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Speed Up Conveyancing: Things You Can Do In 2022


Speed Up Conveyancing Using These Simple Steps

If you are buying a property, selling your home or simply remortgaging then you need a fast exchange of contracts and a timely completion. In the UK, the offer accepted by the Vendor property for sale, only becomes binding once contracts have been exchanged. At this point in time all parties must complete.

The Ten Steps will help you reach Your Exchange of Contracts. So speed up conveyancing taking onboard the following :-

  1. When you place your property for sale on the market you will need to instruct a Conveyancing Solicitor or Conveyancer. You can do just that by using the Homebuyer Conveyancing Comparison service. No personal details are require to compare the Mortgage Lender approved Conveyancing quotes. Filter your conveyancing results by cheapest price, location and by Mortgage lender. Then when ready take a quote away and schedule a call back to discuss your quote
  • When you instruct a Homebuyer Solicitor you will be sent a Client Care Pack. Within that pack you must complete and sign specific documents. They can be scanned or posted back to your chosen Solicitor firm. Return your documents promptly so that the conveyance can begin
  • The Homebuyer Conveyancing panel uses a comprehensive Onesearch Direct search pack which is specifically designed to get you moving. It includes Chancel and also a search pledge. This pledge allows you to instruct your Solicitor to order searches on day 1 of the conveyance. Normally you would order these after the Survey. Some Local authorities are suffering search delays and you must do everything possible to get your local search ordered in good time
  • The search pledge saves you time and money should your transaction fail through no fault of your own. When you find your replacement property another set of property searches are suppled for Free up to a value of £300
  • When you are at offer acceptance stage do pause for thought, try and establish the other parties current situation. Do they want to move fast, have they sorted out their next mortgage? In some cases the seller doesn’t start house hunting for a new home or investment until their property has an acceptable offer
  • The Vendors Estate Agent may hold back the Buyers Solicitors details until a Survey has been carried out on the Vendors property. This tactic can delay the exchange of contracts and in some cases derail the conveyancing process
  • When you are buying property do all that you can to Speed Up Conveyancing by instructing a Survey within 7 days of the offer being accepted by the Vendor. Ideally the Surveyor should visit and report back within 7 days
  • Monitor conveyancing progress by understanding the key conveyancing milestones. These milestones will provide a purpose to call the Solicitor
  • Call your Solicitor to get updates or agree an email, but do establish from the outset the best time to call. Solicitors complete many more properties on a Friday and as such we would ask that you call yours Monday – Thursday unless of course its moving day
  1. Speed up conveyancing by being proactive and returning inquiries. Try and return information next day. Your speed will directly impact your conveyance

Moving house, buying an additional property can be stressful. Understand your cost of conveyancing by using the Homebuyer Conveyancing service.

Lender approved Conveyancers that have available capacity. Enjoy cheaper conveyancing results from Conveyancers / Solicitors that are based in low cost of living areas. Lower overheads means they can charge lower legal fees to other Solicitors

If you have a Conveyancing question then do call the Homebuyer Conveyancing Helpline on 0345 463 7664

Andrew Mcaffrey