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Keeping your office equipment safe


More often than not, office spaces are filled with an abundance of expensive and valuable equipment. When a business possesses a large amount of equipment that is not only expensive but contains confidential data, it is a huge responsibility.

If an office gets broken into and goods are stolen, this can be stressful and costly to rectify. That’s why ensuring your office is equipped with effective safety solutions is one of the best steps you can take to avoid any kind of theft. Below are some ways you can help keep your office equipment safe.

Garage rentals

If you know your office is going to be unattended for a period of time, then renting a lock-up garage will give you peace of mind. These office storage options are spacious for you to fit a large amount of equipment in and are incredibly secure. They are not only heavy-weight in design but are monitored by CCTV to keep intruders at bay.

Laptop locks

A laptop lock works in a similar way to a bike lock. One side of the metal cable attaches to your laptop or computer and the other side is designed to attach to a static object. It’s best to attach your laptop or PC to something that is bolted to the floor to ensure there’s no way that a thief can take it from the office.

Install access control systems

Having a contemporary access control system installed in your office building can be an effective measure to help keep your office equipment safe. These systems are often very difficult for the wrong person to get into and they can create reports that let you know who has entered and at what time they accessed the building.

Ensure office locks meet British Standards

With every lock on your office building, you want to make sure it meets British Standards. Installing locks that conform to this standard not only will maximize the security of your office equipment but demonstrate that you are serious about the safety of your office building and everyone and everything in it.

Other measures you can take to keep your office equipment safe

– Use alarm systems that send a notification to the police that an intruder has entered the building
– CCTV is a highly effective way to keep intruders away and can help identify them if any equipment does get stolen
– Make sure your office has adequate lighting so that it deters intruders and makes them easier to recognise on CCTV or if caught in the act


There are plenty of ways to help keep your office equipment safe and prevent theft of any valuable items. From office storage solutions and CCTV to monitored alarm systems, any office or building owner should be taking multiple steps to enable the safety of all office equipment.

Andrew Mcaffrey