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The Complete Guide to Editing Marketing Videos for Small Businesses


Did you know that over 4 billion people have social media accounts? If your business doesn’t have a page on at least one of the popular platforms, you’re missing out on a lot of advertising potential. 

Particularly, video advertising. Short clips garner much more attention than photo and text posts as long as you play your cards right. 

That means editing marketing videos to perfection. You only have a second or two to make an impression. You’ve got to plan your clips accordingly. 

We can assist you with that. Keep reading for a few tips that will help you with marketing with videos. 

First Impressions Are Everything 

As we said in our intro, first impressions are everything. You only have a few seconds to catch someone’s attention before they move on to the next post on their feed. 

The best way to get people to stop scrolling and watch is with motion. Movement catches the eye faster than static images. 

Another route you can go is to trigger the viewer’s natural curiosity. Open your video with a question. They’ll watch the clip to the end hoping to get an answer. 

You’re Not Recording a Sales Pitch

When it comes to marketing with videos, it’s important to remember that you’re not recording a sales pitch. Viewers don’t like being sold to. 

What they do like is a story. 

Do a video about how your company got where it is today. Talk about a huge challenge that you overcame. 

It will present a sense of realism that customers can latch onto. It’s also more interesting and creative than sales pitch video number 546. 

Make a Storyboard

All the video editing tools in the world can’t help you if you don’t plan your recording ahead of time. Having a blueprint will help you figure out what kind of clips you need. 

Keep in mind that you don’t have to do anything too fancy. If you’re not an artist, don’t stress it. Simple doodles will do the trick. 

Play With Lighting 

You can get a video editor online for free that comes with plenty of options as far as lighting goes. 

Playing around with video lighting effects will allow you to set the mood for your clip. For example, let’s say that you’re filming a cheery scene. You would use soft lighting for that. 

Reserve your harsh lighting for scenes that depict moments of sadness or anger. 

Choose the Right Video Length 

The last step is choosing your marketing video length. Again, you’ve only got a few seconds to grab the viewer’s attention and keep it. You don’t want to drag things out. 

Since most people are scrolling through their social media feed when they’re on break or stuck in a traffic jam, your videos shouldn’t be longer than 60 seconds.

The Trick to Editing Marketing Videos 

With all the people that use social media every day, you can’t afford to not use it as an advertising opportunity. Out of all the different types of marketing out there, videos are the most popular. 

We hope that you’re able to use these tips for editing marketing videos to record the perfect clips. For more tips that will help your company grow, visit the Business section of our blog. 

Andrew Mcaffrey