfers, cash deposits, cash withdrawals, and card reissues.


Amaiz is an amazing online electronic money transfer institute that helps you to make payments and transfer money easily, comfortably and safely. It offers various types of cost effective pricing plans which are perfect for customers looking for digital banking services.

UK reduces its oil imports by over 75 million barrels in five years

The UK has reduced its oil imports by more than a fifth (21%) in five years, a new online tool from Daily FX has revealed.

While the country remains the 12th biggest global importer of oil, including petroleum oils, it has taken great strides towards reducing its reliance on such environmentally-harmful fuels.

Between 2013 and 2018, the UK had the eighth-best rate in Europe for reducing such imports, with its intake dropping by 76.9 million barrels (from 359 million to just over 280 million).

Malta (93%) and the Republic of Moldova (92%) experienced the most significant decreases across the continent.

The data has been visualised on a new interactive tool built by Daily FX, the leading portal for forex trading news, which displays global commodity imports and exports over the last decade.

The tool shows that China has recently overtaken the USA as the world’s biggest importer of oil. The Asian giant imported nearly 3.4 billion barrels in 2018, which was over 240 million more than the USA. China tops the list having increased its oil imports by 64% since 2013 – nearly six times the rate of its rival (11%).

The top 10 global importers of oil (2018) are:

  1. China – 3.38 billion barrels
  2. USA – 3.14 billion barrels
  3. India – 1.65 billion barrels
  4. Japan – 1.09 billion barrels
  5. The Republic of Korea – 1.09 billion barrels
  6. Germany – 622 million barrels
  7. Netherlands – 506 million barrels
  8. Italy – 460 million barrels
  9. France – 397 million barrels
  10. Singapore – 376 million barrels

Daily FX’s unique tool allows traders to spot developments in the flow of commodities and the growth of both supply and demand while comparing the changes to critical economic indicators.

One trend highlighted by the tool is the decreasing reliance on oil among African countries. Five of the world’s ten best nations at reducing oil imports are found on the continent, including the top four. Morocco, Kenya, Burundi and Gambia all decreased such imports by over 99%.

John Kicklighter, Chief Currency Strategist at Daily FX, said: “The world is changing and so is the way that it uses energy. Renewable and environmentally-friendly fuel options are the future, and while the end of crude oil is still far off, there will be considerable changes in the world’s top importers and exporters. Our new tool helps track those changes.

“While some of the larger countries have increased their appetite, it is interesting from an investor’s perspective to see the UK exploring alternative energy sources and reducing its dependence on oil.”

‘Global Commodities’ takes the form of a re-imagined 3D globe where the heights of countries rise and fall to show the import and export levels of a range of commodities over the last decade. The data visualisation allows users to switch views from a single commodity or market and show information relevant to that commodity or market’s performance.

To learn more about Global Commodities and view the tool, visit: https://www.dailyfx.com/research/global-commodities

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