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Essential items to keep your car safe this winter

Owning a car in winter means undertaking maintenance and planning for the worst-case scenarios. Don’t just wish that you’d kitted out your car with necessary accessories after you’re stuck at the side of the road, plan now to avoid problems in the future!

The following are essentials that every car owner and driver should invest in for happy, safe motoring throughout the colder months.

Breakdown cover

There’s no dressing this up – you need breakdown cover. Regardless of whether you love vintage cars or modern ones, if your engine stops working the way it should, it’s unlikely that you’ll have every tool and spare you need to get it back up and running – you’ll need assistance to get home.

Breakdown cover often comes as standard from a highly rated car insurance provider that seeks to offer a comprehensive package. Usually, this comes alongside legal assistance and a courtesy car as well. You can always buy cover independently though, with even the most premium service levels costing just a few pounds a month. You’ll want to get a phone charger for the car too, so you can always call your service.

The right fluids

De-icer, washer fluid, a big bottle of water and a can of fuel are all recommended fluids to keep in your car over winter. You can make your own washer fluid – with a heavily diluted mix of water and dish soap – but de-icer will need to be bought from a garage or motoring shop.

When it comes to fuel, make sure you buy a proper fuel can and wipe any excess fuel from the outside before placing it in your boot. The smell can be overpowering otherwise.

A winter service

It never hurts to have a professional check over your car before the worst weather hits. Ask about anything you’re unsure of, including if your tyres still have decent tread on them, if your heating seems to be working properly and if you need things like a new fuel filter. Essentially, you want to make sure that your car is ready to jump in and drive, every morning without fail. If there are any niggly jobs that need doing, don’t wait until it’s snowing outside to get them done.

Windscreen covers

We all know what a pain it can be, waiting for our windscreen to defrost before we can set off, but if you have a chip or crack, even one that’s been repaired, you are at serious risk. Let’s say you forget about your windscreen chip and you’re in a hurry one morning, so you pour warm water across the surface to hurry the defrosting process. The fast change in temperature of the glass could easily cause irreparable damage and mean that you need to wait for a full windscreen replacement, which will cost you at least a large excess.

Negate the issue of frosty screens by placing covers on them when you park up, thereby protecting the surface and preventing frost from settling.

Spare bulbs

Having a light that doesn’t work is more than a legal pickle (you can and will get pulled over by the police if they see you), it can also be dangerous. If you are unable to effectively signal, see the road ahead of you or let other drivers know you are braking, accidents become a lot more likely. Even if you’re not sure how to fit them, having bulbs in your glove box will mean that your breakdown assistance (or a friendly passer-by!) can definitely help.

Fresh wiper blades

This is the UK, which means we are definitely going to have rain, sleet and maybe snow during the next few months. Don’t struggle with streaky wiper blades that barely clear your screen when for a few pounds more, you can invest in some nice wipers. We know that being a grown-up seemed so fun when you were younger, but honestly, the satisfaction of fitting new, efficient wiper blades is hard to deny.

A usable spare wheel

So many people forget to check the tyre on their spare wheel, but you don’t have to be one of them. Next time you’re at the petrol station, just detour to the pressure machine and make sure it’s holding enough air.

Blankets and snacks

Finally, make sure you have an emergency kit in the boot of your car. You’ll want warm blankets, easily prepared snacks and a first aid kit, just in case you have any problems or a long wait for recovery. Plan ahead for the worst-case scenario, with the most vulnerable member of your household in mind.

Prioritise your safety this winter by being a responsible and prepared driver. Stay warm, be steady and above all else, invest in these must-have safety essentials.

Is Hair The Key To A Man’s Attractiveness?

When women describe their ideal man, they will often make a comment about what colour hair he has. Whether a woman prefers a man with blonde, brunette or ginger hair is something that is personal choice – but by saying they prefer a specific hair colour, this generally implies that the man must at least have hair.

So is hair the key to a man’s attractiveness?

