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Pierre-Mary Bachelet: European Hotel Trends for 2023


Pierre-Mary Bachelet is a serial entrepreneur and investor with specialist knowledge of the hotel industry. From chatbots to sustainability, this article will explore a selection of trends tipped to feature prominently in the hotel industry throughout 2023.

Increased Digitization

Technological advancements are paving the way for hotels to provide guests with rapid responses to queries. An IBM report suggested that, by 2020, some 85% of customer enquiries were already being handled by chatbots.

From queries regarding discounts and promotions to questions about check-in and check-out times, chatbots are increasingly being deployed to handle routine questions, freeing up the time of hotel personnel and enabling them to focus on other duties.

Meanwhile, digitized room keys are providing guests with quick room access, enabling them to quickly and efficiently complete the check-in procedure with the help of smartphones. Mobile apps are also being used to encourage customers to check availability, read reviews, and book rooms, viewing hotel images and browsing through hotel services all within a single, easy-to-navigate app.

A Changing Workforce

The pandemic triggered a mass exodus from the hospitality sector, with much of the industry paralyzed by a halt on international travel, lockdown restrictions, and stay-at-home orders. As the world emerged from the shadow of COVID-19 and hotels opened up once more, the industry burgeoned again, albeit with some challenges in terms of hotels having access to an adequate supply chain of qualified workers.

In the face of acute labor shortages, many hotels are offering on-the-job training and expanding their training and management programs. With skills gaps in key roles, professionals employed in the hospitality sector are seeing faster career progression, presenting significant opportunities for passionate, energetic, and enthusiastic staff hungry for advancement.


People all over the world are feeling the impact of climate change, driving consumers to become more environmentally and socially conscious than ever before. As the hotel industry continues its post-pandemic recovery, the spotlight has turned to the industry’s environmental impact, with consumers, policymakers, and socially responsible hotel brands alike placing a huge emphasis on sustainability.

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges humankind has ever faced, forcing every industry to adopt more environmentally friendly approaches in all aspects of operations. Whether it is prioritizing more sustainable services and goods in supply chains, designing energy-efficient buildings, or reducing waste, forward-looking hotels are embracing the challenge of reducing their carbon footprint and actively pursuing a greener agenda.

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