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Are Free Spins the best bonuses you can get in online slots?

It is truly difficult to imagine a world without online slots in the 21st century, as these game have become easily the most popular type of gambling avenue these days, with developers such as NetEnt, Play N GO and Microgaming proving to be absolutely instrumental to the continued dominance of online slot games with 500 free spins.

These companies have put so much effort into making sure their games are constantly evolving, with things like expansive bonus features, HD aesthetics and massive jackpots all contributing to the major success of online slots in general. 

But it isn’t just because of the slot developers that the online slot industry as a whole is having such a good moment, because we mustn’t also forget the quality work being put in by online casino sites too. Both slot developers and online casino sites are packing the onlne slot gambling experience full of bonuses, with free spins being by far the most popular. Are free spins the best bonuses you can get with online slots though? Keep reading to find out more. 

What are free spins bonuses? 

Free spins bonuses are pretty much exactly what they say they are on the tin, however just for the purpose of clarity let’s have a brief run through of exactly what free spins bonuses can mean in the 21st century. The most common free spins bonuses usually come as a result of a certain number of scatter symbols appearing on the reels, which will then send gamblers through to a free spins bonus round. 

This is the easiest way to obtain free spins during a slots session, however there is also possibility to gain some free spins from an online casino site when you make a deposit with them. 

A history of free spins bonuses 

In some ways the history of slot free spin bonuses can go back several decades, with the most rudimentary slot machines in the late 1800s sometimes coming hand in hand with a few free spins. These were manually initiated, however, and wouldn’t have looked anything like the free spins of today. 

Free slot spins first became massively popular during the golden age of Las Vegas casino gambling around the 60s, and since then they have been probably the most standardised example of a slot bonus. In the 21st century the emergence of online casino has also meant that free spins bonuses are offered by online casino sites in exchange for a deposit. 

Are free spins the best bonuses you can get in online slots? 

So, on to the golden question – are free spins the best bonuses you can get in online slots? Well, opinion is probably divided here. Although a free spins bonus from an online casino site is pretty good, there are better bonuses you can get within actual slot games. 

Online slot bonus rounds are extremely well designed nowadays, and they can be simultaneously great fun and lucrative at the same time.

Slots that raised controversy on their release

The history of casino gambling is a long, rich and deeply interesting one, which has seen various games and events come and go throughout its history. The invention of roulette in the 1800s was a defining moment for the global casino industry, and something that kick-started the development of super casinos in Europe. There is one thing, however, that has undoubtedly had the biggest influence on the casino scene, and that is the world of slot machines. 

Oh yes, without the invention of slot machines by a man called Charles D. Fey back in the late 1800s it would have to remain to be seen whether or not the casino industry would have hit the heights that it enjoys today. And in the 21st century new online slots further accentuated this fact, sucking in millions of new gamblers every single year. By and large the industry has managed to stay away from most controversy, however there have been a few slots that have raised controversy on their release too, read on to find out. 

Dark Knight 

The Dark Knight Batman film directed by Christopher Nolan and starring some iconic actors like the late Heath Ledger and Christian Bale shot to the top of many people’s favourite film lists when it came out, and it is no surprise either. This dark and gritty superhero motion picture wowed audiences on its release, taking in a record amount of box office revenue at the time. 

It was therefore only right that a slot be made in its honour, and this is exactly what happened. One lucky Australian even managed to bag a cool $10 million from it, however this slot quickly got wrapped up in controversy, and was eventually discontinued due to licencing issues.

Space Diggers 

Playtech are usually emblematic of a top tier online slot developer that customers know that they can trust, churning out a range of quality online slots that cover vintage slots as well as highly modern ones. Well, as much as they are usually very well regarded in the industry, a slot released called Space Diggers wasn’t particularly well received on its release, and ended up mired in controversy. 

The reason why was due to a new piece of technology called a Game Modifier feature, that was touted as a cool way to give the game a flexible RTP. In reality, however, it just let online casino sites meddle with the RTP without having to disclose it, something that naturally was met with controversy. 

OMG! Kittens 

It doesn’t take a genius to work out what OMG! Kittens is a slot game about, and as the title suggests, it is an incredibly feline and cute slot game. The problem is that OMG! Kittens was widely regarded as perhaps a little too cute, because it was widely banned as a result of its tempting nature to small children. And as fun as online slots are, we’re really not sure that kids should be playing them.

Furniture At Work® Advises on Creating an Ergonomic Home Office Space

The global coronavirus pandemic resulted in a change of lifestyle for many people around the world, as measures were put in place to try and slow the spread of the virus.