A new survey by Gethair.co.uk provides statistics that would answer this question with a resounding yes. While there are obviously outliers to their findings, the main driving theme underlying the entire survey is that most women do not want to date a man who is bald. The survey also clearly asserts that a man becomes less attractive the more hair he loses – in a woman’s opinion, of course.

Gethair.co.uk is a hair transplant company with locations around the world that customers can take advantage of. Its founder maintains that most of its customer base seek out hair transplant surgery in an effort to improve their own self-esteem. However, Kaan Aksoy continues by saying that Gethair’s survey clearly demonstrates that women do ‘place an importance on men having a good set of hair’.

So while many men who seek a hair transplant may be doing so for themselves, if they are single, they will be significantly improving their chances of getting a first date with a woman. For example, the survey showed that nearly 60% of women believe that men with a full head of hair look better than men who are bald. Plus, less than 6 out of 10 women would definitely consider dating a bald man.

Furthermore, the survey displayed findings that show that women continue to see hair as key to a man’s attractiveness once they are in a full-blown relationship. In London, 20% of women asked would actually break up with their partner if they lost their hair. While this does go down to just 1% in the South West, the average is still quite shocking across the country – 7% of women in the UK would end their relationship should their other half lose their hair.

Perhaps the starkest finding from the survey is that only 13% of women between 25-40 find bald men attractive. There could well be a primal reason behind this. Hair has long been linked with a man’s virility and the lack of it on a man’s head is therefore perhaps something that women are genetically wired to avoid.

Or it could be a far more modern reason. The huge influence that social media and ‘people leading their best lives’ has on us and our wants cannot be forgotten. The cult of celebrity and the rise of influencers has had huge implications on what many want and desire, and with so many celebrities – Wayne Rooney, Elon Musk and John Travolta, for example –  turning to hair transplants to restore their youthful looks, it’s no wonder hair loss affects a man’s self esteem.

Things to Keep in Mind Before You Buy a Vape

So, you have decided to start vaping, but you might be clueless about where to start. Vaping journey is cool when you are aware of things that belong to it. You need to know the suitable one for you, devices, regular maintenance, and legality in your area. Check this article to have a brief view of them. 

Choose the right type

Vaping has variations. They are available in the form of herbs, wax, concentrates, and oils. E-cigarette oils are also known as a vape juice, and they are very common among them. You can check this for more variations. If you are a beginner in vaping, this might be a big question of which one you should pick. Simply think about how you were introduced to vaping. Perhaps, it was your friend who offered you for the first time and you liked it. In that case, you can easily pick the same type of vape since you are already familiar with it. Otherwise, you can ask an experienced vaper to have some suggestions.


Portability is one of the priorities in choosing the right vaping device. In the busy era, every vaper wants to vape on the go. This is why portable vaping kits are in high demand. Vape pens and MOD boxes are two popular portable vaping devices in the market. However, you still might have questions about which one to pick. 

A vape pen is smaller and easy to carry like a pen anywhere. It is even easy to use because it requires a power button press only. Since it is small, it drains very little energy, which allows excellent battery life. Due to simplicity and less maintenance, a vape pen is cheaper as well. Unfortunately, a vape pen is less durable than a MOD. Besides, it offers very little or no customization opportunity. 

MOD comes with multiple advanced features. MOD is more extensive and a little heavier, but they still fit in your pocket. Usage of a MOD is a bit complicated and it takes learning. The device is more extensive, which tends to consume more energy. So, it takes more battery life. MODs are durable because of their robust build. For these additional features, MOD is comparatively higher in price. But, if you own a MOD, you will enjoy a lot of customization facilities. 


Any device that includes accessories will require regular maintenance. It is because these accessories get decayed over time. Vaping has the same practice. Before you buy a vape, consider how much you are interested in routine maintenance. 

For instance, if you own a MOD, you have to take care of it routinely. You have to clean the e-liquid tank when it looks grimy, replace the coil when burnt out, and regularly clean the connector. If any accessory is damaged, you may need to replace it immediately.

On the other hand, the vape pen requires less or no maintenance. They are something like a one-time vape device. You have to replace the entire device after a certain period. 


