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Is A New Job A Good Idea?


Roughly 110,000 people start a new job every day. It is easy to think that a new job means a new start and that your life will improve. However, how can you be so sure? There are many factors in life that contribute to your happiness and wellbeing, so don’t rush into a job too quick. If you feel you are ready, head down to the local recruitment agency or hand out your CVs to companies. Reading this following advice will assist you in knowing if you are ready.

Have You Been There Long Enough?

If you are seeking a new job, the most important thing is to make sure you portray yourself as an idyllic candidate. One way of doing this is to have gained credibility from your previous role. Make sure to stay in your current job for a long enough time so that your potential new employer won’t suspect you’ll abandon ship after a short time. Always try to work somewhere for at least a year to prove you possess perseverance and commitment to what you do. If you are leaving your role, specify your reasons for your departure but turn them into positives. If you are asked about why you left in the future and your reasons are selfish, then you could be looked down upon by employers.

Are You Close to Being Vested?

When you are vested in a retirement plan, your employer can make retirement contributions that you can keep for yourself. No matter what, you will always keep these contributions. The vast majority of companies will label you as vested after 5 years of working for them – some even do it after 3! Therefore, it would be a complete waste of time to leave your role if you are close to becoming vested. Contributions will have been waiting for you, but you won’t be permitted to access them. However, if you want a new job but are a couple years away from being vested, it would be advisable to look elsewhere. There would be no pointing being unhappy, working a job you don’t like for 2 more years merely to get vested.

Opportunity for Upward Mobility?

Do you see yourself climbing the ladder soon in your current job? It is important to consider if you are close to promotion as it would be seen as credible if you can build yourself up. Via maxing out your potential trajectory, you give yourself a healthy choice. You could stay in your role as you have worked hard and want to stay at the top. Alternatively, you could think that other employers will admire what you have done in your current role and you will no doubt receive irresistible offers! If there is the potential of getting a promotion, it would be advisory to keep on looking for new jobs anyway. This is because you could struggle in the new promoted position, or even worse, be underappreciated and not valued by your workmates. A promotion is always a risk, but ultimately it is up to you if you want to prioritise a promotion or a new job entirely.

Obligations to Current Employer?

One of the most important things to consider is your current commitments to your current workplace. Are you contracted to any commitments? Have you received any incentives? Incentives have clauses that state the quantity of time you must work for a company without having to pay them back. Also, if the company you work for has funded classes or other learning for you, it may be essential for you to pay this money back unless you have worked a certain amount of time for the employer. 

Are You Ready for a New Job?

Firstly, you need to make sure that your certificates are all up to date and that you are eligible for new employment. Also, it would be helpful if you are able to save money to cover the time that you won’t be getting paid. Are you financially stable enough to work an entire month without pay? There are then a few things that will help you be ready for a new job, (it would be best to do these things whilst in your current role) and they are:

  • Make connections
  • Take courses
  • Do research
  • Prepare your CV

So, now that you have been informed with the above information, you have been put in the best possible stead. Perhaps it would be best for you to take your time and weigh up all your options. On the other hand, if you’re ready to tackle a new role, all the best!

John Richardson