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Virtual Reality to Revolutionize the Gambling Industry


The gambling industry is quick to seize on technological advancements. If some new tech is seen to benefit players or offer them a more exciting experience, then it is soon adopted. The internet is an excellent example of this. As soon as the internet started to become mainstream, it was quickly flooded with a host of casinos competing to offer the biggest and best online experience. Graphics, sounds, and game play have all hugely advanced since then and been incorporated into exciting new games. The latest advancement that could completely revolutionize the gambling industry is Virtual Reality (VR).

What is Virtual Reality?

Like the name suggests, users step in a whole new reality, a whole new world. Using wearable hardware, users become entirely immersed in an environment that they can travel through, explore, and make their own. No longer do users simply play games, they live them.

How Does VR Benefit Players?

There are several compelling reasons for keen players to don VR hardware. The first is the total immersion it provides. Instead of looking at a flat 2D screen, players can wander the halls and rooms of a virtual casino – right from home. They could place a wager on a horse race and watch it play out in three dimensions as if they were at the track. Of course, the technology doesn’t quite offer this level of seamless experience, yet. But the possibilities are exhilarating.

One enticing possibility is the opportunity for social interaction. This is one aspect this is missing from traditional online gambling. With VR, players can meet other players, interact with dealers in a more complete way, make friends, and increase their overall enjoyment. Imagine checking out new casinos, virtually, exploring the games, learning the rules first hand from real people in that world. Envision an online world of amazing casinos, more fantastic than the biggest and most elaborate Las Vegas resorts. What is possible in these worlds is only limited by a developer’s imagination. It is an intoxicating thought.

Don’t We Have That Already?

Virtual Reality casinos were launched in 2015 with SlotsMillion, but we are still in the early days. Like all new technology, it can be clunky and limited in the beginning, but when more developers get on board, the sky’s the limit. At the moment there are a few online platforms that offer VR – you can check sites like topcasinosites.co.uk for lists of casinos that provide various forms of gambling. Keep your expectations in check though. For now, we haven’t reached the full potential of VR just yet.

Final Words

There is no doubt that Virtual Reality has the potential to revolutionize the gambling industry. It offers the chance to take gambling to a whole new level of immersion and enjoyment. Players can enter worlds of their choice, interact with like-minded people, view events as if they were really there – all from the comfort of their home. We are still in the VR infancy, but as the technology is picked up by more developers we can expect it to soar.  

John Richardson