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How to give an instant facelift to your new office?


Whether you work from your home or go to an office, what keeps you motivated is not just the nature of your work but also your workspace. Working from within a gorgeous and inspiring space will keep you focused on working and boost your productivity.

 If you think your office needs a facelift, you are in luck, for here, you will find some fantastic tips and decor ideas to create a beautiful, comfortable space.

 Given below are some simple ideas that are sure to spruce up your new office.

  • Declutter and get organized.
    Start by getting rid of unnecessary things in your office and make a habit of cleaning the space regularly. Perhaps there is too much clutter around as you see things like books, files, and stationery that you really do not need. You can shift everything online to cloud storage and keep just a few of those personal items in your office.

  • Make it more organic.
    Let natural light in, and you can make some simple, practical changes such as working closer to the window in an optimal light. Incorporate greenery by adding some plants for an organic and peaceful feel.  Your office space will feel a lot more comfortable, clean, and ergonomic once you make those changes and add simple elements.

  • Change the flooring.
    There is no need to spend an astronomical sum of money on the floor as you can always look for a colourful area rug or a neutral grey carpet, based on the theme and ambiance of the office. The idea is to create visual interest and give an accent to the office space. Office flooring need not be dull and drab but should add to the ambiance and space.

  • Use your art and inspiration.
    Put your inspiration on display in your office, and what could be better than having a unique photo display rack with images that inspire you. It could be a creative artwork or a family photo that keeps you motivated.

  • Utilize the vertical space on the walls.
    It is a good idea to make good use of all that unused space on the wall. You could hang a memo board or an organizer on the wall to hold all those extra accessories. The idea is to not just make the office space look more attractive but also very practical. Make excellent use of vertical space and stay organized.

  • Add some colours.
    If you have some favourite colours or a theme of some sort that makes you happy, go ahead and use it in your office. It could be a quirky work of art or a chair that resembles that colour or wallpaper. You can even paint one wall of your office in that shade and transform the office instantly. Do not feel afraid to experiment and express yourself as a pop of colour gives an instant boost of creativity.

  • Blend the old and new.
    Don’t be afraid to mix vintage and modern styles to make the office space your very own. For example, you could pair a set of new chairs with a gorgeous antique table. Another idea is to place a 1920s typewriter on the vintage table. There are endless ideas on how you could mix the old with the new to create a unique space for your office.

  • Control the web of wires.
    The look of any office can easily get spoiled with the tangle of cords, cables, wires, and plugs. Every office needs those cords and cables, but it is not essential to make them visible and make your office look like a hurricane zone. So have a look at your working space or computer area, and if it is looking dusty and tangled, it is time to get organized. Wrap the clump of wires with Velcro strips and label each to control the web of wires.

Organization and optimization of your workspace hold the key. You can certainly get some idea from the above tips and tricks or use your own creativity to boost the décor of your office. At the end of the day, your aim should be to create an inspiring space that keeps you motivated and inspired to work.

Andrew Mcaffrey