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Advantages of your own bespoke brand of personalised face masks


Wearing face masks has become mandatory here in the UK in a bid to stop the coronavirus spreading among our population. Available in a wide range of forms from disposable surgical masks to reusable cloth coverings that can be washed by machine, this PPE has proved particularly effective at stopping those suffering COVID-19 symptoms from infecting others nearby. While the standard options commonly seen are a surgical turquoise green or impersonal black, many firms and private citizens are now choosing to don personalised face masks instead.

Face masks cover both the nose and mouth of those wearing them ensuring that if they sneeze, cough, or eject water droplets when talking or laughing they will be safely contained. While this protective equipment’s effectiveness is undeniable, it can to some extent dehumanise those wearing it and even hinder identification. However, by personalising or branding face masks many people and enterprises are finding a host of potential benefits become unlocked.

In the following sections, we’ll explore just some of the many advantages on offer from bespoke, made to order face masks.

Standing out in the crowd

Whether you’re an individual or a business, drawing the right kind of attention can be advantageous. Personnel wearing branded face masks in their company colours can showcase an enterprise to potential customers while a person wanting to exhibit their individuality can display their creativity for all to see. Any design can be added to face masks so whether you want to promote your own art or your business branding, the required results are easily achievable.

Keeping people informed

Businesses that must interact with members of the public can also benefit from branded masks. The sight of a masked individual at the door to your home can be disconcerting but if the logo emblazoned on their face covering matches that on their ID badge, it can be reassuring.

Building your business

Face masks present an advertising space at eye level and an excellent way to get your brand known. Whether you add your logo, company motto or colours, you can hand them out to staff, customers, and clients and the better they look, the more likely people will be to wear them and broadcast your brand.

Additionally, creating face masks with your company branding will show its responsible nature and commitment to health and safety building trust in your brand. All these benefits can potentially lead to an expanding customer base at a time when many businesses are seeking to remain resilient.

Showing solidarity

Personalised face masks can also include slogans and mission statements. Not only commercial enterprises but not-for-profit organisations can use face masks to raise awareness and spread the word of their important campaigns. Masks can be tailored to specific causes and then sent out to supporters. When they wear them outside, they can then extend the reach of agendas designed to help people in need.

Your own personalised face masks

Whether you want your company colours at eye level to advertise your enterprise or are looking to stand apart from the crowd with a design that’s unique for you, there are plenty of options available to brand up bespoke face masks. Many e-commerce platforms make this design service a real possibility whether you’re looking for a one-off personalised pattern or need to buy in bulk to kit out all your staff on-site with masks showing your firm’s logo, you’ll find options available.

There’s no reason you can’t be stylish while keeping you and others around you safe, so style up your PPE with a personalised touch and take your identity to the streets.

Claire James