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New software helps businesses beat COVID-19 limitations


COVID-19 introduced the social distancing era, and with it the world was forced to shift from in-office working to remote working practices.

Despite the initial panic this has led to many benefits and innovations across the board. Employees now enjoy a better work-life balance, they experience increased freedom around their working hours and even improved all round wellbeing. Businesses talk of perks like higher productivity, better engagement, increased employee retention and even lower operating fees through virtual employability.

Today globally recognized thought-leader and innovator iText adds to these achievements with the launch of its powerful pdfOCR software.

Remote workers can now safely and securely verify and sign paper documents.

“With COVID-19 urging companies to accelerate their digital transformation projects, organizations are forced to explore new ways of accessing and managing their data – existing and new” Yeonsu Kim, CEO at iText Group NV stated.

“Staying true to our open-source roots, we’ve decided to build iText pdfOCR upon the open-source Tesseract OCR Engine. With this, we wish to reconfirm our positioning as an open-source company – a value which is appreciated by our millions of users and clients.”

iText is a global leader in innovative PDF software. Its award-winning products are used by millions of users, both open source and commercial. The diverse customer base includes many of the Fortune 500 companies – ranging from technology, financial, travel to healthcare companies, as well as small companies and government agencies. Headquartered in Belgium, iText also has offices in Asia (Singapore and South-Korea) and in the USA (Boston).

Andrew Mcaffrey