This is a particular point to keep in mind that it is legal to vape in your region. Vaping is not traditional smoking. There are many places where smoking is legal, but vaping is not. Before you pick one, you need to know the local legality of vaping unless you want to get disappointed. 

For instance, vaping is commonly prohibited in certain places like airports, public transport, stations, and restaurants. However, smoking can still be legal where vaping is restrained. In some cases, a particular type of vape can be illegal, such as weed vaping. What you can do is to understand the local law and purchase one accordingly. 

Final consideration

In the last stage, you have to sum up your consideration. Since vape has many variations, the best thing is to discuss with someone who is vaping for a longer period. He may suggest a good one for you. In the case of portability, both vape pen and MOD are good options. But, if you are just a starter, begin with a vape pen, which is relatively easy to use. Experienced vapers can pick a MOD for good portability. The vape pen has almost nothing to maintain and customize. If you need a high level of personalization, MOD is the right choice. Finally, you have to obey the local law. Learn from your neighbor vapers about the legality of vape in your region.

6 Tips to Improve Your Pictures: A Practical Guide for Beginners

Pictures convey messages better than words because it shows some things that no language can express. By definition, photography is an art that allows people to capture scenes and turn them into still images that immortalize them.

However, some photographers find it challenging to find their way in this field, especially when it comes to enhancing the quality of the pictures they produce.

If you’re a novice photographer who is looking to become better in the craft, this article can help you learn the six most practical ways to develop your photography skills and come up with images worthy of being called “art.”

1.  Learn to appreciate art

Art appreciation is crucial for every photographer. When you have a keen eye for all things beautiful and worth capturing on canvas, you’ll also learn to become an admirer and a student of the world of art.

To do this, visit museums and study different artists’ work. Don’t forget to bring a pen and paper and list down the names of artworks you notice and why they caught your eye. Be sure to get into details about the reason you like them.

Even better, if you list down all the artworks you see, then write which ones you like and dislike and why.

You can learn many things by observing the artists’ work. The best part is that most museums offer free admission. It can’t get more practical than that.

2.  Study how to use your tools

Some enthusiasts learned to love photography because of the pretty pictures they instantly get using their smartphones. But while many professional photographers turn to such devices when the need arises, it’s still important to learn the correct use of a DSLR camera and other tools you may use.

DSLR – which stands for digital single-lens reflex – are cameras that use mechanisms and optics of single-lens reflex cameras with digital imaging sensors. But besides knowing what they are, you should also learn how to use them to become a better photographer.

How? By reading the manual.

The manual may not help you become better at taking pictures per se. However, reading and understanding it well will give you some technical know-how that you can use to improve the quality of your photos.

This way, you’ll know how to customize your camera controls to get your expected output. It will also let you react faster whenever you spot a photo opportunity and avoid losing the chance to capture the scene.

Besides your camera, you also need to learn how to use photo editing software so you can perform finishing touches on your photos. You can read or watch many tutorials about this, but you also have the choice to enroll in short courses to gain more in-depth knowledge about software like Adobe Photoshop.

3.  Practice every day.

Practice always pays off, especially when done regularly. This is why you must also take the time to use your gear daily so you can get more comfortable using it.

This is not to say that you’ll need to capture award-winning shots every day of the week. It merely suggests you must snap pictures with your camera every day so you can use it instinctively.

You can develop your reflexes in adjusting the ISO or aperture on your camera while keeping your eye on the viewfinder. You will also learn which direction to turn the camera’s dial to for a brighter or darker shot and be able to capture spontaneous moments.

4.  Begin a photography project

There’s no better way to learn how to do things than by trying. With photography, this can be done by starting a project.

Decide on a goal and set the parameters where you can work within. The project should force you to make the most of your existing gear.

For example, you can do the classic 365-photo challenge. As you probably already guessed, this entails taking one picture for every day of the year.

You can also restrict the use of lenses or focal zoom length. Or perhaps you can choose a theme (e.g., a specific emotion, color, camera effect, or location).

The key is to pick something that will let you sharpen your eye and, ultimately, your photography skills.

