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How to Eliminate Tobacco Smoke from our Home?


The world has developed a great awareness of the serious problem posed by tobacco. It is no longer only the strict anti-smoking legislation in public places that has spread to almost all countries, but the campaigns to spread info about the harmful effects of tobacco smoke on our health, therefore seeking the objective of quitting the harmful I habit of smoking.

Ideally the solution is to just quit smoking, however we’re aware that this is not an easy task at all, it is recommended for smokers to abandon that bad habit with alternatives that help minimize the problem, one of the most practical options is to use Nicopods to quit smoking inside the house. Nicopods are pouches of nicotine that usually calm the cravings of smokers, without the harmful effects that the smoke of a cigarette has.

In our homes, the responsibility falls directly on ourselves. And it is important to know and avoid the harmful effects of tobacco indoors, as well as how to eliminate its smoke from our house’s internal rooms. Indoors, it is essential to live without tobacco as much as possible. After all, today’s lifestyle leads us to spend more and more time indoors.

Negative effects of tobacco smoke in the home

It is not only the smoke that is breathed while a person smokes, but the one that remains “going around” suspended in the environment, which is known as second-hand smoke. Most people know that tobacco is very harmful and that it can cause various diseases in the respiratory system, but it goes further. According to statistical data, a cigarette can contain 4,000 chemical agents, including ammonium, butane, arsenic, lead, benzene or common products used in solvents.

Top Problems That Cause Cigarette Smoke Indoors

• The smoke that non-smokers breathe when having it at home is less than that of smokers, but they can inhale up to 30 pollutants each day.

• In babies, a contaminated home can cause asthma or chronic respiratory problems.

• A non-smoker can develop cancer just by living in a place contaminated by tobacco smoke.

• Toxic indoor air is as toxic as outdoor air or more. We have to control the levels of stale air, as well as what we breathe. A polluted environment at home without proper ventilation in the rooms can be very harmful.

Beyond the obvious problems of tobacco smoke for people’s health, our homes also suffer and comfort worsens. For example, furniture turns yellow, fabrics at home lose their texture and color, smells become very strong even after days without smoking, and the environment becomes rarefied. Therefore, not only the health of the inhabitants of the house are affected, it can also be for objects and surfaces in the home.

Undoubtedly, it’d be ideal to eliminate cigarette smoke in homes, the solution is to avoid smoking inside our houses, by now we should have an idea on how harmful it can be for the rest of the people who may inhabit the home, children and the elderly being especially affected. Currently we have different alternatives to at least minimize the damage that cigarette smoke can cause in interior areas of our home.

Catherine Pearson