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How to save money on travel costs


For many of us, this year has turned our working lives upside down. Working from home has created challenges (home schooling, dogs joining meetings, set dressing your hallway office). However, there has been one rather nice side-effect: saving cash on your commute.

Travel prices have been growing in recent years and look set to increase again. Many families will be feeling the hit of the economic crisis and the cost of returning to the office may be a financial burden.

With the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine being rolled out across the UK, it looks likely that we will all be returning to a more normal way of life in the coming months. Increased health and safety measures, along with the vaccine, are predicted to make commuter travel safer than in 2020.

If returning to your commute has you worried about your finances, try to cut costs where you can. Whether you are going from Watford to get to work by train, hoping to shed some lockdown weight by cycling or wanting to get together with colleagues to split the cost, we have curated our top tips for a cheaper commute.

Get ahead of the game and buy in bulk

After a year of such uncertainty, planning ahead might feel counterproductive. However, a season pass could be just the ticket to save yourself some cash.

On average, an annual travel pass could save you over £300 in comparison to buying a monthly pass. If your wallet won’t stretch to an annual season ticket, you will still save by purchasing monthly passes instead of dailies.

Cut costs by mixing up your transport methods

If you’re looking to save some cash, get some exercise and be kinder to the planet, try combining different transport methods.

Cycle to the station instead of driving to cut down on fuel costs. Walking from the station to the office will keep you active and give you some time to enjoy some music or a podcast. If you really want to commit, make your morning workout a gentle run to the office.

Save those pennies and invest in a Railcard

Check if your eligible for one of the many Railcards available.

Railcards offer discounts on popular routes. There are initial costs to obtain one, but your savings over the year should outweigh any upfront fees.

Form a travel pool with colleagues or friends

If you are still unsure about travelling via public transport, try forming a travel bubble with your colleagues. Carpools allow you to share the cost of fuel and you will be travelling with people you see all day, reducing the chance of catching and spreading the virus.

Claire James