5.  Focus on what you can capture on camera

Many times, photographers walk away from a once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity because of limitations in their existing gear.

But even though you feel like your camera has a slow shooting speed or sluggish autofocus or your lens isn’t wide or long enough for the shot, you must not focus on the barriers that prevent you from taking a great photo. Instead, concentrate on what you can capture.

Rather than thinking about what you lack in gear in taking a shot you initially wanted, look for ways to capture a different-but-equally awesome image.

6.  Ask other people’s opinions of your output

Writers have editors to check their work with a fresh eye. Like them, photographers also need to learn other people’s opinions about their output to improve.

Try reaching out to other photographers and asking them to check your work. Enter review groups where there are photographers who have more experience and skills than you. This isn’t to compare yourself to them but rather to get valuable insights into improving your photography skills.

Diversity is good, too. The members don’t need to be in the same photography niche as you but make sure you know a thing or two about what they do.

This can be done through group chats on social media or even Facebook groups. And remember to keep the member count to a maximum of ten.

Don’t forget; you shouldn’t just be open to criticism. You must also be grateful for the criticism. While other people may not understand how you think and the vision you’ve set for your photography, they can at least offer a different perspective on how to do it.

Boost your photography skills

There are plenty of ways to improve in a professional like photography, but finding the most practical course to take will help you get there sooner. The tips listed in this article should serve as a good start.


Jerrin Samuel is the Executive Director at Regional Educational Institute (REI) in Abu Dhabi. Since 1995, REI has been at the forefront of education by delivering quality corporate training courses in the UAE, helping many businesses and organizations achieve greater productivity and higher customer satisfaction levels.


HM Revenue and Customs should have done better to reduce the likelihood of funds being unlawfully reported under its coronavirus work support systems, according to the National Audit Office, after estimating that more than GBP 3 billion could have been obtained through fraud and misconduct. The Coronavirus Work Retention Scheme and the Self-Employment Income Support Plan set up to secure workers and help people whose earnings had been affected during coronavirus disease outbreak are suspected to have been “major amounts of fraudulent activities,” the NAO said in its recent report.

It also claimed that the degree to which the HMRC and the Treasury could minimize fraudulent practices would be a “primary value-for-money measure” for the initiatives.

Last month, HMRC permanent secretary Jim Harra said the tax department was prosecuting scammers, having claimed that between 5% and 10% of the requests may have been false statements or mistakes. According to the estimates of the HMRC, the level missing by 20 September is between GBP 2 billion and 3.9 billion, according to the NAO. Although the figure could grow higher as the overall investment on the two-work support program is expected to hit almost £70 billion by the end of this month, the NAO added.

The report concluded that there was abundant proof that managers had falsely demanded furlough money for workers who worked, and those bogus businesses had reported compensation.

HMRC’s abuse hotline obtained more than 10,000 complaints, half of them involving cases where workers worked while being technically on furlough; and, in a study of NAO workers, 9 percent confessed to operating while furloughed at the behest of their bosses against the rules of the system.

The research also showed that workers would only be informed that their boss had claimed furlough compensation for them if they had been notified specifically by the company. There could therefore be situations where workers have been ignorant that they should never have been employed under lockout, it has been reported.

HMRC should have done better to guarantee that staff understood they were on the furlough plan and thus could not have served, the NAO added. To reduce this damage in the future, HMRC aims to publish in September the identities of workers requesting financial assistance under the latest Work Support System proposed by the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak. It would also explicitly alert the individuals whose companies have claimed the funds.

The report has urged the tax office to step up its research and determine just how much revenue has been diverted to misleading and erroneous statements. It should also guarantee that civil servants have adequate means to retrieve overpayments and irregular compensation on both policies “where it is cost-effective to provide it,” the study concluded.