One thing that changed for multitudes was their work situation. Social distancing and temporary lockdown measures meant that anyone who could work from home was encouraged to do so, at least temporarily. However, prior to the onset of the pandemic, there had already been a shift towards more home working.

Between 2012 and 2016, the number of flexible working arrangements increased by around 12.3%. As the pandemic has shown it is viable to have large swathes of the workforce engaging in their duties from home, it could be that home working becomes much more normalised even as the vaccine rolls out and going back to the office becomes acceptable and safe.

Creating a comfortable and ergonomic home office space is therefore a priority for more people than ever before. Furniture At Work provides a comprehensive range of office furniture designed to protect and maintain the health and wellbeing of employees and workers everywhere.

The Chair

Most people who work from home or in an office will spend up to eight hours a day or more sitting in the same chair. Therefore, it is essential that the chair being used is as comfortable as possible and designed to provide the necessary support to prevent problems with posture that can lead to aches and pains.

Most office chairs today are designed ergonomically, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution. At a minimum, a good office chair will provide lumbar support in the form of cushioning or a curved back rest to prop up the lower spine.

The height should be adjustable to make it suitable for any user, and the arrests should also be adjustable so they can be moved to the correct position. Comfortable fabric padding made from breathable materials can also help keep users cool during the summer months.

Setting Up the Surroundings

Getting the chair right is a key component of office ergonomics. However, if the rest of the environment is not set up properly, the benefits of a good chair may become moot. The desk should be positioned so that the keyboard sits at right angles to or slightly below the level of the arms when they are resting comfortably on the arm rests of the chair.

The computer screen should be at a height that allows the user to look slightly down at it. As a rule of thumb, if the arm is extended directly ahead while sitting in a properly adjusted chair, the middle finger should almost touch the very centre of the screen.

All commonly used items should be kept in easy reach and the lighting should be bright enough and placed correctly to prevent eye strain. This may involve adding a desk lamp to the home office set-up.


Just like in the office, taking short and frequent breaks is also essential to maintain proper health at work. Screen breaks should ideally be taken for a minute or two every 20 to 30 minutes. Ideally this will involve getting up and stretching to benefit the whole body as well as the eyes. Repetitive actions can also cause harm over the long-term, so try to break the day up into sections that involve different activities at different times, such as typing for an hour then making phone calls for the next hour.

How to Stay Organised When You Travel

Going on a trip can be an exciting experience. Whether it is to get some time off to relax and do some exploring or work-related, travelling is something to look forward to. And one of the best ways to enjoy a trip, wherever it may be or for whatever purpose, is to be organised. This means that everything is carefully laid out not to encounter any hitches when you are away from home. You are well-prepared for anything that happens on your trip, and your mind is at rest.

Being organised when travelling includes everything that goes into your luggage, important documents, cash, credit cards, and more. Depending on where you may be going, it is always best to take along clothes that are most suitable for the climate and the occasions you may be attending. You can find excellent ideas from dalstonmillfabrics.co.uk for clothing material that are suitable for any attire you have in mind.

Here are a few organisational tips that can be helpful when you travel.

Prepare a list of things to pack

A packing list is one of the best methods to ensure that you do not leave anything important behind. You may have certain necessities that need to be included, such as particular painkillers and medications or other items that you cannot do without anywhere. Include plastic bags so that they can be used for used clothes, snacks, or bottles of shampoo or cream that could accidentally leak. Ensure that you have a fully charged power bank in case of emergencies. List down the gadgets you will need to take along with you.

Pack efficiently

Most people find that the most challenging part of going on a trip is packing. However, it can be done efficiently so that everything is in its proper place. It is always best to roll up your clothes so that they do not occupy too much space. Consider how many days you will be away and prepare your clothes according to your schedule. Pick out clothes that can easily complement with other colours so that they can be worn in different ways. It is also recommended that outfits should be ideal for layering in case the climate changes or it gets colder at night. Try not to go overboard with shoes, picking out pairs that can go with anything you wear. Keep documents organised correctly in one area, so you don’t have to do a lengthy search when you need them.

Have your itinerary ready

While some people enjoy doing things on the spur of the moment, it is still best to have an itinerary with you, so your days are planned out. You can always be adventurous and decide on what to do when you get there, but if things don’t work out, you can at least have your itinerary to fall back on. Organisation in any aspect of your life helps you to be well-prepared for whatever you encounter. When it comes to travelling, it is a way to keep yourself from getting stressed-out because of details you may have missed, allowing you to enjoy your trip to the fullest instead.

