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How can Smart Alarm Systems protect you and your family?

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Keeping your home and family save is a key priority for most people, and can also be a major stressor, getting the balance right between protection and paranoia, security and surveillance is something most people struggle with daily, but it becomes worse when you have children. One of the simplest ways you can help to keep your family safe is with an alarm system for your home, either a simple burglar alarm or a high-tech smart alarm system.

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What is a Smart Alarm System?

A smart alarm system combines the security of a conventional burglar alarm with the ability to control, monitor and interact with the alarm remotely using an app on your phone, tablet or computer. Most systems include alarms, locks, security cameras, motion detectors, and door/window sensors, this list is not an extensive list though and the latest smart alarms almost double up as a home management system.

What are the befits of a Smart Alarm System?

The main benefit of this system is that you will be alerted to anything suspicious as soon as it happens, so you don’t have to replay on neighbours calling the police when your alarm goes off. You can either have an alarm that will call for you or you can call when you are alerted. It also gives you the ability to turn lights and appliances on and off remotely to give the appearance that someone is home which is a great deterrent.

They are not only useful when you are out of the home, you can set the alarms to cover parts of the home, so if you are going to bed you can set the alarms for downstairs so you would be instantly alerted if there was an intruder. You can put motion sensors in the babies room so you would know if someone went in there, and you can also remotely access the security cameras if you were away and had left your children with a childminder, this is great for that added peace of mind that your family is safe when your not able to be there.

How much Do smart alarm systems cost?

Smart alarm systems varies greatly in price with basic systems coming in at around £150 and more complex systems costing upwards of £600+. Not everyone will need to spend £600 on an alarm though as the number of features and security coverage needed will very from person to person.

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