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Attracting the best talent for your business


The firms who get it right are those who know the value of getting and retaining the best staff, and there are lots of ways that companies can improve their techniques for growing the talent pool. It’s important to assess the whole brand of your business when trying to attract good staff and that means how you come across to potential employees.

Therefore, consider how your company is perceived by people looking for a job. Do you have good mission and vision for your company? Do you come across as employee-friendly? Do you give the impression that new staff can grow and progress with opportunities for challenge? It can help to look at these aspects of your business intermittently and analyse if you are giving out the right message as when this is undertaken effectively excellent staff will naturally start to gravitate to your company.

Job Description

Don’t underestimate the benefits of a well thought out job description and person specification that clearly defines the roles, tasks and behaviours of a particular job. Many companies don’t invest much thought in these key documents and are then surprised when potential candidates don’t match up to their requirements.

Equally, good candidates want to understand as much as possible about the role and if they feel it is good fit for them, so use the many internet resources at your disposal to devise the perfect job description.


Good employees can come from a number of directions not least through the contacts and networks of your already established staff. Therefore, make sure you spread the word amongst staff about other positions you wish to recruit to so that they can pass this to professional colleagues, networks and family members.

Social Media

Make sure you tap into the many benefits of professional networking through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to connect to a huge audience of potential employees. The beauty of modern technology means that you can get the message out to literally hundreds of people from the comfort of your P.C. or laptop and with minimal costs! There are a range of helpful sites and information to support businesses to use social media more effectively.

Recruitment Agencies

Another great method for acquiring key staff for your business is through recruitment agencies who will have undertaken all the legwork to screen and profile staff and match them to an employer’s needs.

Agencies work with a range of businesses from small SME’s to large blue-chip companies in diverse sectors and are well-versed in every aspect of assessing top quality candidates and matching them to the business needs of their clients. This means that by the time they are referred to a potential employer they have already had a range of background checks and compatibility profiling to ensure that businesses get top notch candidates for interview. Many companies have grown their business by recruiting in this manner and equally, excellent candidates get a chance to progress their careers.


In addition to the benefits of social media outlined above the internet is a powerful tool for recruitment. There are many options to post vacancies including professional association websites classified advertisements, newspapers, trade journals and job websites so hunt around for the best options.

Elliot Preece