HMRC Permanent Secretary Jim Harra said last month that HMRC is concentrating its attention on fighting violence and theft under the work assistance program by targeting 27,000 “high-risk” offenses. But the NAO said that HMRC’s strategy predictions – which included a theft and mistake level of 1-2 percent on the self-employed assistance scheme – were “inevitably based on speculation instead of evidence-based conclusions”

“HMRC is improving its awareness of the full extent of corruption and mistake and expects that workers will need to be redeployed from tax enforcement jobs to resolve crime and accident in the programs,” he said. However, it reported that the HMRC does not plan to provide a full estimate of the overall fraudulent activities to be resolved “at the earliest” by the end of 2021. So far, only £10m in work retention allegations have been prevented.

The NAO confirmed that the policies have so far been “highly effective” in saving employment. They helped at least 12.2 million individuals, with about 30 percent of the UK population at the height of the first coronavirus spike in May. Yet it also showed that as many as 2.9 million individuals were unavailable for assistance under CJRS and SEISS, and encouraged the Treasury and HMRC to guarantee that fewer people will skip any future program.

The study outlined situations where individuals were found unavailable for assistance after being economically impaired by a coronavirus, either because of political actions or because the HMRC lacks the evidence required to defend against corruption. They involved 1.1 million individuals calculated by private entities to be disqualified for furlough ‘because the HMRC has insufficient evidence to confirm representations or assess qualification,’ the study said.

Another 1.6 million individuals did not fulfill the standards for the self-employed assistance scheme, either because much of their wages certainly didn’t come from self-employed jobs or because their trade earnings surpassed £50,000. Another 200,000 people may have missed their assistance because they were freshly self-employed in 2019-20 and haven’t yet requested a self-assessment profit.

“The NAO advises that HM Treasury and HMRC explore how to guarantee that accurate statistics, including as many users as possible, will be used to assess qualification so that fewer people with income losses will be disqualified from similar programs in the potential,” the NAO added.

NAO Head Gareth Davies says: “: “HM Treasury and HMRC have accomplished their goal of accelerated execution of the projects, and the civil service should be praised for making them available on time. Clear signs are that the program has managed to protect employment in the near term, but it is still evident that many more workers have lost their income and have not been able to obtain funding.

“It seems that the extent of theft and mistake may be substantial, especially concerning the furlough system. HMRC should have done better to make it known to staff that their boss was part of the furlough program. In the coming years, agencies should do better when job service systems are in place to safeguard workers and combat theft.”

The government representative stated “: “The government’s focus from the onset of the pandemic has been to protect jobs as well as deliver help to those that need it as soon as practicable, and our welfare support program has offered lifelines to millions of hard-working households around the UK.

“Our policies have been structured to mitigate deception from the start and we have refused or prohibited hundreds of false applications. We will not support those who attempt to defraud taxes and act quickly toward criminals, including felony convictions.”

Pavel Melnikov: doing high-tech business in the sanitary engineering market segment

The current trend in doing-business models is in paying particular attention to the stories of successful marketing in the field of software or technology. Indeed, many of them perfectly illustrate the success based on keen understanding of the market behavior patterns. But the story of Pavel Eduardovich Melnikov differs from these examples. He didn’t just successfully implement a startup, he turned his own small and belonging to another market niche company into a contemporary high-tech giant.

First steps in business

Still being a student, Pavel Melnikov became a dispatcher in a large house-building industrial complex located in Saint-Petersburg. Then the entrepreneurial vein opened up in him; being oriented on the sanitary industry from the very beginning, he started to import plumbing, water supply systems, and their components from Italy.

But, despite their high-level quality, soon it became clear that they are not quite suitable for the terms of use in Russia. Attempting to combine it with domestic operating requirements, Pavel Melnikov became an outstanding innovator having patented over 100 inventions. In time, they formed the basis for Valtec – a new brand in the Russian market. Later he also created Vesta Trading retail network – one of the largest players in the market of sanitary engineering.

The main secrets of entrepreneurial activity

In total, Pavel Melnikov’s business has been flourishing for over 20 years; and the main that this brilliant organizer and businessman must be asked is how he achieved these impressive heights. There are several foundations of such a prosperity.


Any product your company makes must be reliable since nobody would want to buy something substandard twice. High product reliability enhances the company’s reputation with no promo at all. To improve quality control, Melnikov created his own laboratory.

