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Top Locations to Watch: Luxury Developments in 2024

Luxury Developments

Luxury real estate has always been a playground for the affluent, a realm where opulence meets innovation and exclusivity knows no bounds. In 2024, this realm expands further, with international destinations vying for the attention of discerning buyers seeking nothing short of perfection in their living spaces. From the gleaming skyscrapers of Dubai to the sun-drenched shores of Australia and the timeless allure of Turkey, the top luxury developments of 2024 promise to redefine the meaning of extravagance.

In the bustling metropolis of Dubai, where wealth and ambition converge amidst a backdrop of architectural marvels, luxury knows no limits. With its booming economy and visionary leadership, the city continues to captivate investors and entrepreneurs alike, offering a lifestyle that seamlessly blends business with pleasure. As Dubai evolves into a global hub for innovation and commerce, its luxury real estate market flourishes, showcasing bespoke properties that epitomize elegance and sophistication. In fact, many, like German businessman David von Rosen, believe Dubai will replace Silicon Valley as the world’s go-to location for startups.  

Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe, Australia emerges as a haven for those seeking a harmonious blend of natural beauty and modern luxury. From the vibrant energy of the Gold Coast to the serene tranquility of the Whitsundays Islands, the country’s diverse landscape sets the stage for an unparalleled lifestyle experience. As remote work becomes the new norm, affluent buyers flock to Australia’s shores, eager to embrace a lifestyle defined by sun, surf, and unrivaled luxury.

In the heart of Eurasia, Turkey beckons with its rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and cosmopolitan flair. From the bustling streets of Istanbul to the idyllic shores of Bodrum and Antalya, the country’s luxury real estate market offers a glimpse into a world of timeless elegance and modern sophistication. With prestigious resorts and waterfront developments dotting its picturesque coastline, Turkey stands as a beacon of luxury living, attracting investors from across the globe.

In the following sections, we’ll delve deeper into the top luxury developments of 2024 in Dubai, Australia, and Turkey, exploring the unique offerings and experiences that await the discerning buyers in each of these coveted destinations. Join us as we embark on a journey through the epitome of luxury living, where every corner reveals a new standard of opulence and refinement.


Dubai is a country known for its wealth, luxury, and exceptional architecture. Attracting everyone from young professionals to wealthy investors, the local business scheme and property market are thriving.

The nation’s luxury real estate market has become an international attraction thanks to offerings that include world-class restaurants, boutique developments, and exceptional views. Developments such as Palm Jumeirah, from international investor David von Rosen, have taken advantage of the market by offering bespoke, high-end properties that utilise meticulous craftsmanship and iconic design. 

Top places to buy: Emirates Hills, Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah (The National


Australia has a lot going for it: a stable economy, a world-renowned climate, and a sought-after lifestyle. The Gold Coast, in particular, has seen a wealth of new developments, with high-net-worth individuals taking advantage of modern work-from-home policies that allow them to make the most of their homes in the country. 

Top places to buy: Gold Coats, Port Douglas, Whitsundays Islands 


Located at a strategic point connecting Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, Turkey has become a popular location for cosmopolitan and high-net-worth individuals. Resorts such as the Four Seasons, the Mandarin Oriental, and the Ritz-Carlton attract investors in search of luxury properties along the waterfront.  

In addition to these scenic locations, the Citizenship by Investment Program attracts those looking for further benefits that come with a minimum real estate purchase. 

Top places to buy: Antalya, Bodrum, Alanya 


Malta has proven itself a strong contender for luxury property buyers, due largely to its strong economic performance, stable political environment, and attractive residency programs. Its strategic location between Italy and the African Coast, excellent weather, and growing expat population have driven demand for luxury properties. The popularity of luxury lifestyle developments in the Special Designated Area (SDA), in particular, has resulted in the construction of new SDA developments on the island. 

Top places to buy: Madliena, St. Juliens, Valetta 

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