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Three Fantastic Activity Holiday Ideas

Three fantastic activity holiday ideas

If you are a healthy person who leads a fitness-based lifestyle, then an activity holiday may be for you. If you are looking to go away this summer, instead of booking your standard city break or beach break and then finding ways to be active when on your holiday, why not try something different and book an activity holiday? Activity holidays come in many forms but all involve visiting a new country whilst getting a sweat-on. For example, you could book a walking holiday in Madeira and explore over 58km of terrain, alternatively, a kayaking adventure is certainly going to get the blood pumping and your muscles working. 

No matter your fitness ability, age or gender, most holiday packages will cater for this, offering different trips for different abilities – this way you get the most out of your holiday. To give you some inspiration, below we look into three fantastic holiday ideas. 


When booking a hiking holiday, you’ll not only get to see unique landscapes (which are stunning) but you’ll also get to spend hours outside, breathing the cleanest air in, as well as seeing places which are often only available to people on foot. Depending on the type of hiking holiday you would like to go on, you can choose to do a self-guided walking holiday or you can book to attend one that involves other hikers – it’s all down to preference. The distance you will travel varies as well as the difficulty of the hikes, therefore if you are interested in a hiking breakaway, it’s important you do your research before booking. 


If you enjoy an adventure and being in the water, then a kayaking breakaway is for you! Not only will you be working on your muscular endurance, but your cardiovascular system will also get a hit as well. Kayaking holidays can be booked all across the world, so you can visit countries in Europe like Norway, Greece or Croatia, or countries outside of Europe like Cambodia, Thailand or Turkey – the possibilities are endless! The duration of a kayaking holiday can vary depending on the provider as well as the difficulty. 


You can do hiking holidays, you can do kayaking holidays, it only seems fair that cycling holidays are available. If you love to get on your bike and ride at home, then exploring unique countries on your two wheels is going to be a lot of fun – Just imagine pedalling through the desert landscape, and seeing nature pass by. Most safe countries offer cycling tours, which vary in duration, difficulty and cost – you can opt to include accommodation or you can sort your own out, that’s down to preference and the type of cycling holiday you would like to go for. Make sure you have your Strava app ready, as you’ll be posting plenty of routes to impress your friends and family members with. 

These are three of many fantastic holiday ideas when you don’t want to do a city or beach break. Will you be trying one of the three suggestions in our guide? Is there an activity holiday that we haven’t included that you think we should? Let us know in the comment box below. 

Andrew Mcaffrey