How to save money on travel costs

For many of us, this year has turned our working lives upside down. Working from home has created challenges (home schooling, dogs joining meetings, set dressing your hallway office). However, there has been one rather nice side-effect: saving cash on your commute.

Travel prices have been growing in recent years and look set to increase again. Many families will be feeling the hit of the economic crisis and the cost of returning to the office may be a financial burden.

With the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine being rolled out across the UK, it looks likely that we will all be returning to a more normal way of life in the coming months. Increased health and safety measures, along with the vaccine, are predicted to make commuter travel safer than in 2020.

If returning to your commute has you worried about your finances, try to cut costs where you can. Whether you are going from Watford to get to work by train, hoping to shed some lockdown weight by cycling or wanting to get together with colleagues to split the cost, we have curated our top tips for a cheaper commute.

Get ahead of the game and buy in bulk

After a year of such uncertainty, planning ahead might feel counterproductive. However, a season pass could be just the ticket to save yourself some cash.

On average, an annual travel pass could save you over £300 in comparison to buying a monthly pass. If your wallet won’t stretch to an annual season ticket, you will still save by purchasing monthly passes instead of dailies.

Cut costs by mixing up your transport methods

If you’re looking to save some cash, get some exercise and be kinder to the planet, try combining different transport methods.

Cycle to the station instead of driving to cut down on fuel costs. Walking from the station to the office will keep you active and give you some time to enjoy some music or a podcast. If you really want to commit, make your morning workout a gentle run to the office.

Save those pennies and invest in a Railcard

Check if your eligible for one of the many Railcards available.

Railcards offer discounts on popular routes. There are initial costs to obtain one, but your savings over the year should outweigh any upfront fees.

Form a travel pool with colleagues or friends

If you are still unsure about travelling via public transport, try forming a travel bubble with your colleagues. Carpools allow you to share the cost of fuel and you will be travelling with people you see all day, reducing the chance of catching and spreading the virus.

Can the UK still cook?

Have you been forced to dust off your kitchen equipment during lockdown? From banana breads to homemade cocktails and elaborate date night dinners, new trends emerged while supermarket shelves were ransacked. Yet a new study has revealed that many of us are still lacking even the most basic of cooking skills.  

The study by Hammonds, a furniture company with showrooms across the UK, found that one in 50 Brits don’t know how to cook anything at all. Many more reported struggling with the kind of dishes most chefs would dismiss as too simple.

Below we delve deeper into the stats to uncover whether the UK has lost the skill of cooking.   

Does location make a difference?

Are residents in some parts of the country more capable in the kitchen than others? The Hammonds study found that while those in Belfast are a dab hand over a stove, 3% of Brummies can’t cook a single meal. Meanwhile 44% of Mancunians can’t cope with an omelette as the city is left with egg on its face.  

Heading north east, Geordies fare slightly better, with almost a third of those surveyed having mastered the tricky beef wellington.    

Our limited recipe repertoire

While not everyone can be a foodie, there are some dishes that you’d expect most adults to have a handle on. Yet astonishingly a quarter of Brits claim not to know how to make a simple plate of beans on toast.

1 in 2 wouldn’t trust themselves with a pasta bake, while 30% can’t cope with jacket potatoes.  

And while the traditional Sunday roast emerged as our nation’s favourite meal, 40% feel they have to leave the hard work to somebody else.  

Are we cooking fresh food regularly?

The key to learning any new skill is of course, practice. Over time we can become more confident cooking as we grow familiar with new ingredients and techniques. So just how often are we cooking meals at home?

Another survey conducted in 2019 found that 43% of us cook family meals every day, with a further 23% doing so 3-5 times a week. 8% stay out of the kitchen altogether, likely turning to ready meals, meals out and takeaways instead.

Generational differences

The Hammonds study revealed that older Brits appear to be more comfortable in the kitchen than younger generations. Could this be the benefit of experience, or are attitudes towards food changing in modern times?

More than 9 in 10 65+ year-olds are comfortable with simple options like jacket potatoes and scrambled egg. On the other hand, 5% of 18-24 year-olds can’t cook at all – while 60% haven’t yet mastered the humble cheese toastie.  

Everyone learns at a different pace, of course. Perhaps this year’s events will have offered opportunities for more of us to learn how to cook and expand our dining options.