Client-focused strategy

Pavel Melnikov puts the buyers’ expectations at the forefront. Their satisfying is the key to a long-term relationship with the company; and one of the best ways to show them how important they are is to make a system of loyalty cards.

Right balance between price and quality

Correspondence of quality to price is crucial for the most of customers. Pavel Melnikov manages to keep it at an optimal level due to the most modern materials and technologies of production, and well-planned logistics. Plus, some of the company’s production facilities are located in China.

Wide product range

Generally, buyers like to make a choice; every business also must meet expectations of the most demanding visitors. Melnikov started with import of Italian radiators only. But today the Valtec brand represents over 1000 items distributed through a network of Vesta Trading shops.

Online availability

In sanitary engineering industry, many specifications, assembly and operating instructions and other documents are inevitable. And any businessman working there must be ready for the fact that it is uncomfortable for the visitor to read them right in store. That is the reason why Pavel Melnikov’s companies transferred a significant part of this process to the web. It also helps to maintain an industry leadership with no significant costs.

And the main asset – the staff

Pavel Melnikov highly appreciates those who communicate directly with the buyer on behalf of the company – its personnel. That’s why he makes regular investments in professional development and additional training of his employees.

Mehrzad Ferdows Explains Different Aspects of “Competitive Advantages” for Companies

Mehrzad Ferdows

Mehrzad Manuel Ferdows, a Leading entrepreneur and business coach,  says “sustainable competitive advantages” are essential in the sustainability and growth of organizations.

Mehrzad Ferdows was giving this speech to young graduates at a workshop in Dubai, UAE.

“Competitive advantage of any kind can be sustainable or temporary in terms of competitive performance. It can be said that the more obvious and simple the features of competitive advantage, the more potential it has,” said Mehrzad Ferdows, who is also an advisor, investor, and Industrial Engineering graduate from the University of Southern California.

“Nevertheless, if a company has an innovative innovation-oriented organizational culture and high market-oriented innovation capability, it can, first, intelligently take advantage of its pre-existing features and enhance its positional advantage, and secondly, can create something new and always leave competitors behind before they gain a temporary advantage,” he added.

He then drew a comparison between “temporary” and “sustainable” competitive advantage in his speech.

“In contrast to the temporary competitive advantage, there is a sustainable competitive advantage, which is firstly long-term and not transient, and secondly is not easily accessible to competitors,” Mehrzad Ferdows noted.

“In general, it can be said that sustainable competitive advantage has characteristics such as durability, high defense capability, good tolerance, high bioavailability, high support capability, high acceptability, justifiability, and good persuasiveness,” he explained.

Ferdows Mehrzad Manuel then added that sustainable competitive edge also has considerable bargaining power, “which, of course, in proportion to the intensity and strength of stability, will have the competitive advantage of all or some of the above features,”

“In different areas of the slow market, the word ‘sustainability’ will be more competitive depending on its offensive capability. One expert considers the ability to sustain a competitive advantage with the dimensions of longevity, mobility, and reflectivity,” Mehrzad Manuel Ferdows explained.

“Longevity is expressed in terms of the ability of competitors to imitate or obtain resources that create a competitive advantage and indicates a sustainable competitive advantage. It is basically related to a large number of sub-collections and has a dynamic nature,” he added.

“Each dimension of competitive advantage sustainability depends on the nature of the strategic task at different levels of the organization and therefore sustainability is considered as a dynamic process instead of a static concept. Therefore, it can be said that sustainable competitive advantage is not a destination with a certain distance. Rather, it is an endless journey that continues depending on the traveler’s ability and goals,” Ferdows noted.

Mehrzad Ferdows Remarks on temporary and sustainable competitive advantage

Elsewhere in his remarks, Mehrzad Manuel Ferdows reiterated that the “temporary” and “sustainable” competitive advantage are interconnected.

“Another important point is that there is a relationship between a temporary competitive advantage and a sustainable competitive advantage so that sometimes a sustainable competitive advantage is obtained from the sum of a number of temporary competitive advantages,” said the entrepreneur.

