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How Has Technology Changed the Construction Industry?


Technology has come a long way over the past decade. It has managed to shape and change every sector, adding major improvements to efficiency, productivity and safety.

The construction industry has particularly benefitted from technological improvements. Here, we’ll look at some of the ways technology has changed the construction industry.

The introduction of digital platforms

One of the most recent ways technology has changed the construction industry is through digital platforms. Workers can utilise digital apps and software to plan offsite construction. They can also use it to find lost tools.

Top brand Milwaukee has introduced anti-theft tool tracker technology into its tools. Its One-Key technology is integrated into all of its tools. Alongside anti-theft protection, it also allows for easier tool control, provides tool tracking and better inventory management.

Digital platforms have helped to boost productivity and cut costs, while also speeding up communication between projects.

Machine learning and AI

To aid in worker safety, improvements have been made in the industry using machine learning and AI. Drones and robots have proven particularly useful in construction, helping to do jobs that humans cannot safely do.

For example, drones can be sent to observe and assess sites to ensure they are safe. They could also be used to monitor remote sites which are potentially hazardous to workers.

AI can also help to keep track of workers, boosting productivity. Sensors placed in wearables can be used to locate workers at any time. This can also help with communication and in times where their safety may be compromised.

Virtual reality training

Another way technology is revolutionising the construction sector is through virtual reality training. Constructions workers can now be trained within a virtual reality setting, ensuring they cannot sustain real injuries. This includes making sure they are safe when working at a height.

As well as helping with safety training, VR technology is also helping management to get a view of construction sites as well as designs, before work gets started.

Improving precision and eliminating mistakes

Technology has also helped to improve precision on jobs, as well as eliminate mistakes. It’s possible for someone at head office to send an email or instant message to workers on site. This means if a problem is identified at head office, they can let the workers know immediately.

Everyone needs to be on the same page at all times in construction. So, instant communication has become crucial. Automation software has also helped to eliminate a lot of human error.

Overall, technology has helped to boost the construction sector in so many ways. The above are just some of the positive changes that have transformed the industry.  

Claire James