Not many people find moving out from their homes an easy thing to do. Some people are so sentimentally attached to their homes that they do not even want to consider moving to a new one. As a result, these people opt for loft conversions or extensions as an alternative solution to their need for more space. These choices help avoid any need to change homes or offices as a result of the requirement for additional space.

Loft conversions and extensions also add to the value of your property; hence, increasing future equity gains. However, when it comes to choosing between a loft conversion and an extension, many people find it difficult to choose the one that best meets their needs.

In this post, we will take a quick look at the pros and cons of a loft conversion or an extension in hope that it will help you decide which option is most suitable for you.


Here are a few pros of loft conversion:

  •   NO NEED FOR PERMITS: Opting for a loft conversion eliminates the hassles that come with applying for planning permission. However, you should know that should you make any exterior change made to the structure of your property or roof then this will then require a planning permit.
  •   SAVING TIME: One of the major differences between a loft conversion and extension is the completion time. Building an extension often requires more time than a loft conversion.
  •   COST-EFFECTIVENESS: If you are looking to spend less and still get the space you require, you should go for a loft conversion. Loft conversions are usually cheaper than extensions. You can get professional hands to help you make the best choice from the Humphreysandsons website.


Here are a few reasons why you should consider the extension option:

  •   FLEXIBILITY: Another difference between a loft conversion and extension is their versatility. Extensions are usually more flexible than loft conversions. With extensions, you can design your new space without being restricted to the dimensions of your existing property.
  •   BUILDING UPWARDS: You most likely only have so much space in which you can extend your property outwards. In this case, you can choose to also expand your property upwards.


Here are a few disadvantages of loft conversion:

  •   FLEXIBILITY: A loft conversion will be restricted within the current dimensions of your property. This may affect the furnishings that can be fitted into your property.
  •   INADEQUATE ACCESS TO NATURAL LIGHT: Since loft conversions are often positioned at the top of a property, accessing natural daylight can be challenging. However, there are several ways to enhance the light levels in your property through the installation of artificial lights.


Here are a few disadvantages of an extension:

  •   NEEDS PLANNING PERMISSION: In most cases, you will be required to seek planning permission for an extension. This is one of the key differences between a loft conversion and extension.
  •   HIGHER COSTS: Constructing a space from scratch is often the number one reason why an extension is more expensive than a loft conversion.


Choosing between a loft conversion and extension depends on your preferences. You can use the pros and cons listed above as a guide to help you decide which option will be more suitable for you.

5 Questions to ask your hair transplant surgeon in Turkey

Image was captured pre-Covid-19

If you are contemplating hair transplant surgery in Turkey there are a few things you will need to consider to determine if it’s the right option for you. Let’s take a look at the 5 most important questions that will help you make a decision you can feel confident about, and know you have chosen the right surgeon for your procedure. 

 1. Am I an eligible candidate for hair transplant?

Your candidacy for hair transplant procedures is determined by these three guidelines: 

  • Obtaining a diagnosis for the cause of hair loss. Using the Norwood Scale, your surgeon will gain a clear understanding of the amount of donor hair available, the quality of the donor area and the size of the balding areas that need to be treated. 
  • Having realistic expectations of the results and an understanding that hair loss might continue to progress after surgery. If the hair loss pattern has not been stabilized, some patients have to continue taking prescribed medication after surgery.
  • Being in optimal health as there are still risks involved, even with minimally invasive surgery. Your initial consultation is a good opportunity to discuss medical factors and determine if you’re a good candidate. 

2. What method of hair transplantation will be best for me?

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) are the two most popular methods used in hair transplantation, and choosing which method is best should be left to your surgeon. Here at the Dr Serkan Aygin Clinic, we will ensure your results are natural regardless of which method is chosen. During your initial consultation, we will determine which transplantation method is best, based on your hair loss classification, the size of the thinning area, quality and quantity of donor areas.

While an FUE hair transplant involves making incisions at the recipient sites before implanting the grafts, causing slight differences in terms of angle and direction of grafts, the DHI method simultaneously performs site creation and graft placement allowing full control of depth, direction and angle of placement of each graft. This is the key difference between the two methods.

3. What is the timeline expected for my hair growth?

Hair Transplantation Post-Operation Recovery Timeline 

Day 1:  The area operated on is cleaned, the bandage on the donor area is removed and your laser treatment begins.

Day 3: You can begin washing your scalp following our carefully considered instructions.

Days 5-7: The transplanted grafts will become stronger, and won’t be dislodged by touching. During this time your scalp may feel itchy but you should avoid scratching. 