“In the computer industry, for example, Intel’s dominance of the low-cost PC market has been achieved by creating a set of temporary advantages that further create a new advantage and launch a new product based on it, resulting in competitors using imitation and copying to start a new business to gain a new advantage, and this has been the secret to Intel’s continued competitive advantage in the cross-competitive computer industry over the past two decades,” Ferdows added.

However, he explained, competitive advantage may be lost under certain circumstances.

“A competitive advantage is lost in various ways, including threats of competitive imitation, negligence or misconduct of the company, replacement, unforeseen environmental changes, government laws and regulations, and so on,” he said.

“Therefore, only a few of the competitive advantages remain stable, and most of them are eroded and destroyed for the above reasons and other reasons,” Manuel Ferdows Mehrzad noted.

Therefore, the entrepreneur said, it is necessary for companies to set the stage for the potential benefit and excellent long-term performance while trying to maintain a sustainable advantage and use it properly to strengthen and develop a competitive position.

“In this regard, direct advantage refers to the type of advantage that directly affects the creation of competitive values ​​of the organization while indirect advantage plays its role by using intermediate factors,” he concluded.

Are Free Spins the best bonuses you can get in online slots?

It is truly difficult to imagine a world without online slots in the 21st century, as these game have become easily the most popular type of gambling avenue these days, with developers such as NetEnt, Play N GO and Microgaming proving to be absolutely instrumental to the continued dominance of online slot games with 500 free spins.

These companies have put so much effort into making sure their games are constantly evolving, with things like expansive bonus features, HD aesthetics and massive jackpots all contributing to the major success of online slots in general. 

But it isn’t just because of the slot developers that the online slot industry as a whole is having such a good moment, because we mustn’t also forget the quality work being put in by online casino sites too. Both slot developers and online casino sites are packing the onlne slot gambling experience full of bonuses, with free spins being by far the most popular. Are free spins the best bonuses you can get with online slots though? Keep reading to find out more. 

What are free spins bonuses? 

Free spins bonuses are pretty much exactly what they say they are on the tin, however just for the purpose of clarity let’s have a brief run through of exactly what free spins bonuses can mean in the 21st century. The most common free spins bonuses usually come as a result of a certain number of scatter symbols appearing on the reels, which will then send gamblers through to a free spins bonus round. 

This is the easiest way to obtain free spins during a slots session, however there is also possibility to gain some free spins from an online casino site when you make a deposit with them. 

A history of free spins bonuses 

In some ways the history of slot free spin bonuses can go back several decades, with the most rudimentary slot machines in the late 1800s sometimes coming hand in hand with a few free spins. These were manually initiated, however, and wouldn’t have looked anything like the free spins of today. 

Free slot spins first became massively popular during the golden age of Las Vegas casino gambling around the 60s, and since then they have been probably the most standardised example of a slot bonus. In the 21st century the emergence of online casino has also meant that free spins bonuses are offered by online casino sites in exchange for a deposit. 

Are free spins the best bonuses you can get in online slots? 

So, on to the golden question – are free spins the best bonuses you can get in online slots? Well, opinion is probably divided here. Although a free spins bonus from an online casino site is pretty good, there are better bonuses you can get within actual slot games. 

Online slot bonus rounds are extremely well designed nowadays, and they can be simultaneously great fun and lucrative at the same time.

Slots that raised controversy on their release

The history of casino gambling is a long, rich and deeply interesting one, which has seen various games and events come and go throughout its history. The invention of roulette in the 1800s was a defining moment for the global casino industry, and something that kick-started the development of super casinos in Europe. There is one thing, however, that has undoubtedly had the biggest influence on the casino scene, and that is the world of slot machines. 

Oh yes, without the invention of slot machines by a man called Charles D. Fey back in the late 1800s it would have to remain to be seen whether or not the casino industry would have hit the heights that it enjoys today. And in the 21st century new online slots further accentuated this fact, sucking in millions of new gamblers every single year. By and large the industry has managed to stay away from most controversy, however there have been a few slots that have raised controversy on their release too, read on to find out. 

