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About Caridon Property Group


Mario Carrozzo left school at the age of 16 and went on to become the founder of several companies, including Caridon Property Group, an award-winning, multi-million pound real estate development and letting company that is dedicated to serving the communities it operates in. A highly respected entrepreneur, industry campaigner and family man, Mr Carrozzo applies a hands-on approach to every project the company undertakes, his passion for social responsibility guiding Caridon Property Group’s vision to create new opportunities and fairer housing for all.

Founded in 2009, Caridon Property Group leads the residential property sector in the UK today. Committed to providing award-winning services to both tenants and landlords, Caridon Property Group is a leading private provider of social housing, having housed over 10,000 tenants.

Caridon Property Group’s mission is to break the mould in social housing, providing homes for people in need. The company seeks to challenge conventional beliefs about what is possible in housing, establishing itself as the leading provider of innovative, full-service home solutions.

Grounded in the values of honesty, integrity and personalisation, Caridon Property Group strengthens communities one neighbourhood at a time, as well as providing fun and friendly working environments for its personnel.

Caridon Property Group’s Social Value Pillars

1.         Environment

Operating with an emphasis on retrofitting projects across its existing portfolio, including upgrading of dual tariff intelligent heating systems and insulation, Caridon Property Group also aims to convert all of its company vehicles to hybrid or fully electric by 2023. The company is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

2.         Workplace

Caridon Property Group prioritises employee engagement in its growth plans, staging regular team-building events and circulating monthly newsletters. The company has continued to increase the diversity of its workforce and provides a wide range of tools to help protect and improve employees’ mental health in a post-pandemic era. In addition, in 2023, Caridon Property Group was proud to receive Living Wage Accreditation.

3.         Community

Operating with the goal of continuing to improve the wellbeing of the people and communities it serves, Caridon Property Group has partnered with various organisations over the past 13 years and continues to nurture its network across London and the South of England.

4.         Philanthropy

2021 proved to be Caridon Property Group’s most successful year in terms of philanthropic pursuits, supporting charities, sponsorships and donations. In 2022/23, the company aims to double its sponsorship and fundraising to £60,000.

Claire James