Days 15-30: It’s time to enjoy looking at your amazing results in the mirror as the distinction between transplanted and native hair disappears. 

Months 1-3: Known as “shock loss”, during this period your transplanted hair will begin to shed. Don’t be alarmed, this is completely normal. 

Months 3-6: All that was lost is replaced with new hair growth and thickened transplanted hair.

Months 6-10: Keep your eyes peeled for the most impressive difference since the initial procedure. You are nearing the end of a worthwhile journey. After a full year, you can start to enjoy the final results of the procedure, however, the recovery period may take longer when the transplantation is performed in the crown area.

4. What type of results can I expect to have from the procedure?

Hair restoration is a personal journey and therefore your results will be unique to you so you should avoid comparisons with other hair transplant patients. The main variables that affect your results are:

  • Hair characteristics – coarse, curly hair will appear thicker than fine, straight hair
  • The contrast between hair and skin colour – the combination of pale skin and dark hair may cause some patient’s hair to appear thinner as skin will be more visible through the hair
  • The extent of hair loss – this affects the ratio of donor area to recipient area
  • Donor area density – dense hair in the donor area will provide a greater supply of follicular units
  • Donor follicular unit groupings – donor supply with lots of three and four hair follicular units creates more ‘thickness’ than supply consisting mainly of one and twohair follicular units.

Your surgeon will consider these variables and create a personalized treatment plan, ensuring maximum satisfaction.

5. How long will the results last?

The results of a hair transplant are considered to be permanent. Hair follicles are extracted from regions that are genetically resistant to hair loss meaning when transplanted, they will retain these bald-resistant traits. However, it is important to be aware that surgery can’t prevent continued hair thinning and future hair loss on other areas of the scalp. Roughly 30% of hair transplant patients opt for another transplant within 10 years.

Depending on your specific situation, you might require further operations to maintain a full head of hair. We advise having realistic expectations and an experienced doctor will help you understand what’s possible. 

Choosing the right hair transplant clinic

It’s important you find a hair transplant clinic that will guide you through this delicate process and provide excellent care ensuring you are happy with the results. 

Image was captured pre-Covid-19

Latest Megaways Slots in the series

Megaways Slots are a series of online video slots which is having a fantastic success worldwide. The series of games is at the top of the most popular online casinos and slots sites around the world, they are recognised by industry experts as the phenomenon of 2020. It all started with the release of Bonanza Megaways in 2016 by the Australia provider Big Time Gaming. Now the series counts more than 100 titles and players are more hungry for these games than ever. Let’s have a look at these online slots games and see what’s so special about them. On top of that, we will have a look at the latest releases in the series, following experts opinion on what the next big titles of 2021 might be. New Megaways Slots are what most players are looking for, but there’s only a few titles who become really big popular among fans.

The success of the Megaways slots series is connected with the cutting edge technology the games use. The innovation comes by re-inventing the old pay line system and introducing a new way of conceiving how online slots work: during each spin reels display a different number of symbols, the outcome of each game is dynamic. This way there is a higher number of possible winning combinations players can achieve, the higher the number of symbols displayed on the reels, the higher the number of possible winning combos. Usually, Megaways slots are built on a 6×7 grid, allowing up to 117.649 possibile winning ways.

The use of this innovative system is integrated with new special features which create even more winning possibilities for players. Some of the most popular are cascading symbols (when a winning combo is formed it explodes, making room for new symbols and new possibile wins) or free spins with unlimited win multipliers (in this case there is a multiplier starting at x1 and increasing its value by 1 after each winning reaction). These games offer some really innovative special features and players around the world are responding very positively.

As mentioned earlier, the new slot mechanic was invented by Big Time Gaming, a software provider which released the first game of the series in 2016. After that, they have slowly released more and more titles and later sold a licence for their engine to other slots producers. This results in a series of games which now counts more than 100 titles. According to industry experts some are meant to become the new successes of 2020, let’s have a look at them:

