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How to Nail a Dream Job


Want to step up a level and nail your dream job? Get started with the below tips.

The decision has been made! You want to start applying for your dream job. After completing your studies, the first job enticed you with its practice, responsibility, and the right salary. However, after a few years on the job, you realized that this wasn’t the ‘dream’ you had in mind after graduation. Whether or not this scenario explains your situation, for many other graduates out there, when it’s time to level up, the realisation is all too familiar. But as most of us know, a dream doesn’t become a reality through magic and there are bound to be many bumps on the path of career success. So, exactly what is the best answer to ‘how to get the job of your dreams?

Of course, there are no set rules to nail a dream job; however, there are various best practices for finding a dream job that can help. These include having an attractive resume, being specific about the company you want to work for, and even opting for a further education course such as an MBA in Business Administration. Time and again, it turns out that an MBA degree obtained from a world-renowned university, such as the Hult International Business School , also leads to the best return on investment. In the meantime, take note of the below best ways to find a dream job.

1. Know What You’re All About

Whilst on the ‘dream job’ journey, the last thing you want is to land yourself a new job in which eight hours a day is spent looking at the clock, wishing the time goes faster and that Friday arrives for an escape from that hell. To prevent yourself crawling from one hell to another, it is, therefore, vital to be aware of exactly ‘who’ you are and ‘what’ you want. You can start with the help of a ‘best career quiz’ such as the dream job mapper, a unique and fun tool that uses big data to help you figure out your next career move.

With a tool like this, you will not only get to know yourself better but will also have more clarity on what makes you special. But you have to be honest about what kind of knowledge and experience you possess that makes you attractive to a potential employer. The tool also offers the opportunity to thoroughly answer questions such as;

  • What am I really good at?
  • Where are my priorities?
  • Where can I show experience?
  • What things do I hate doing?

2. Be Specific About the Dream Company

There is no debate about it – you want a job that will earn you good money. However, it’s even more crucial to find the right company. What good is the best job if the employer does not fit? Whether your current job is no fun and you are after a company that is more social, or you prefer to work for a larger firm where career progression seems more possible; regardless of the purpose, you must ensure that your preferences are thoroughly highlighted. After using the free career quiz, you will then be able to accurately answer the following questions;

  • Which company do I want to work for?
  • Where do I have a good chance of entry?
  • What is the company culture like?
  • Do I want to bring out my expertise more?
  • How much money do I need/want to earn?

When making a critical analysis of your desired company, also be specific about your preference for a large or a medium-sized corporation and if there is a parent company abroad. If traveling is one of the top things on your ‘to-do list’, the opportunity might come along faster with a large international firm – although not guaranteed. However, what is certain is that all these questions will eventually lead you down the heavenly path of work.

3. Study for a Master’s degree

A master’s degree is highly valued in the world of work, most especially an MBA. Business administration has long been considered one of the most important success factors of companies. Such a degree offers up on good leadership skills which is an indispensable prerequisite for a sustainable increase in the company value. However, both the professional orientation of the MBA program and the chosen business school plays an essential role hence why it’s vital to take time and choose the best MBA business school.

4. Your Resume is the Golden Ticket

Unlike beauty, your resume is not in the eye of the beholder. What many recruiters are after is an applicant with solid, professional experience. To put it bluntly, your experience is not a matter of opinion, but rather, appertains to ‘what can be proven’. So, as the ticket to the job interview,

it’s vital to have a clear, well-structured resume to make it easier for the HR manager to find important information about you. This ultimately increases your chances of being invited to a job interview. Any related experience to the dream job you are applying for must also be clearly detailed for the recruiter to see at first glance.

5. Attend Networking Events

Despite the above crucial steps, it’s not all hard work when finding a dream job. You can also have fun meeting new people through networking. As Dennis Witley once said, ‘If you’re not networking, you’re not working’. So don’t take that statement lightly – networking is essential for your career and being social is also part of work. With it, you can acquire valuable industry knowledge whilst meeting inspiring personalities that bring momentum into your desired field of work. By attending events, you also get to network with interesting people – maybe someone whose company is looking for a new senior manager? Such events also offer a relaxed atmosphere to go out and make new contacts – but do not forget to take your business card with you!

To conclude, the search for your dream job should always place more focus on personal development, acquiring new skills and expanding your network, rather than being a painful duty or ‘get rich quick’ scheme. With the help of the dream job mapper tool, you will be more certain about which job and career path best suits you.

So why not get a head start by adding your profile on LinkedIn? Get in touch with lots of interesting people around the world – both educators as well as company CEOs. Remember, it’s all about enjoying the journey!

John Richardson