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Bloomcare: Supporting Food Banks in the Northwest


For the past 14 years, Bloomcare has been providing essential care to people living with Alzheimer’s disease, alcohol and drug dependencies and mental health issues across the northwest of England. The company operates with an emphasis on Christian values, placing the client’s needs front and centre in all of its activities.

Bloomcare is a company that recognises its duty to care, caring not just for the elderly and unwell but also for the wider local communities it serves. Thanks to its Christian values, Bloomcare regards its duty to care as universal and is committed to delivering assistance to anyone who needs it in any way possible.

For years now, Bloomcare has been a steadfast supporter of food banks, as well as remaining continually on the lookout for other ways it can help, serving local communities that have been so hospitable to the company. Recognising that stronger, healthier and more prosperous communities culminate in healthier, happier and more prosperous people, Bloomcare sees this as a vital opportunity to give back to local communities.

Today, food banks in the UK are under more pressure than ever before, with the cost of living crisis and soaring inflation leaving many families struggling to make ends meet. With most food banks relying on public donations, many are struggling as they become an increasingly utilised service, with expectations on the public rather than government bodies to provide help for people struggling to keep up with price increases.

Bloomcare is proud to support several food banks across the northwest, including Southport Food Bank, Authentic Bethshan Church Food Bank, Rochdale Food Bank, Oldham Food Bank, The Storehouse Food Bank, ACOL Huyton Food Bank, Salford Food Bank, North Liverpool Food Bank and South Liverpool Food Bank.

Committed to delivering support wherever there is need without being confined by borders, Bloomcare not only prayed for the people of Ukraine as the conflict escalated but took action, donating whatever the company could to Ukrainian people to fund medical supplies urgently needed on the ground. As the company points out on its website, the UK may be affected by rising gas and electricity prices, but this is incomparable with the suffering seen in Ukraine. In addition, Bloomcare is also determined to prevent energy costs trickling down to customers, with the company continuing to pray for peace while doing everything it can to support victims of war globally.

In 2021, Bloomcare was nominated as a finalist in the Lang Buisson awards for its response to COVID-19. In addition, all of the company’s care homes were also awarded the title of ‘Best in the Northwest’, with two receiving perfect 10/10 scores.

Claire James