Dark Knight 

The Dark Knight Batman film directed by Christopher Nolan and starring some iconic actors like the late Heath Ledger and Christian Bale shot to the top of many people’s favourite film lists when it came out, and it is no surprise either. This dark and gritty superhero motion picture wowed audiences on its release, taking in a record amount of box office revenue at the time. 

It was therefore only right that a slot be made in its honour, and this is exactly what happened. One lucky Australian even managed to bag a cool $10 million from it, however this slot quickly got wrapped up in controversy, and was eventually discontinued due to licencing issues.

Space Diggers 

Playtech are usually emblematic of a top tier online slot developer that customers know that they can trust, churning out a range of quality online slots that cover vintage slots as well as highly modern ones. Well, as much as they are usually very well regarded in the industry, a slot released called Space Diggers wasn’t particularly well received on its release, and ended up mired in controversy. 

The reason why was due to a new piece of technology called a Game Modifier feature, that was touted as a cool way to give the game a flexible RTP. In reality, however, it just let online casino sites meddle with the RTP without having to disclose it, something that naturally was met with controversy. 

OMG! Kittens 

It doesn’t take a genius to work out what OMG! Kittens is a slot game about, and as the title suggests, it is an incredibly feline and cute slot game. The problem is that OMG! Kittens was widely regarded as perhaps a little too cute, because it was widely banned as a result of its tempting nature to small children. And as fun as online slots are, we’re really not sure that kids should be playing them.

Furniture At Work® Advises on Creating an Ergonomic Home Office Space

The global coronavirus pandemic resulted in a change of lifestyle for many people around the world, as measures were put in place to try and slow the spread of the virus.

One thing that changed for multitudes was their work situation. Social distancing and temporary lockdown measures meant that anyone who could work from home was encouraged to do so, at least temporarily. However, prior to the onset of the pandemic, there had already been a shift towards more home working.

Between 2012 and 2016, the number of flexible working arrangements increased by around 12.3%. As the pandemic has shown it is viable to have large swathes of the workforce engaging in their duties from home, it could be that home working becomes much more normalised even as the vaccine rolls out and going back to the office becomes acceptable and safe.

Creating a comfortable and ergonomic home office space is therefore a priority for more people than ever before. Furniture At Work provides a comprehensive range of office furniture designed to protect and maintain the health and wellbeing of employees and workers everywhere.

The Chair

Most people who work from home or in an office will spend up to eight hours a day or more sitting in the same chair. Therefore, it is essential that the chair being used is as comfortable as possible and designed to provide the necessary support to prevent problems with posture that can lead to aches and pains.

Most office chairs today are designed ergonomically, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution. At a minimum, a good office chair will provide lumbar support in the form of cushioning or a curved back rest to prop up the lower spine.

The height should be adjustable to make it suitable for any user, and the arrests should also be adjustable so they can be moved to the correct position. Comfortable fabric padding made from breathable materials can also help keep users cool during the summer months.

Setting Up the Surroundings

Getting the chair right is a key component of office ergonomics. However, if the rest of the environment is not set up properly, the benefits of a good chair may become moot. The desk should be positioned so that the keyboard sits at right angles to or slightly below the level of the arms when they are resting comfortably on the arm rests of the chair.

The computer screen should be at a height that allows the user to look slightly down at it. As a rule of thumb, if the arm is extended directly ahead while sitting in a properly adjusted chair, the middle finger should almost touch the very centre of the screen.

All commonly used items should be kept in easy reach and the lighting should be bright enough and placed correctly to prevent eye strain. This may involve adding a desk lamp to the home office set-up.


Just like in the office, taking short and frequent breaks is also essential to maintain proper health at work. Screen breaks should ideally be taken for a minute or two every 20 to 30 minutes. Ideally this will involve getting up and stretching to benefit the whole body as well as the eyes. Repetitive actions can also cause harm over the long-term, so try to break the day up into sections that involve different activities at different times, such as typing for an hour then making phone calls for the next hour.

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