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Your Best Guide to the Real Effects and Advantages of Anti-Wrinkle Injection Treatments


Ageing is a natural process, and we all have to face it sooner or later. But whilst it’s good to gain more wisdom and experience as we get older, some of us may be reluctant to deal with the other results of ageing – namely, the formation of wrinkles and fine lines, especially on the face. Our face, after all, is the first thing people see, and it’s normal for us to want to look appealing and attractive. However, fine lines and wrinkles can be dealt with, and treatments like anti-wrinkle injections may be just what you need to look (and feel) better. But what can you expect with anti-wrinkle injections, and what are their benefits? Here’s your best guide to the actual effects and advantages of anti-wrinkle injection treatments.

  • They are preventative

You don’t have to have a lot of wrinkles or fine lines to know that you don’t like them. Whilst the primary purpose of anti-wrinkle injections is to temporarily do away with or improve the appearance of existing wrinkles and lines, you can also use them as a preventative treatment so you can soften the expression of your face. This is because as we get older, we are more likely to develop small lines on our face through our facial movements and the expressions we make, and with anti-wrinkle injections, you can ‘pause’ the development of such lines.

Some people have very expressive faces, and whilst this can enhance our charm, over time, it can also lead to the development of wrinkles even when you have a ‘resting’ face. So if you aren’t looking forward to dealing with lines and wrinkles as you get older, anti-wrinkle injections can be a valuable and effective preventative form of treatment.

  • You will look calmer and more youthful

As mentioned, anti-wrinkle injection treatment can soften your facial lines and make your face look more restful and peaceful. You will appear calmer because the lines that develop and show even when you are at rest can smoothen out. The repeated movement of the muscles can cause lines to settle, and it’s those static lines and wrinkles that can make you look fatigued and worn out. But when anti-wrinkle injections soften lines and wrinkles, your face will look fresher, more relaxed, and more youthful.

  • They aid in establishing symmetry and shape

There are other effects you can expect from anti-wrinkle injections that aren’t widely known – they can aid in establishing symmetry and shape. In addition, of course, they can decrease the appearance of wrinkles and lines, and we already know this. But anti-wrinkle injections can also serve to ‘lift’ some parts of your face as well as balance out any asymmetrical features.

For instance, you can make use of anti-wrinkle injections to lift heavy eyebrows that make eyes look smaller, and you can also use them to soften a pronounced or jutting jaw. It can also slim the face and correct a smile that looks gummy. If you have a thin mouth, anti-wrinkle injections can make your lips appear fuller, too.

  • The results are semi-permanent

One thing that makes cosmetic surgery such as facelifts sound too extreme is that the results are permanent. This makes anti-wrinkle injections less intimidating because even if you end up dissatisfied, you have to wait for the effects to wear out or go for a follow-up treatment to improve it.

Andrew Mcaffrey