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Artificial intelligence

  •    What  is artificial intelligence (AI)? 

 The intelligence display by the machine is called artificial intelligence. Artificial  intelligence has become very famous in today’s world. It is impel to natural intelligence in  machine  that are programming to attain and imitate human behavior. These machines can also learnt  from trial and perform tasks equal to humans. The progress of artificial intelligence and other technologies  have a huge impact on our quality of life. Nowadays everyone wants to be connected to all new technology.

  • The background of artificial intelligence

In the 1940s, when computers were developed, then many scientists  wanted to develop an “artificial brain. So experts plan different experiments to get their goals to create machines that are very smart than humans.  In order to prove their purpose, they propose a well-known valuate system.   Artificial intelligence display  that you have developed more skills to duplicate natural language and relate in intelligent conversations, sometimes even with a sense of human.

 Machine learning technology grow its own artificial intelligence. It is track to replicate the manual analysis of big amounts of data.

  • Types of artificial intelligence

a) Narrow artificial intelligence (ANI)

b) General artificial intelligence (AGI)

c) Super artificial intelligence (ASI)

  • Artificial intelligence uses

Artificial intelligence are important for specialization of hardware and software bases to write and train machine learning algorithms.

 Commonly, the idea of an artificial intelligence system action is to serve  a large amount of tagged training data, analyzing and patterns of the data, and then used to  these patterns to conclude the future state.

 Artificial intelligence programming base on three cognitive skills:

  • learning,
  • reasoning,
  • self-correction.
  • Artificial intelligence example
  • Manufacturing robots.
  • autonomous cars.
  • Smart assistant.
  • Active health management.
  • Automated financial investments.
  • Monitoring of social media
  • Research and development of healthcare

 Artificial intelligence are helpful for many healthcare research and development .

 For example, in early days, cancer detection  and serious diseases is a big challenge facing the medical departments. After the successful visual recognition test, the artificial intelligence algorithm was integrated into the early tumor detection program. Comparing with a team of neurosurgeons, MRI recognition algorithms are already ten times faster and more efficient to detecting brain tumors. Compare each new brain image with thousands of databases.

 The use of predictive analysis and image recognition can help save the lives of patients, even before the outbreak of the disease, making it a sea-shaking change in the medical sea

  • IT security and data protection

 Data protection and governance are the main issues. The exchange and use of information are necessary for great research corner and tiny factories.

 network safety software and an artificial intelligence depend  on environment can detect potential network frailty. They can also blocked malware that performs the behavior of human users.

  • Robots in AI

 The branch of robotics has progressed even before artificial intelligence became a reality. At this stage, the artificial intelligence is helping robotics bring faster through efficient robots. Robots in artificial intelligence have found applications in industries and vertical industries, especially in the manufacturing and packaging industries.

  • Embedded in AI

Embedded artificial intelligence (AI) is also uses of machine and deep learning in device-level software. The software can also be programming bases on collection and analyzing data to impart the predictive and effective intelligence.

  • What is the future of artificial intelligence?

  Artificial intelligence is an amazing new tool in our toolkit. It will permit  us to arrange large amounts of data faster and get answers to research questions faster. 

 “Machine learning will provide tools to help quickly accelerate new discoveries in many research fields,” Elliot scientist said that “because we can expand computing power faster than the human brain, which makes discovery happen. Growth rate.”

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions
  • NVIDIA GPU Cloud

  A graphics processor (GPU) is a also  computing system.  The importance of artificial intelligence depends on the efficiency of these computing units.   The NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) mixes all of the GPU software that automatically optimizes NVIDIA hardware computing units.

  • Jupyter

 Data scientists uses Jupyter Notebook to create a various  automated systems and artificial intelligence.

  • Apache spark

 Apache Spark is one of the most famous frameworks on the market for heavily parallel data processing.

Andrew Mcaffrey