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What Does ‘Summer Casual’ Mean, and how can you Rock the Style?


Much like the term ‘business casual’, ‘summer casual’ can cause a lot of confusion when it comes to deciphering its actual meaning. It sounds simple enough, but when the time comes to actually choose an outfit it can cause a lot of stress and uncertainty.

This article is going to give a definition of what summer causal actually means and some examples of how you can meet this dress code in style.

The definition of casual wear is in part dictated by the nature of the event and offers a much wider range of choice than business casual does. Add the context of summer onto this definition and you end up with something like this:

Summer casual – a dress code that allows you to keep cool and comfortable while still being appropriately dressed for the event you’re attending.

So, summer casual for a wedding might consist of loose maxi skirts and flowy dresses whilst items such as shorts, vest tops and flip flops might be best for a garden party or outdoor event.

How to Dress Summer Casual


One of the most versatile items in anyone’s wardrobe is a pair of shorts. Although denim shorts are often the first ones to come to mind, try switching from these regular types of shorts to smarter shorts like chinos. These will allow you to remain cool and comfortable but will also give you a more sophisticated look when paired with a shirt and some boat shoes.

Polo Shirts

Arguably leaning towards a smart casual dress code but still more than appropriate for a summer casual look is the trusty polo shirt. Depending on how smart you want to look, you can pair a stylish polo shirt with some smart shorts as mentioned above, or you could throw some sweat or jean shorts on and then smarten it up a little with a nice polo.

Lightweight Trousers or Chinos

One of the best ways to get through the heat of summer whilst still looking amazing is to invest in a pair of chino style trousers or other lightweight trousers. Chino style trousers are versatile in that they can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion and the time of year, so you’ll definitely get your use out of them!

Buying high quality trousers are entirely worth the investment, as they often last a lot longer than their cheaper counterparts. T. M. Lewin features a range of linen, silk linen and light-coloured trousers that are perfect for summer. If your budget is a little stretched, you can also check out the sale section for some tempting deals. 

Accessorise With Hats

A hat is a wonderful addition to any casual summer look. You can opt for a classic cap, a bucket hat, or even a stylish pork pie hat. Again, hats pair extremely well with almost any outfit and come with the added benefit of keeping the sun from your face. An extra bonus is that you can swap hats with friends throughout the year if you start getting bored with yours, so you’ll always have a stylish staple to fall back on. 

Claire James