  • Twin Spin Megaways: released just a few weeks ago, this game is already climbing slots charts worldwide. Twin Spin is an older slot classic by NetEnt, one of the biggest software providers for online casino games worldwide. They have now created a Megaways-version of their classic game, keeping the same look and feel, the same special features. The difference is of course that the slot now spins with a completely new logic. The operation has been a great success so far and slots experts believe this is going to be one of the most popular online games of the next few months.
  • Tiki Infinity Reels Megaways: this slot is created by ReelPlay, a young and innovative slot provider based in Australia. According to industry experts, this game is going to be a success since it merges the ground-braking Megaways mechanic together with their innovative Infinity Reels feature. The combination creates a fantastic mix of two successful ingredients and players enjoy a potential infinite number of reels. On top of that, tiki Infinity Reels offers a x888 jackpot if the player manages 12 consecutive winning reactions.
  • Wheel of Fortune Megaways: this slot is developed by Big Time Gaming, the inventors of the famous slot mechanic. They have a created a branded content slot (they’re experts at this) inspired by the game Wheel of Fortune. The result is a thrilling slot with a fantastic design and sound effects which offers up to a million possibile winning ways during the free spins bonus round. Industry experts believe this is going to be a very well liked game during 2021 thanks to its popular theme and the immersive atmosphere it creates for slots fans.

Ways to Make Math Fun for Kids in Grade 5 and Beyond

Do you think you can still outsmart your fifth grader?

Convincing your child about something used to be so much easier when they were still a toddler or even up until they were still in the lower grades, right? Nowadays, fifth graders seem to know so much more. With that knowledge comes the chance to question the reason they need to do this or that.

When it comes to convincing your kid to take supplementary math classes for kids, would you know how to make it interesting enough so they would want to sign up for it?

If not, read on and find out some helpful tips and tricks to make math more fun for your not-so-little one.

The Multiplier Effect

When you want your child to excel in mathematics, you can find ways to increase their interest in the subject. By intensifying your efforts to help your child focus more attention to arithmetic, there is also a chance that your kid will find math more fascinating.

Let’s face it, not all kids are created equal when it comes to numeracy skills. While some are born to be whiz kids in math, some may need more guidance and prodding to develop an affinity for the subject. If your child falls into the latter category, worry not. There are effective ways to improve their aptitude and attitude towards mathematics.

As a parent, you play a vital role in helping develop your child’s interest in arithmetic. While fifth-graders could have developed a stronger sense of self, they are also young enough to look to you for guidance. Your listening ear and helping hand will go a long way in leading them to make positive moves that will benefit them in life.

Whether they’re comparing prices of electronic drum sets or out there buying groceries, mathematics is one subject matter that will surely help them as adults.

As early as now, you can start planting the seeds of interest by making the subject more fun. Here are some ways to make math more enjoyable:

1. Enroll your child in a progressive learning center

Kids may not be so interested in math when it is taught in a formal school setting. Stressing about grades, fear of strict teachers or pressure from their classmates may inhibit their interest in the subject.

However, when math is introduced outside school, some kids break out of their shells. They start to develop a healthy fascination for numbers and mathematical systems in a less prohibitive environment.

Advanced learning centers that employ seasoned math specialists can provide a more relaxed learning atmosphere. One-on-one instruction may allow the student to be more open about asking questions or expressing ideas. They will still learn from subject matter experts without the anxiety of being given a bad grade that will reflect on their academic report card.

2. Join math camps

In addition to regular math sessions in learning centers, your kids may also find mathematics more exciting when taught in an entertaining way. Some forward-thinking learning centers offer math and science, technology, engineering, and purely mathematics camps to kids of different ages and grade levels.

These camps combine compelling math concepts with exciting activities to encourage student engagement. Aside from teaching the four basic operations, metric system, time-telling, and more advanced topics such as algebra, percentages, and profit and loss, hands-on activities are also included in these camp programs.

Math concepts are absorbed better when kids are in a more comfortable atmosphere. Math camps are places where they have more breathing space while learning and having fun with kids their age.

3. Incorporate math in daily activities

Another way of making math more interesting is to make it part of your daily life. As your fifth grader grows, you can tie in math in the things that they do, their hobbies, or even the chores that they need to do.

For example, you can develop their math skills while they’re helping out in the kitchen. Ask them to help you measure ingredients, take note of the cooking time, or convert volume.

You can also make them realize the importance of math in their daily interactions or pastimes. For example, if your child is fond of gadgets and online games, tell them that math is one of the basic principles of programming language. Their apps are built from numbers and their correlation to each other.

You can also demonstrate that math plays a role even while shopping or malling. If your child is excited to go to the mall, ask them to pay for items and count change for you. Let them compare prices, compute the percentage in discount offers, or simply add up the total of your purchases.

You can also ask your child to assist you in the kitchen by helping take measurements of certain ingredients.

It All Adds Up

These are some of the ways by which you can bring math closer to your child’s heart and mind.

With your efforts and patient guidance, you can help your child become more interested and involved in sharpening his or her numeracy level. These activities will add excitement to learning the subject and make math a more fun activity for your child.

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