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How to Avoid Splurging on Home Renovations


During home renovations, the budget may skyrocket if you cannot manage it well. Some unexpected expenses may occur or there could be a problem with the supplier that forces you to improvise and deviate to your original plan. Don’t worry, here are some tips that will help reduce or completely avoid going over budget on your home renovations.

1. Lighting fixtures

Use lighting fixtures in the house variedly to reduce the cost of renovation. Install top-quality fixtures only in the places where they receive maximum exposure. For instance, you can use decorative lighting in a dining room. 

However, in the rest of the rooms, especially where they are rarely used, such as hallways, you had better use more affordable and standard options of lighting. 

2. Siding materials 

There are several good-quality materials for siding that are available at more affordable prices. For example, engineered wood can be a great alternative for real wood to build a siding. Engineered wood adopts the looks of real wood and has good durability. 

It also requires less maintenance and when it comes to the cost, the price of engineered wood is half of the real wood. Thus, when you build siding using engineered wood you not only save the renovation cost but also the maintenance cost. 

3. Architecture details

To make the renovation budget remain safe, you should use decorative details on narrow spaces in the house. Meanwhile, in big spaces in the house, it is better to use wide and plain skirting boards. 

For alternative options, you can use either timber or painted panels on the wall.  These can make the rooms more interesting without sacrificing the budget. 

4. Flooring 

Flooring is another spot to work with if you want to have a renovation budget without the splurge. There are many great flooring options with more reasonable prices that also provide good durability. You can substitute luxury vinyl flooring for those types of flooring. You can replace vinyl flooring with tile flooring if you want to avoid increased renovation costs. Tiles flooring works well for the bathroom as long as you choose the slip-resistant ones. Avoid the splurge on the flooring will give you more leftover money since flooring covers huge space in the home.

5. Kitchen layout

Not all parts of the kitchen layout should be fitted with luxurious materials. Plan the layout carefully and determine which parts that need to receive lux treatments and which parts that can go with standard ones. Benchtops as an example, become the part that you can be upgraded later.

6. Storage 

All storages should not go with built-in furniture. It is fine to use some for the most important storage. However, if you want to cut down the renovation cost you need to use more affordable furniture bought from hardware stores. As long as they have a similar function, using lower-price furniture 

Renovating the home without the splurge on your budget is possible if you know how to save the costs. So, if you plan to renovate the home, consider those six spots to avoid the splurge. 

John Richardson