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Check Out this New Storage Facility in Brighton!

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Moving someplace else but don’t know where to store your items? Don’t fret! 

Henfield Storage now offers storage units in Brighton!

Henfield Storage is suitable for first-timers and for those who have been using storage units for a while. Read on to learn more about Henfield.

About Henfield

Henfield Storage came from a family-owned company named Henfield Hire Ltd. The family business has been up and running for almost 40 years, and it competes with other well-known companies by promoting quality services at a cheaper price. 

As more and more people became interested in self-storage, Henfield Storage has been branded as one of the cheapest self-storage facilities in the United Kingdom. According to the Times Newspaper, Henfield’s Staple Corner branch produces the cheapest storage quote among other storage facilities.

But why is Henfield cheaper, anyway? Henfield has three reasons behind this: First, its stores are not located on high streets, so they keep their overheads low. Second, Henfield works on a local level as they don’t have a head office. Lastly, the team members help move your items in the van to lessen your removal or van hire costs.



Henfield Storage is a household name in the self storage industry. You can rent various sizes of a self-storage unit depending on your needs. If you are a student going to university, personal storage is ideal, especially if you need access to your items quite often. Furniture storage is another option if you have larger items, such as furniture and moving houses. Lastly, if you are a businessman who wants to have access to your paper records at any time, get a quote on business storage. 


Another well-known service Henfield is proud of is its Click+Store services. This service is ideal for people who are always on the go and don’t have any time to go back and forth to storage facilities. 

In choosing Click+Store, team members of Henfield will collect your items from your home. They will help you load them in a secure container, and you will have the key to these containers. Then, voila! You can sit back, relax, and let the team handle your items. All paperwork is done online and in advance, so there wouldn’t be any problem on the day of pickup.

If you need access to your items in the middle of your stay, you can contact the staff two days before your desired day of visit to the unit. Your items will be made available to you at your nearest store for £25.

Free Collection Service

What makes Henfield Storage accessible to everyone is its free collection services. Free collection service is available on both self-storage and Click+Store services. Team members will go to your address in their uniform (so that you’ll know and it’s legit) to pick up your goods to bring them to the store. They don’t charge you by the hour – everything is completely free!

Henfield Storage services are safe, secure, and insured. Henfield makes sure that each storage unit is in top condition, and its friendly customer service representatives are always there to help you out when certain concerns come across.


Henfield Storage has branched out to different locations across the United Kingdom. Henfield’s customers benefit from low-cost storage services in Brighton and Sussex, North and West London, South and Southwest London, Central London, and Surrey. 

All of these locations provide the best self-storage and Click+Stre services in town that surely no one will regret! 

Give Us a Call!

If you want to know more about Henfield Storage or you want to get a quote, you can contact us by emailing our head office at info@henfieldstorage.co.uk or using the form on our website. You can also call us at 020-3163-6432. We’re looking forward to doing storage services with you soon!

Andrew Mcaffrey