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Things to Keep in Mind Before You Buy a Vape


So, you have decided to start vaping, but you might be clueless about where to start. Vaping journey is cool when you are aware of things that belong to it. You need to know the suitable one for you, devices, regular maintenance, and legality in your area. Check this article to have a brief view of them. 

Choose the right type

Vaping has variations. They are available in the form of herbs, wax, concentrates, and oils. E-cigarette oils are also known as a vape juice, and they are very common among them. You can check this for more variations. If you are a beginner in vaping, this might be a big question of which one you should pick. Simply think about how you were introduced to vaping. Perhaps, it was your friend who offered you for the first time and you liked it. In that case, you can easily pick the same type of vape since you are already familiar with it. Otherwise, you can ask an experienced vaper to have some suggestions.


Portability is one of the priorities in choosing the right vaping device. In the busy era, every vaper wants to vape on the go. This is why portable vaping kits are in high demand. Vape pens and MOD boxes are two popular portable vaping devices in the market. However, you still might have questions about which one to pick. 

A vape pen is smaller and easy to carry like a pen anywhere. It is even easy to use because it requires a power button press only. Since it is small, it drains very little energy, which allows excellent battery life. Due to simplicity and less maintenance, a vape pen is cheaper as well. Unfortunately, a vape pen is less durable than a MOD. Besides, it offers very little or no customization opportunity. 

MOD comes with multiple advanced features. MOD is more extensive and a little heavier, but they still fit in your pocket. Usage of a MOD is a bit complicated and it takes learning. The device is more extensive, which tends to consume more energy. So, it takes more battery life. MODs are durable because of their robust build. For these additional features, MOD is comparatively higher in price. But, if you own a MOD, you will enjoy a lot of customization facilities. 


Any device that includes accessories will require regular maintenance. It is because these accessories get decayed over time. Vaping has the same practice. Before you buy a vape, consider how much you are interested in routine maintenance. 

For instance, if you own a MOD, you have to take care of it routinely. You have to clean the e-liquid tank when it looks grimy, replace the coil when burnt out, and regularly clean the connector. If any accessory is damaged, you may need to replace it immediately.

On the other hand, the vape pen requires less or no maintenance. They are something like a one-time vape device. You have to replace the entire device after a certain period. 


This is a particular point to keep in mind that it is legal to vape in your region. Vaping is not traditional smoking. There are many places where smoking is legal, but vaping is not. Before you pick one, you need to know the local legality of vaping unless you want to get disappointed. 

For instance, vaping is commonly prohibited in certain places like airports, public transport, stations, and restaurants. However, smoking can still be legal where vaping is restrained. In some cases, a particular type of vape can be illegal, such as weed vaping. What you can do is to understand the local law and purchase one accordingly. 

Final consideration

In the last stage, you have to sum up your consideration. Since vape has many variations, the best thing is to discuss with someone who is vaping for a longer period. He may suggest a good one for you. In the case of portability, both vape pen and MOD are good options. But, if you are just a starter, begin with a vape pen, which is relatively easy to use. Experienced vapers can pick a MOD for good portability. The vape pen has almost nothing to maintain and customize. If you need a high level of personalization, MOD is the right choice. Finally, you have to obey the local law. Learn from your neighbor vapers about the legality of vape in your region.

Catherine Pearson