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An Overview Of Amaiz.com And Its Features


What Is Amaiz?

Amaiz is a popular electronic money institute that has been built under the United Kingdom’s regulations related to electronic money in the year 2011. Amaiz is regulated by the financial control authority and is registered by a popular electronic money institute called the PrePay Technologies Ltd. The popular E-money Institute PrePay is authorized to issue electronic money and other money paying instruments.


The best thing about Amaiz is that it can be fully trusted. The level of security they provide is unmatchable and helps you feel safe and secure about making online electronic payments comfortably. It is easy to forget your password and sometimes passwords are not enough to get you the security you desire that is why Amaiz provides you a security system that helps to make sure your card, app, account, and other personal information is kept safe. This is done by tools such as biometric identification, card control and identification by the video.

Another amazing advantage of having a current account at Amaiz is that it is available all the time and saves you from the unnecessary fuss of managing your account. It helps to keep your spending separate from your business expenditure and covers up all your basic expenses. Whenever the money enters or leaves your account you get notified so everything is simple and straightforward with Amaiz. The good news is that it is very easy and quick to set up your current account at Amaiz you just need your passport, your residence permit, your cell phone and your time.

Amaiz also provides you with the expert service that helps you in answering your queries and solving your problems related to accounts, invoicing, and bookkeeping. Their expert team is fully trained and experienced to help you out in anything and everything. The invoicing by Amaiz is easy and straightforward. You can easily and simply bill your customers once the sale is done from the invoicing app. The process of invoicing is simplified by having portions on the app that deals with important information such as adding the client’s name, the due date, adding the taxes, costs, and listing the items. The total amount would be calculated automatically for the customer and would be shared through the messenger or Amaiz app.

The pricing is simple, easy and low. The advanced plan that they offer is amazing and they help you get started for free. Later on, you can choose to pay monthly through PAYG once things start getting better for you. You can choose any monthly plan of payment that suits you. The three plans that you can choose from are Amaiz starter pack, Coconut start, and starling. Each plan is low priced with a low monthly fee, bank transfers, International transfers, cash deposits, cash withdrawals, and card reissues.


Amaiz is an amazing online electronic money transfer institute that helps you to make payments and transfer money easily, comfortably and safely. It offers various types of cost effective pricing plans which are perfect for customers looking for digital banking services.

Claire James