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6 Perks of Hiring Professional Painters and Decorators


Everyone wants to have a great outcome when it comes to painting and decorating their property. But getting there is not as simple as taking a brush and applying paint in your favourite colour on the walls. Knowledge, skills, experience, and technique count—a lot.

You would not want to apply several coats of paint on your walls until you’ve achieved your desired outcome. It would not just be a waste of time, money, and other resources; but also a stressful nightmare. That is why hiring professional painters and decorators in Dubai is a wise decision if you are up for a home makeover.

Still in doubt? Here are the six perks of getting expert help when undertaking a home painting and decorating project.

1. All surfaces are prepared properly.

The preparation work is key when applying paint to any surface. And yet, this is often overlooked by most property owners since it involves tasks that are tedious, boring, and slow without the required tools. These include cleaning, stripping, patching, water sealing, sanding, and the application of primer, cleaners, or any treatment depending on the type of surface.

Professional painters and decorators ensure that all surfaces are well prepared before the application of a single drop of paint. They possess the right knowledge and skill, giving assurance to a stunningly elegant finish that your property deserves.

2. Save money.

Contrary to what most people believe, getting professional help for a home painting and decorating job can actually help save money.

DIY jobs can lead to a waste of money if you purchase the wrong materials for the job, and worse, use them and realise later that you need to start over.

Professional painters know how to source the most suitable materials at the lowest price possible. They have established relationships with reputable paint manufacturers and suppliers who offer a wide range of paint solutions engineered for interior and exterior walls, floor designs, and ceilings.

They also know how much each material is required, meaning you won’t be dealing with resources you don’t need. Additionally, a lot of tools are necessary to finish the job well, which an expert painter and decorator would already have.

And since these professionals often purchase high-quality products in bulk, you can enjoy significant savings on all the necessary materials.

The money you save on buying all the necessary tools and materials can cover the labour costs you’ll be paying to the professional decorators. That is a crucial consideration, so that the end result has an elegant finish that you’ll be proud of and can last long.

3. Save time.

Taking the DIY route may take you days or even weeks to finish, depending on the size of the job. But if you choose to invest in professional knowledge and skills, the pros can complete the job in a matter of hours or a few days.

Tasks like painting ceilings, plastering, tiling, and adding cornices demand expertise. Unless you have the proper skills, it can literally lead to even months of trial and error.

Professional painters and decorators are trained to give you a spectacular finish without the misery of wasted time and effort and a job gone wrong.

4. Reduce or eliminate the dangers associated with painting jobs.

Most people don’t know the risks and dangers associated with painting jobs. Yes, there are tools like ladders that professionals use to reach higher sections of your house, but apart from that, there are other hazards to consider. For instance, there are paints made of chemicals that are toxic and highly explosive.

But the biggest danger with this kind of home makeover job is not knowing the risks at all, as you attempt to DIY the task. So the best way to ensure safety, not just for your property but also for the entire household, is to enlist professional help.

Professional painters and decorators are trained to perform the job in the safest way possible. Best of all, they know how to deal with injuries or accidents should such things happen while doing their job.

5. Ensure a thorough clean-up process.

There are guidelines and laws to be followed in terms of paint disposal to help protect the environment. Professional painters and decorators are aware of such regulations. They also understand the importance of a proper clean-up process – from tidying up the workspace to cleaning paint-filled brushes, rollers, and paint trays.

Experienced painters and decorators will make sure that all leftover paint products are disposed of in an eco-friendly way and leave your place spotless and clean once they finish their job.

This means you won’t be handling any paint product anytime during the process. You just have to do some inspections once in a while to make sure that they are on track with their task. 

6. Get superb attention to detail.

The DIY painting and decorating route often lacks the attention to detail, which is an important hallmark of professional work. If your priority is to finish the job fast and yet you don’t have the proper tools and requisite skills, the finer details can get neglected.

From choosing the correct primers and paints to the proper way of applying these on different surfaces, professional painters and decorators know exactly how a painting job must be done. All details will be accounted for to leave you with a home that is painted and decorated skilfully, neatly, and with minimal to no mess.

Going DIY when it comes to painting and decorating your home or place of business may seem like an exciting and economical prospect, but the potential to make costly mistakes is quite high.

You can reap the rewards of working with professionals in the painting and decorating fields, so why not use their services to get superior results?

If your property needs a fresh lick of paint, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of professional painters and decorators who not only have the right knowledge and tools but also work hand-in-hand with reputable paint manufacturers in Dubai.

Sit back and let the pros do the job!

Andrew Mcaffrey